While the Mi maks 2 is greatly a gradual iteration the the an initial generation device, melakukan it make for a compelling phablet? Here"s ours review.

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The Mi max 2 is a unique maker that sits on the intersection of a ukurannya besar smartphone and also a portable tablet, and also excels at that giving an significant battery life.

Phablets, or smartphones with screen sizes larger than 6 inches, can cause quite a division in opinion. The large form factor is a complete deterrent for most people, however there is a niche audience because that these huge smartphones – young setiap orang who watch a the majority of videos or room gaming enthusiasts, or professionals who enjoy the large real estate ketika emailing or functioning on documents and also spreadsheets.

It’s actually quite addictive if you can live with the dimension – not that the last is easy. And kemudian there’s the vast battery life – a organic outcome of the besar cell the a huge phone manages to load in.

After introducing the Mi Max terakhir year, Xiaomi has actually now launched the Mi maksimum 2. While it is mainly a steady iteration the the first generation device, melakukan it make for a compelling phablet and also should consumers coming indigenous regular-sized smartphones choose one up? Let’s find out in our review!

For the objective of this review, I took the Indian variant because that a spin. Xiaomi has actually launched a solitary variant – in storage configuration as well as color – in the country. For the video clip review, Bailey Stein has the international variant, in a different color. So, we’ve acquired it all covered.


With a 6.44-inch display, the Mi maks 2 is huge in size and despite apa the agency wants to assert, it’s not really a comfortable phone to use when you’re go or juggling roughly with an ext than one tasks. Typing with one hand is a tough task, for example, and it’s too large for any kind of pocket.But let’s get it the end of the means because that’s specifically why you’d desire to pick this call up. That a big phone and also at that, the designed quite well.

For a mid-range smartphone, the Mi maks 2 looks fairly nice and the steel chassis offers it a definite premium feel. The construction quality is solid, and the matte warna hitam variant watch stunning.At 7.6 mm, it’s juga quite slim and also it’s impressive that it packs the huge 5,300 mAh battery the it does. It’s no light (over 200g) but the weight is same distributed and also it doesn’t feel heavy at the top. Also, the rounded edges and sloping back make it easier to hold.

The fingerprint scanner top top the kembali is a tad daunting to reach, particularly if you have smaller hands. On paling occasions, I had to usage two hands to place my table of contents finger ~ above the scanner – not sepenuhnya because that was the end of reach, but because I was conscious of not dropping the phone due to the awkward absence of grip ketika extending the finger.

The bottom of the machine sports two symmetrical grilles on either side of the USB Type-C port. That’s mostly cosmetic since only among them is an really speaker.

Overall, the Mi max 2 is almost comparable in dimension to its predecessor however the design and also finish is definitely more refined this time around and an ext aligned through the Xiaomi design language that we’ve seen recently.



The Mi maksimum 2 functions a sepenuhnya HD 6.44-inch display screen which offers it a pixel density 342ppi. A greater resolution ~ above a call of this size would’ve been nice, however that would’ve juga required a much more powerful processor.

The screen offers a decent tingkat of color reproduction, and also the comparison is great and it looks vibrant. The brightness level are hanya about okay and phone juga offers good daylight visibility, but auto-brightness doesn’t selalu work well and also I had to will to memandu calibration sometimes.

Unfortunately, the city hall angles are limited, which is a tad disappointing because that a smartphone that aims to please video consumers.The Mi max 2 juga boasts of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 because that protection, i beg your pardon should membantu protect the dasbor against the odd bump and scrape.



The Mi maksimum 2 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 processor, a popular and also a capable chipset because that smartphones in this price segment. Still, that a step dibawah from the Snapdragon 652 uncovered on the original Mi Max, and also specs sheet watchers will likely be a tad miffed.

However, merged with the 4 GB lamb it package in and the balance it intends to strike in between raw processing and power consumption, the Mi maks 2 is an able performer. Yes, the is obvious that that is underpowered in outright speed comparisons and benchmark tests, but in real world usage, the power isn’t one issue.The phone call chugs along nicely while juggling multiple apps or playing graphic-intensive games. At any type of point, there was a small less 보다 2 GB lamb left obtainable out that its 4GB pool, for this reason multitasking isn’t an issue.

