PT salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk is just one of Indonesia"s biggest vertically combined agribusiness companies. The agency is a top manufacturer the edible oils and also fats (branded cooking oil, margarine and shortening). The principal activities span the whole supply chain indigenous research and development, oil palm seeds breeding, oil palm cultivation and milling to refining, branding and also marketing of food preparation oil, margarine, shortening and other palm oil derivative products. As a diversity agribusiness group, pembunuhan Ivomas Pratama is also engaged in the growing of rubber, street cane and other crops as well as the crushing that copra.

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Industry SectorAgriculture
Industry sub SectorPlantation
Established12 respectable 1992
Listed9 June 2011
Listed agency CodeSIMP
Listed Shares15,816,310,000
Major shareholders (>5%)Indofood Agri sources Ltd (72.00%)Indofood Sukses Makmur (6.71%)
Key SubsidiariesPP London Sumatra IndonesiaLajuperdana IndahMega Citra Perdana
Main Commodities


Stock Quote salim Ivomas Pratama - SIMP:

Business Summary

Salim Ivomas Pratama has two organization divisions:

Plantations Division; engages in the commercial farming of oil palm plantations. Paling of the revenue is generated through the sale of crude oil palm oil (CPO), fresh fruit bunches (FFB) and palm kernel. Other assets that are cultivated include sugar and rubber. Edible oil & fat Division; engages in the manufacture and also sale that palm oil-based cooking oil, margarine and shortening for the domestic and overseas markets.

The firm owns ukurannya besar planted locations in Sumatra (Riau, utara and south Sumatra), Kalimantan (West and East Kalimantan), Sulawesi and Java.

In June 2011, the agency conducted one initial public offering (IPO) top top the Indonesia stock Exchange (IDX). Through this corporate kerja it elevated IDR 3.3 trillion.

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Salim Ivomas Pratama own a 59.5 percent stake in Perusahaan perkebunan London Sumatra Indonesia (Lonsum).

Salim Ivomas Pratama"s to work Highlights:

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Oil Palm (Planted Area)in hectares216,837230,919239,921246,055246,359247,430
Rubber (Planted Area)in hectares22,18521,80221,75921,69721,33820,115
Sugar Cane (Planted Area)in hectares12,25512,33311,64513,06213,35813,249
Fresh Fruit Bunchesin thousands tons 2,797 2,973 2,895 3,259 3,414 2,981
Crude Palm Oilin thousands tons 838 880 810 956 1,002 833
Palm Kernelin thousand tons 195 207 187 218 235 201
Rubberin thousands tons 17 17 16 16 16 13
Sugarin thousand tons 20 62 76 73 67 66

Source: salim Ivomas Pratama, yearly Report 2016

Salim Ivomas Pratama"s gaue won Highlights:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Net Sales9,484.312,605.313,844.913,279.814,962.713,835.414,530.9
Gross Profit3,545.54,341.83,894.32,906.24,035.23,100.53,449.9
Operating Profit2,239.53,136.52,446.91,730.22,480.01,631.92,050.3
Net Income 971.01,666.61,156.9 493.5 865.8 264.5 538.3
Total Assets21,063.725,510.326,574.428,065.030,996.131,967.132,537.6
Total Liabilities11,324.610,339.210,482.412,367.014,583.914,465.714,919.3
Basic income per Share¹ 77 115 73 31 56 17 35

in exchange rate IDR rupiah unless otherwise stated¹ in IDR rupiahSource: salim Ivomas Pratama, annual Report 2016

Projection pembunuhan Ivomas Pratama"s masa depan Corporate Earnings:

2018 20192020F2021F2022F
Net Revenue14,059.013,059.013,259.014,408.014,961.0
Net Profit (77.0)(546.0) 45.0 155.0 170.0
P/E proportion (x)
P/BV (x)

in billion IDR, unless otherwise statedSource: Sinarmas Sekuritas (14.05.2020)



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