Back in 2014, Divergent to be poised to it is in the lanjut young adult blockbuster to bawa pulang the dunia by storm. Thanks to movie franchises favor Twilight and also The Hunger Games, Summit to chat knew the there to be a huge pasar for miliki novels to turn into famous films and also quickly to buy the benar to the eponymous publication series. And their instincts were correct. Divergent do $288 million at package office and made family members names the end of Shailene Woodley and Theo James.

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Shailene Woodley and also Theo James | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

What is the ‘Divergent’ collection about?

Divergent adheres to Beatrice “Tris” Prior as she navigates cultivation up in a post-apocalyptic Chicago. Her dunia is split into tahun factions: Abnegation, Dauntless, Candor, Erudite, and Amity. The trouble arises when Tris is compelled to choose hanya one faction after finding out that she possesses the features for three and thus is “divergent.” Naturally, this reasons some worries for Tris and she must do everything she deserve to to stop being discovered.

Theo James it s okay candid around climbing a mengayun Wheel in the movie

Because Divergent is so action-packed, James and also Woodley dulu tasked v doing a lot of of difficult stunts. One of the most impressive stunts the the pair performed was climbing increase a ayunan Wheel. In an interview with games Radar, James gained candid about what it was favor to film sebagai a daunting stunt.

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“It wasn’t too bad because we dulu strapped in so girlfriend felt type of invincible,” James revealed. “But when I to be up there ns was like, ‘I to be going to check you guys and jump off’ but they menjadi like, ‘You bisa but you room still going to break your arm.’ So, probably not then. But yeah in a great way due to the fact that we actually did it, if you were feeling those feelings you mungkin draw top top them and also make it feel as real as possible.”

Why James callest kissing Shailene Woodley the paling difficult stunt in ‘Divergent’

But also though the ayunan Wheel stunt to be a challenge, James revealed that it wasn’t the hardest stunt that he had actually to do. In fact, he common that the kissing scene in between himself and also Woodley to be the paling challenging part of the film. As the actors want to make certain that they obtained the scene right, they put a the majority of pressure on themselves. In fact, they even reshot the scene to make sure they yes, really nailed the moment.

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“Toughest stunt was, ns guess… genuinely the kissing scene,” James revealed. “Shai and I, in a actual way, wanted that to be as an excellent as possible because the the just time lock get bersama and the just really kissy smooshy scene and we want it to be an excellent and to fulfill the points that it demands to fulfill and also be real and also not ebb ~ above the side of numerous cheese. We in reality shot that a 2nd time because the first time it didn’t feel fairly right, we really wanted to honor it in a means that it is earned. Hopefully, it is earned since there is no a many batting eyelids and also kind of fawning towards each other in the totality film. It’s quite a practical tough, intricate, kompleks relationship so once they ultimately kiss I mengharapkan it’s earned.”

We’d wager that paling Divergent fans would agree that the first kiss between Tris and Four feel earned. It’s likely for the finest that Woodley and James invest so lot attention into gaining it right.