According come Shutterstock, Instagram’s proclaiming revenue has increased dramatically in the past couple of years totaling in at about 20 billion in 2019. This is end 31 times more than it’s annual revenue of .63 billion dollars in 2015.

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This buatlah Instagram one of the optimal platforms because that marketing for providers trying to target young, trendy, and global audiences with their products and also services. Because there is so much potential for benefit in IG, you can bet that brands are contending to put out the best advertising content they can create.

At the very same time, video clip is substantial right now, and also it’s just expected come get more popular in the coming years. Through the finish of 2020, 82% of global Internet traffic will be video clip streaming and download.

Instagram is a great place to use video clip marketing; Hootsuite reports that 1 billion orang use Instagram every month, and also 500 juta use it every day. In addition, 88% of these users room located outside of the united States, and 71% of castle are dibawah the age of 35.

Furthermore, the sourse of videos produced daily has quadrupled dari 2017. Therefore by lihat Instagram as a alat in her marketing plan, you have actually the opportunity to with a huge, international audience the young orang every solitary day, and also they desire to check out your video content.

Just save in mind that you’re not the only service marketing come this audience v this platform, so you’ll require to uncover a method to was standing out.

One way to NOT acquire noticed is to format and upload Instagram videos incorrectly. There is so much video content available ~ above Instagram, no user is going come waste dari mereka time the town hall a video clip that isn’t done well.

So save yourself some time and money and mulailah your Instagram video marketing strategy turn off on the right foot melihat the best video formats. 

Instagram video clip Format Parameters Explained

Before us dive right into the exact specs for each Instagram video clip type, di sini is a rapid guide for each parameter fine cover. 

Video Format

The video clip format is a paper format for storing digital video data ~ above a computer. You can see a video file’s style by checking its extension; the terakhir three letters after the ketentuan in the paper name. The paling popular video clip formats because that online video clip platforms are MP4, FLV, and also WMV early out to their relatively kecil sizes. 

Video Codec

A video clip codec is tangan kedua to compress a video (when recording) and decompress that (during playback) come reduce file size. The compressed video clip is kemudian stored melihat a file format. H.264, MPEG-4, and DivX room some popular codecs you’ve probably used.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the width of the video in relation to the height. Because that example, 4:3 aspect ration way the video is 4 units high and 3 systems wide. Also, 16:9 facet ration means your video is 16 systems high and also 9 systems wide. A video’s element ratio has actually nothing to execute with its physics size.


Video resolution is the physical dimension of her picture. The is figured out by the number of pixels in one frame. A conventional 1280 x 720 HD resolution has 1280 pixels throughout the breadth and 720 pixels bersama the height of the video, end 920,000 pixels. A greater resolution, seperti as 1920 x 1080 full HD, will have besar and higher dimensions, and method more pixels.

Frame Rate

A video is a collection of multiple quiet images dubbed frames. The frame kecepatan is the frequency that itu images appear on the screen. 30 FPS way 30 frames are displayed on display every second.


A video’s bitrate is the lot of data that is encoded in a video per second. That is expressed in megabits per second. The higher the little bit rate, the higher the high quality and paper size of your video. Two videos have the right to have the exact same resolution but berbeda bitrates. Resolution is identified by the number of pixels in a framework of the video kapan bitrate is the median size of a video file per second. For instance, the bitrate for a 1080p video with 60 fps is around 12Mbps.

Video Length

Video size is, of course, the length of the video, measure up in second or minutes. Paling Instagram videos space short, so other than you’re uploading come IGTV, we recommend you save it short and also sweet.

Now the we’ve extended the basics of Instagram video format, let’s view the following formatting parameters for each type of Instagram video:

In-Feed Videos


The adhering to are the standard formatting requirements for in-feed Instagram videos, follow to connect Interactive:

Preferred format: MP4 (with H.264 Codec & AAC audio, 3,500 kbps video clip bitrate)Frame rate: 30 FPS or belowMaximum dimensions: 1080px WidePlayback length: maximum that 60 secondsFile dimension limit: 15MB

Adam Buchanan, the senior designer with engage Interactive, proposal “work within a square sized 1080px video lihat a 30fps frame rate.” If you stay within this parameters, your video clip will it is in formatted effectively for Instagram, Facebook, and also Twitter and also you won’t need to waste time reformatting the to use on different platforms.


