Nasal swabs accused washed, repackaged and sold come passengers compelled to ambil test in ~ Medan airport


A clinical worker prepares to collect nasal swab samples native a woman throughout a mass test because that Covid at north Sumatra university in Medan, Indonesia. Photograph: Binsar Bakkara/AP
A medical worker prepares to collect nasal swab samples from a woman throughout a dalam jumlah besar test for Covid at phia băc Sumatra college in Medan, Indonesia. Photograph: Binsar Bakkara/AP

Staff in ~ an Indonesian pharmaceutical company have been accused the washing and repackaging digunakan Covid sleep swabs, i beg your pardon were kemudian sold to countless unsuspecting travellers.

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Five employee from the state-owned Kimia Farma have actually been arrested, while the firm may tambahan face a polite lawsuit over the claims.

Police believe up come 9,000 rakyat may have actually been tested v a reused swab kit ketika travelling through Kualanamu plane in Medan, utara Sumatra. Anyone taking a domestic flight in Indonesia must administer a an unfavorable result from a rapid antigen test, i m sorry is often performed on website at an airport.

Five employees from Kimia Farma, which gave the airport, space accused the washing noodle swabs v alcohol before repackaging them – a violation of kesehatan laws and also the consumer protection act.

Police are juga investigating whether revenues from the alleged scheme, approximated to be approximately 1.8bn rupiah (£89,712), were used by among the employees to fund the building of a new house, according to local media.


Erick Thohir, minister for state-owned enterprises, said those implicated must be “subject to an extremely strict punishment”.

Kimia Farma sacked the employee members, and said in a declare that their actions dulu a breach that its standards.

Two lawyers that flew indigenous Kualanamu airport regularly and believe they menjadi tested v second-hand kit told the south China Morning post that lock planned to sue the company. The lawyers claimed they menjadi in touch with various other potential victims, and would record a collective civil lawsuit seeking 1bn rupiah because that each impacted passenger.

Indonesia, the world’s fourth paling populous country, has actually recorded the highest sourse of situations in south-east Asia, and much more than 46,130 deaths.

The bangsa has registered around 5,000 situations daily end the past week, dibawah from a peak in late January, according to data compiled by johns Hopkins University. However, diberkatilah anda experts space concerned around increased travel sebelum the Eid holiday, when besar numbers of people usually return to their home communities to visit relatives. A take trip ban will certainly be enforced from Thursday, despite it is feared countless have collection off early, and local media reported rise in website traffic on Wednesday.

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The kesehatan ministry evidenced this week that it had recorded two instances of the an ext infectious strain that was very first detected in India.