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(hank locklin)Chorus:Send me the pillow the you dream onDon"t you understand that ns still treatment for youSend me the pillow that you dream onSo, darlin", I can dream ~ above it, tooEach night ketika i"m sleeping, five so lonelyI"ll posting ulang your love and also dreams that once menjadi trueSend me the pillow the you dream onSo, darlin", I can dream top top it, tooChorus:Send me the pillow that you dream onMaybe time will certainly let our desires come trueSend me the pillow that you dream onSo, darlin", I can dream top top it, tooI"ve waited so lengthy for girlfriend to create meBut hanya a memory is all that is left the youSend me the pillow that you dream onSo, darlin", I deserve to dream on it, tooSo, darlin", I deserve to dream top top it, too
Send Me The Pillow lyrics © Sony/ATV Music publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing, nobility Network
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