Engage Interactive’s bawa pulang on in-feed formatting is correct, but it’s also a tiny restrictive. Sendible also lists in-feed formatting instructions the are similar to the ones provided above, however they leaving a little an ext wiggle room for users. Sendible recommends the complying with formatting guidelines:

Format: MOV or MP4Audio codec: AAC, 48khz sample perbandingan maximum, 1 or 2 networks (mono or stereo)Video codec: HEVC or H264, gradual scan, closeup of the door GOP, 4:2:0 chroma subsamplingFrame rate: 23-60 FPSPicture size:Maximum columns (horizontal pixels): 1920Minimum facet ratio : 4 / 5Maximum aspect ratio : 16 / 9Bitrate: VBR, 5Mbps maximumDuration: 60 seconds maximum, 3 secs minimumFile size limit: 100MB

*Sendible does note the MOV videos periodically fail to post and also so they’re not as trustworthy as MP4 videos.

Instagram Stories


Instagram stories are regarded vertically and also follow the exact same dimensions together a typical smartphone screen.

The maximum length of one Instagram cerita is 15 seconds. Even though the size is restricted, you deserve to still usage stories for heralding purposes; hanya realize the time restrictions and membuat short ads that easily and jernih communicate her goal(s).

Consider melihat stories as a teaser; get setiap orang interested in your isi and kemudian direct lock to your website or blog to see lebih jauh content.

Shutterstock recommends lihat the following parameters because that Instagram Stories.

Format: MP4File size: try to stay di bawah 15MBDuration: 15 secs per separation, personal, instance StoryDimensions: 1080 x 1920 pixelsAspect ratio: 9:16



According to Instagram, the complying with requirements must be met in order come upload a video to IGTV:

Duration: The video must be between 15 seconds and also 10 minutes long.The maximum duration once uploading an IGTV video clip from a mobile phone call is 15 minutes, however you can upload as much as 60 minutes of video from the web.Format: MP4Aspect ratio: 9:16Frame rate: 30 FPS minim Resolution: 720 pixels minimumFile dimension limit: 650MB for videos up to 10 minutes3.6GB because that videos approximately 60 minutes

Note on Editing: IGTV sheathe photos cannot be edited after ~ they’ve been uploaded. The recommended size for sheathe photos is 420px by 654px (or 1:1.55 ratio).

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You can edit your video’s judul and description after it’s to be uploaded, however you have to do the from a computer, not from a cell phone device. To penyuntingan your IGTV video’s title and description: 

Open Instagram on your computerGo to her profile and click IGTVOpen the video clip you want to editClick the in the optimal right and select “Edit”Make her changes, and also click “Done”

In order come upload a video clip to IGTV, you an initial have to membuat a channel. Hanya like on mainstream TV, a channel is where your audience will certainly go to view your video clip content. Click here for step by action directions on how to upload a video to IGTV.

This post by Instagram describes how friend can bagikan an IGTV video clip to her story.



If you thinking about creating video clip advertisements for Instagram, you on the road to success. Video clip marketing is huge right now, and also Instagram has actually an exceptionally high perbandingan of engagement. Integrate that audience engagement v the lights, sound, and also motion that go along with videography, and you’ve got a marketing recipe that’s certain to tolong your business increase brand awareness, prosper your audience, and also sell much more products.


One factor why video ads work-related so fine is that they mix seamlessly right into the customer’s newsfeed. Oftentimes it’s hard to call the difference between an ad and a basic post, so it’s a an ext natural and authentic method to reach her audience. Save this in mind when producing your video; you want it to mix in, for this reason avoid cultivating your brand as well much.

Consider the following sepuluh when creating video clip advertisements because that Instagram:

Tip 1. Interact your audience in the first 3 secs of the video

If your audience no think the video clip is pertinent in the first 3 secs of that playing, they’re going to store scrolling. You must use the beginning of the video clip to spark milik mereka attention and juga show them exactly how the advertisement is going come be pertinent to them.

Use bright colors and lots of pergerakan so it’s basic to tell the it’s a video clip and not a still image. This is not the time to it is in subtle; do it clear apa your video is about and do it in a loud way. Additionally, us did one experiment where we tested whether or not stickers make a video ad an ext engaging. Watch the results here!

Tip 2. Use text

We’ve already didirikan that paling users watch videos there is no sound, and Instagram videos are muted through default, so incorporate text to make certain no one misses the end on her message.


You don’t necessarily have actually to caption everything that’s being said; part strategically placed text that conveys the general theme and also goal of the video can occupational wonders. Colorful, dynamic message that move is a an excellent way to catch your audience’s attention while also highlighting the key points of her advertisement. Try not to encompass too lot text; you don’t want to overwhelm your audience or because that your video clip to it seems ~ cluttered.

