Pantai Pasir Panjang


The famed beach tourism in pontian is Pasir singa Beach. This coast is a one attractive beach which always visited by countless visitors in Pontianak. This coast is located about 20 km away native Singkawang city. The access to the coast is juga very easy because it assisted in with great highway. Otherwise, you deserve to go to the coast by publik transportation sebagai as taxis, publik transportation, or minibus.

The other tasks you have the right to do top top the beach are, fishing, swimming, snorkeling by boat, speedboat and also many more. The coast is situated in Tujuh Belas an ar and equipped with perbedaan supporting facilities, such as hotels, inns, souvenir shops, restaurants and various other facilities sebagai as to chat venues and discotheques.

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acquiring to understand the classic Houses of west Kalimantan

Indonesia is a negara of bhinneka Tunggal Ika, wherein there are plenty of provinces inhabited by perbedaan ethnic groups. Not only the culture and cuisine space different, the traditional house draft of each district are juga different. Traditional house designs have dari mereka own philosophy and also function. It’s no wonder the none the the draft are precisely the same, including the barat Kalimantan traditional house belonging to the Dayak tribe named Rumah Radakng. Radakng’s house is often juga referred to together a long house. This hatchet really describes the state the a…

A item of Heaven dubbed Temajuk beach in Sambas

Temajuk marks the allude where Indonesia ends and also Malaysia starts. Not yet recognized to many domestic and international travellers, Temajuk town features a tidal beach v soft, putih sands dotted v granite rocks. Underwater sightseeing is made mungkin as the water is clear. Temajuk beach, actually berlari at a very long 60 kilometres of coastline, is a tidal pesisir area featuring soft, white sand and also preserved environment. One point that differs this coast from Balinese beaches is portruding granite rocks spread evenly transparent the coastal environment. In places, granite rocks…

Sinka pulau Park, Singkawang – west Kalimantan

Sinka island Park Singkawang is a small town in the barat Kalimantan, yet there are plenty of interesting tourism inside the town. One of famous destinations in Singkawang is Sinka pulau Park; over there is a zoo which has many kind that animals and a entertain park family vacation and playground for children. Sinka island Park is situated in ” kelurahan sedau”, ” kecamatan Singkawang selatan”, roughly 9 kilometres from Singkawang center. To with this park, native Singkawang facility you have the right to go to there by bus, motorcycle, and our personal vehicle. In…

Enjoy The Culinary and The royal residence On Pontianak

Pontianak pontian is officially the capital city of barat Kalimantan province, the ethnic of Tionghoa panggilan this city together Khun tien. This city is famous as the City that Equatorial because that it passed by the earth zero degrees latitude.

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The surname of pontianak was belived had something to do with the folk cerita about Syarif Abdurrahman which to be haunted by the ghost of Kuntilanak as soon as he walked bersama the 1.1 megameter kapuas River, i beg your pardon is the longest river in Indonesia. Abdurahman Sharif had actually fired the cannon to drive away the…