The Mi maksimum 2 package in a ukurannya besar 5,300 mAh battery which conveniently gives two hari of battery life top top a solitary charge, also if she a hefty user favor myself. Xiaomi cases 11 hrs of non-stop gameplay, and also the case isn’t misplaced. Ns streamed HD movies from amazon Prime video continuously for over 12 hours beginning at jenuh charge, and still had actually some juice left as soon as I was done. (Nice harry Potter marathon, by the way!)

The Mi maksimum 2 also supports Qualcomm’s fast Charge 3.0 and parallel charging, which is really important for smartphones through this huge a battery else it untuk mengambil annoyingly long to charge fully. Mi maks 2 bawa pulang less 보다 two hrs to go from zero come 100 percent charge, i beg your pardon is impressive.

Clearly, the emphasis of the innards top top the Mi Max2 is strength efficiency and the Snapdragon 625 chipset proves to be a nice workhorse there is no guzzling into the substantial battery. A well choice, then.


The Mi max 2 sports a hybrid center slot, therefore you can either use two SIMs or one SIM and one microSD card. A many multimedia hoarders that use two SIMs nothing usually favor this arrangement – much more so in a machine targeted in the direction of that team – however there’s a generosity 64 GB inner storage and many orang will be isi with that.

The Mi maksimum 2 includes an IR blaster so friend can regulate your home appliances lihat your phone together a remote. It works with a through a selection of appliances and also brands. There’s tambahan a USB Type-C port this time around, rather of the microUSB on the Mi Max, which is a nice and also welcome progression.

Thankfully, the smartphone boasts stereo speakers, i m sorry offer quite a according to sound. Kapan one of the pembicara is at the bottom, the other one is lanjut to the earpiece. This arrangement is contempt awkward for pencarian stereo sounds, yet not many orang will notification it.


The camera ~ above the Mi maksimum 2 is just about okay. The 12-megapixel rear camera with an f/2.2 aperture manages to capture photos with an excellent color reproduction and also contrast in daylight, yet the absence of information is very apparent. The melangkah detection autofocus device facilitates faster focusing and works fairly well in daylight.

In short light though, the camera is a hit-and-miss, and captures average photos. Most photos space noisy, and also the absence of sharpness damages the in its entirety image quality. There’s dobel LED flash, but it ends up washing out the subject and I didn’t yes, really like using it.The 5-megapixel front camera untuk mengambil good sufficient selfies – in daylight, that is. Not so pretty ones in short light.

The video quality is juga pretty an excellent and in well-lit conditions, it is remarkable. However, sejak there’s no optical image stabilization, paling videos have tendency to be quite shaky, especially darimana it’s difficult to host a besar phone through a stable hand. There’s juga support for shooting time-lapse and also slow-motion videos.

The Mi maksimum 2 is Xiaomi’s an initial device come be powered by Android Nougat out of the box. It runs the company’s proprietary UI layer, MIUI 8.5, based on Android 7.1.1.

While the interface may be taken into consideration slightly bloated through some and is frequently behind on major Android updates, the design will feel really familiar come MIUI fans. Xiaomi has operated hard to sell nifty features and utilities on peak of Android to enhance everyday user experience. There’s dobel Apps that enables two instances that the exact same app, so you deserve to open up two conversations in WhatsApp, second Space which allows users to keep milik mereka personal and also work setup separate, and a Reading mode that reduce glare on the display.

A pair of these attributes are quite important for the phablet actually. Yes sir a one-handed mode that reduces the UI size for a one-handed on-the-move use. And there’s the Quick nol which enables shortcuts to your preferred apps by hanya swiping ~ above one next of the screen.

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Despite berlari the recent Android version, Mi maks 2 doesn’t offer split-screen use which is really a missed chance on a an equipment with ukurannya besar display. However, Xiaomi has actually announced that the attribute will roll out through an update soon, and is already available in beta.


Operating SystemMIUI 8.5 based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat
Display6.44-inch penuh HD (1920 x 1080) IPS2.5D curved glass450 nits brightnessCorning Gorilla Glass 3
Processor2 GHz Octa-Core Snapdragon 625 14nmAdreno 506 GPU
Internal Storage64 GB; expandable with microSD card
Rear Camera12 MP dual-tone pengarahan FlashSony IMX386 sensorf/2.2 aperturePDAF1.25µm pixel size
Front Camera5 MP v 85-degree wide-angle lensf/2.0 aperture
Battery5,300 mAh
Dimensions174.1 × 88.7 × 7.6 mm