Doa HUT Kristen batin Bahasa Inggris: untuk Teman, Orang basi Suami Istri & - terima kasih banyak kepada semua orang yang telah berkunjung di sini sekarang. Milik mereka berada di jadwal acara tentang doa-doa peringatan ulang lima kristen bahasa Inggris. Baik karena doa ulang tahun bertambahnya umur maupun ulang five pernikahan.

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Jika their mencari Doa-doa hari Jadi yang berhubungan dengan setiap orang terdekat, maka Anda noël perlu mencari dihalaman lainnya. Sebab disini kita menyediakan untuk anda. Doa Anniversary christiaan bahasa Inggris ini spesial buat Istri - Suami - Teman dan orang başı Anda.Baca juga: Ucapan anniversary pernikahan bahasa inggris terbaikHari ini adalah hari spesial orang-orang kesayangan Anda?, Jadi, aku ini kami ini adalah membagikan galeri Doa ulang tahun kristen bahasa Inggris apa damai untuk Anda!.Jadi, tak ada salahnya merayakan hari jadi dengan benefit koleksi Doa ulang lima kristen dalam bahasa Inggris apa berkualitas dan menakjubkan di sini.Baca juga: Doa dan kata-kata ucapan ulang tahun buat pacarKirim Puisi Doa Selamat ulang Tahun buat Istri their - Suami & Teman menggunakan koleksi ini. Karena koleksi ini didedikasikan untuk Doa Ulang lima Terbaik. Dari mereka dapat mengirim ucapan doa ulang lima kristen bahasa Inggris buat Suami - Istri & Teman, dan lain-lain. Simak tulisannya sampai selesai. Siapa tau dari mereka menemukan doa terbaik benar keinginan trấn anda.

Doa ulang tahun kristen batin bahasa Inggris untuk Teman, orang Tua, Suami, Istri

1. Anniversary Prayer“Your native tells united state that once a man finds a mam that that has discovered a great thing.You juga make it clear in her Word how important and also sacred marital relationship is in her eyes.Lord, we pray that You will certainly bless this pair with the grace,Forgiveness and love the is required for a continued senang marriage.We understand it takes work, God, yet we juga know that if,You"re in the middle of the marriage that it will succeed.Let her blessings it is in on this pair in Jesus name.Amen”2. Wedding Anniversary Prayer for Husband“God the love, thank you because that marriageand the means love’s facechanges with time.”3. Marriage Anniversary Prayer for Wife“Lord, membantu us to remember when we first met and also the strong love the grew between us.To job-related that love into useful things therefore nothing have the right to divide us.We ask for words both kind and loving, and forHearts selalu ready come ask forgiveness as well as to forgive.Dear Lord, we placed our marriage right into your hands.Amen.”4. Wedding Anniversary Prayer because that Friends“Loving Lord, we do thank You because that this pair and because that the delight of anda first wedding anniversary.We storage this senang time and pray that You would continue to bless and also keep castle in anda holy union together.Thank You because that the testimony that love and also faithfulness that shines soon from their union and we pray that You will bless and honor milik mereka life together in the aku and years that lie ahead.We pray that through the passing years anda love because that each other and also for You may grow and develop and we ask that You bless castle with many more sebagai wedding anniversaries and pray that as year succeeds to tahun they grow in keanggunan and in love for each other and also for You. Bless milik mereka home us pray and ask that You would certainly uphold them v Your mighty right hand, in Jesus name,Amen”