Tip 3. Set a goal

What space you trying to achieve with her video? execute you desire to thrive your audience? rise brand awareness? demonstrate how to use a new product? encourage an upcoming event?

Set a clean goal and return bagian belakang to it regularly to avoid obtaining off track. Girlfriend only have a short amount of time to get your article across before you shed your audience, so don’t waste time talking around anything the isn’t for sure necessary. A short, 30-60 second video is only sufficient time to achieve one goal, so don’t bite off much more than you have the right to chew. Remember that your tujuan audience is, and tailor your isi to them.

Tip 4. It is in creative

You desire your video to blend into the newsfeed seamlessly, so shot to prevent it spring too lot like an ad.


You’re juga competing through thousands of other businesses to acquire your advertising noticed, so shot to think external the box! Why need to a user spend their time city hall your advertisement and no someone else’s? communicate quickly how your advertisement is relevant to them, however do that in a natural and authentic way.

Tip 5. Encompass a clean call-to-action

Wordstream proposal simplifying your panggilan to kerja as much as possible. Individuals want isi that they deserve to read and also understand as conveniently as possible, so opportunities are they’re not going to click on your “link in bio” ~ viewing a video clip ad.

Put your whole message in the advertisement and make the CTA together clear as possible; if you want your audience to “learn more”, encompass a button immediately in the advertisement that will ambil them to your webpage wherein the added information exists.

Don’t ask lock to go to your story, then to a different landing halaman only to ultimately end up on her website- you’ll shed them long sebelum they acquire to the endpoint.

Tip 6. Test the end your video clip on an audience

It’s never a negative idea to membuat different execution of your advertisement and kemudian A/B check them out on a sample of her audience. It’s an extra step, and it bawa pulang a little an ext time, but it will conserve you time in the long run. Track your analytic data for both ads and see which one has a higher conversion rate.

It doesn’t hurt to ask because that customer feedback either; see what they need to say around your music and also visuals. Space they understanding your message? Is the panggilan to pergerakan clear and also uncomplicated? in between the data and also the feedback, friend should have the ability to get a clear snapshot of which version of your advertisement will be an ext successful.

Instagram Ads video Specs

Now that you have an idea the the measures to take in producing a video ad for Instagram, it’s important to note the proper specs together well. Hootesuite’s advertisement Espresso proposal the following pedoman when choosing the best video clip format because that Instagram:

Vertical Video

Resolution: 600 x 750Aspect ratio: 4:5Max size & length: 4 GB/60 seconds

Landscape Video

Resolution: 600 x 315Aspect ratio: 1:91:1Max dimension & length: 4 GB/60 seconds

Square video

Resolution: 600 x 600Aspect ratio: 1:1Max size & length: 4 GB/60 seconds

Instagram video Formatting FAQs

What is the best video clip format for Instagram?

The finest Instagram video format for any form of video clip is MP4 through H.264 codec and AAC audio.

How to change a video’s format to MP4?

Upload your video to and also download it together an MP4 video.

How execute I readjust the element ratio of an Instagram video? has actually multiple Instagram aspect ratio presets you deserve to use for her video. From the editor, you deserve to choose different aspect ratios for other social platforms prefer YouTube or Facebook.

What is the maks video dimension for Instagram?

You deserve to upload up to 3.6GB of video to Instagram with IGTV. Instagram feeding videos room capped at 15mb. 

How execute I short article a long video on Instagram?

You can upload up to 60 minute of video on Instagram through uploading it to IGTV from the web.

How to increase Instagram video Quality

Instagram compresses your video in order to reduce the file size, yet it tambahan reduces the quality. Do this to acquire the best video quality:

Shoot at higher qualities, 4K and also 60 FPS if possible.Transfer documents safely without compressing with AirDrop, Dropbox, or USB cableEdit with appropriate settings in mindExport to recommended specs

Wrapping Up

Instagram is the perfect marketing platform because that anyone looking to grow their brand and/or attach with a ukurannya besar audience of young people; it’s great for finding brand-new customers, reconnecting with old ones, and also retargeting users in order to drive sales.

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This platform supplies several different cara to incorporate video clip marketing together well. Us suggest lihat a mix of in-feed videos, cerita videos, and video clip advertisements in order to obtain as numerous benefits together possible.

Plan your campaign ahead the time for this reason you can stay top top track through your goals, and also make sure to track her conversion perbandingan and other types of analytic data for this reason you understand if your marketing strategy requirements to be amended. If you’re no sure just how to get started, check out this short article from ours blog!