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Tiara Lani and Pudji Lestari and Eka Mishbahatul Mar"ah has (2019)Sikap Orang basi Terhadap Penggunaan Gadget pada Anak. Jurnal Penelitian Kesehatan voice Forikes, 10 (3). Pp. 235-238. ISSN 2086-3098

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Gadgets in the modernis era very easy come find, every masyarakat has gadgets, the use of gadgets today not just in adult but juga in children, the use of devices in youngsters depends on how parents react to them, some parents make tools to be an entertainment median for children. Extreme use of tools will adversely impact children"s kesehatan and development. This riset aims to look in ~ descriptif the mindset parents aboute use tool in children. This study was a descriptive exploratory untuk mempelajari design through a sample that 131 respondents using cluster random sampling approaches from kindergarten colleges in the area Banjar Regency, southern Kalimantan. The results confirmed that the attitude parents most of the gadgets use an adverse attitudes through the use of tools in children at minimum 1 hour and also a best of 6 hours every day. An unfavorable attitudes that parents and lack of isu for the limitations of the usage of tools in youngsters make the usage of gadgets to children higher and can increase the risk of the dampak of penampilan gadgets ~ above children. V the outcomes of this belajar it is intended that nurses can provide health promotion in the membentuk of display screen time usage limits and also the impact that can take place on the usage of gadgets.

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attitude, parents, children, gadget
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