Marriage Anniversary Prayer for Couples & Wife

5. Marital relationship Anniversary Prayer because that Parents“Thank you because that love’s beginning;the tidal pull the draws togetheras sure as sea and shore,the beauty beauty of that meeting,its strength and intense fragility,sweet together an apologize blossompale in the moonlight.”6. Lord"s Prayer because that Anniversary Couples“They say as soon as you get married in June, you’re a bride all her life.Father, We offer you thanks and also praise top top this ours 32nd Anniversary! You have seen us v the lean times, the typical times, the fun waktu and the “we ain’t acquired none” times. We’ve lived through some scary times, contrary times, some wary waktu and very,very sour cherry times.But all together, the good, the bad, and the ugly have produced a type of fertilizer that has actually grown our love in cara we never bisa have hoped. That’s apa you meant as soon as you thought of Romans 8:28. You incorporate all ours experiences, all our missteps, every our strengths, every our guilty (graciously forgiven and also forgotten), and you create a life that is worth living and also a love the is worth having.So now we lift ours cup of thanks to You, Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith and also this marriage.In Jesus name Amen.”7. Senang Anniversary Prayers“Heavenly Father, us praise and thank You for the privilege and also gift the marriage and for the pleasure that come from pemisah our life together. We give thanks to You Father for bringing us to this anniversary day, where we remember the vow that us made sebelum you and also pray the You would proceed to bless ours life together.Lord us pray that Your love would certainly increasingly lampu through our marriage so that together we draw ever closer in our vertical partnership to girlfriend it may be reflect in ours fellowship v each other and bersinar out to those beyond our home and family.Lord You have done great things for us and we praise and also thank You because that bringing us together and for being our strength and stay when times of difficulty arose. I pray the in the hari that lie ahead we might be used by You together a witness to the wonderful work you have done in our live and may we be tangan kedua to encourage others who are setting out ~ above the beautiful adventure of marriage.Continue to bless our hidup together and may us grow ever closer to You and also to each various other in the days that lie ahead, in Jesus name we pray,Amen”8. Happy Anniversary Prayers“Thank you for love’s deepening,the confidence that growswith a thousand leavings and greetings,the stiffness of belonging,its capability to make it through storm and also drought,resilient together supple branchesswaying in the wind.”9. Marriage Anniversary Prayer because that Wife“Thank girlfriend dear, mr You have actually promised that You space the One the would develop Your Church and we ask that You would continue to equip every of us, both individually and corporately with the talents and gifts that may be used to Your worship and popularitas for the edification of the rest of the saints the God.Protect united state from the wiles that the opponent who looks for to destroy and cause divisions amongst Your body. Help us to it is in sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, and also hospitable and gentle one in the direction of each other. Let us not be encouraged by selfishness however in humility may we look for to for the needs and also necessities that others sebelum our own.Give wisdom come the elders and also deacons and give wisdom to itu that teach and also a teachable soul to those that listen. And may the anggun of our lord Jesus Christ, the love that the Father and the fellowship of the holy Spirit be through us all this day and also for ever, in Jesus name us pray,Amen”10. Wedding Anniversary Prayer because that Husband“Thank you because that love’s maturing;the companionship that establishes slowly,forged in the warm and dingin of daily life,the strength of hidup intertwining,its high quality of sturdy faithfulness,delicious together a ripe red appleafter a day’s lengthy hunger.”11. Marriage Anniversary Prayer because that Friends“Keep us, 0 Lord, from pettiness. Let united state be kind in word and deed. Tolong us to placed away pretense, and also face each various other in deep trust without fear or self-pity. Membantu us come guard against faultfinding, and also be fast to find the finest in every other and also in every situation.Guard us from ok temper and hasty judgment; encourage united state to ambil time for all things, to thrive calm, serene and gentle. Help us come be generous with kind words and compliments. Teach us tidak pernah to ignore, tidak pernah to hurt, and tidak pernah to bawa pulang each other for granted. Engrave charity and compassion on ours hearts.Please, pray for us.Amen”Baca juga: Kartu & ucapan ulang tahun pernikahan bahasa Inggris12. Wedding Anniversary Prayer because that Parents“Almighty God,at the hands of priests and also prophetsyou anoint your favored servants through the oil that gladnessand combine them v the presents of your divine Spirit:accept our joyful praise just like united voicewe offer thanks because that the long and glorious reignof our sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth.Renewing her blessings, pour on her her choicest gifts,and on all your orang the heart of humility and mutual serviceshown in the life and also death the him who is the anointed king of all,our Lord and also Savior Jesus Christ.Amen.”13. Prayers for senang Anniversary Couples“Years earlier You took two selfish, self-centered peopleand taught us to put Youat the facility of our hearts and also marriage.You taught us to bawa pulang our problems to your first,then every other.You taught us the pleasure of placing ourmate"s needs over our own.You taught united state to offer one lagi in love.Your taught united state that sharing disappointments and also painwas lainnya side of bagikan our love.We have actually experienced the sweetnessthat bersama we"re stronger than one of two people one alone.From the wellsprings of my heart,thank You, Lord.”14. Senang Anniversary Prayers“Heavenly Father, give thanks to You the You have brought us bersama as man and also wife and also thank You the we are celebrating yet lainnya wedding anniversary, for which we praise and magnify Your divine name.Thank You for the guidance the we have received through Your Word and also Lord us pray that day by day You would build in both our hearts raising desire to placed on love, discovering that this is the perfect link of unity and also peace, when founded on the mr Jesus Christ – that is our rock and Foundation.May us both thrive in grace and in a knowledge of the mr Jesus Christ as bersama we berjalan in spirit and truth and might our life akan a bright example, where Christ continues to be the center and circumference of our marriage.Give united state wisdom us pray, as we face the forthcoming tahun and menyetujui us to flourish in love and unity one through one lainnya and with You the we may be a demonstration of Your grace and mercy in the direction of us. May our love because that You and also our faith IN girlfriend bring popularitas to her name, in Jesus name us pray.Amen”15. Senang Anniversary Prayer“Lord, we pray for open up doors today to posting ulang the injil with who else. Membantu us to speak jernih and boldly around the greatest message that has ever been shared. Overview us and membantu us come leverage every opportunity we have, every interaksi You give us, so the we deserve to make the ideal use the the time.Let our dinyatakan be gracious and inviting and our conduct pure. Defend us from are afraid or embarrassment and give us toughness by the holy Spirit’s power to explain the an enig of Christ and His message of love and forgiveness and grace.We recognize You don’t need us, yet You permit us to it is in a part of the incredible process of see someone concerned faith in You, so may we this day gladly participate and pursue opportunities that friend bring sebelum us.”16. Marriage Anniversary Prayer because that Friends“Loving Father we bless and also thank girlfriend from the depth of our hearts for Your continuing blessing top top our marital relationship union - and also today we come to thank You for bringing us to yet lagi wedding anniversary and for all the You have actually been come both of us during our marital relationship together.Thank friend Father for the gift that love that has actually been given to united state both and also the deepening love that has blossomed over our years together. Give thanks to You because that holding united state steady during the difficult waktu and for selalu being through us v the inescapable trials that us have had actually to face – and also thank girlfriend for illustration us closer to each other and to You, once circumstances appears designed to division us.Continue come bless our hidup together – our home and also our family, and also watch over us day and night we pray. Tolong us to maintain the vows of love and also constancy that we made sebelum You – and allow our marital relationship to grow ever stronger with each passing year.We bless and thank You because that Your plenty of blessings to us and pray that us would stay united in love and faith - and also service come others and to You. In Jesus name we pray,Amen”Baca juga: happy birthday desire for girlfriend bahasa indonesia17. Wedding Anniversary Prayer because that Wife“Lord, we give thanks to you for the gift of every other, ours marriage, and this first tahun anniversary. We thank you because that our salvation through confidence in Jesus Christ ours Savior. We thank you for offering us your Word the truth, and each various other for this journey as we seek to follow you in the life/ministry friend have referred to as us to. Say thanks to you because that this time the remembrance of her grace, mercy and also love.Thank you because that the gift of our marriage, our lives in Christ Jesus. Save us selalu grounded in her redeeming love, the we may be witnesses to your great mercy as husband and also wife. In Jesus’ name we pray amen.”Wedding Anniversary Prayer for Parents - Friends18. Marital relationship Anniversary Prayer for Husband“Dear mr Jesus I hanya want to lift up my heart to you today as this is ours anniversary, and also yet Lord, recently things between us have ini adalah strained and difficult and ns feel sad and also confused and quite alone.Lord i don’t understand where things went wrong and also I don’t know just how I bisa have done things differently, yet Lord ns am sorry for the part that I have actually played. I understand that in many cara I have been selfish and also wanted points my way, as soon as Your word states that we should do nothing from selfish ambitious or conceit, however in humility take into consideration the other person as more far-reaching than ourselves.Lord i ask your forgiveness and pray the You would help me to mulailah to live a life the is honoring come You. Heal my marriage I pray and also show me Lord how I have the right to bridge the void that is widening between us. Teach me your ways, command me on a right path and graciously teach me just how to live as unto the Lord, in Jesus name ns pray.Amen”19. Wedding Anniversary Prayer for Couple“God, our love Father, we say thanks to you because that your countless blessingsbestowed on united state as a masyarakat of faithWe provide thanks for the holy men and also women who have gone sebelum usand upon whose shoulders us proudly stand in faith, harapan and love.Lord, might your spirit of mission circulation to everyone in this Parish,our friends, family and also all who involved worship v us.Merciful Lord, enlighten us through your Word, and also strengthen us v your holy Spiritas we room witness to the Love the Christ and seek to serve the Lord and each other,Through Christ our Lord,Amen.”20. Marriage Anniversary Prayer because that Parents“O Lord, omnipotent and eternal God,we give you thanks and we bless your holy name.You produced man and also woman in her image and blessed their union,so that each would be because that the various other a tolong and support. Remember us today.Protect us and grant that ours love might be in the imageof the devotion and also love of Christ for his Church.Grant united state a long and fruitful life together, in joy and also in peace,so that, v your Son and in the divine Spirit,our mind may selalu rise come you in worship and ns works.”21. Happy Anniversary Prayer“Lord, we give thanks to you because that this pair and for every one of the years that they have had together.Today, as we celebrate anda anniversary, ours prayer is that you will proceed to bless them.Let anda testimony the love and also forgiveness be a help to other couples as they mulai on milik mereka own journeys into married life. Lord, we pray that You will honor dari mereka commitment to every other and also to girlfriend by granting them many much more years of pleasure together.Baca juga: Ucapan anniversary pernikahan untuk orang tuaDemikian artikel tentang doa-doa ulang lima kristen bahasa Inggris untuk suami, istri, teman dan rakyat tua.

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Dilengkapi mencapai doa wedding anniversary pernikahan yang lengkap. Semoga doa-doa ini terkabulkan buat orang yang berdoa sepenuh hati.