Love and courage. Ns am married. Ns have selalu loved and also supported everyone. I am yes, really lucky. Too ~ every one of you, let us be senang together.

Anda sedang menonton: Lin chi ling and jerry yan

In 2019, the news of Lin Chiling"s sudden notice of her marital relationship shocked netizens. After that, "Lin Chiling was married" and "The groom is not Jerry Yan" quickly appeared on the hot temukan list.

So maafkan saya are the emotionally entanglements between Lin Chiling and Yan Chengxu? Why execute netizens mention Yan Chengxu consistently in the blog short articles announced by Lin Chiling and also Kurosawa Liangping?


Known as "Taiwan"s No. 1 Beauty", Lin Chiling was asked by huang Zijiao about her precursors in 2016. Lin Chiling confessed her three romances through her first love, Yan Chengxu, and Qiu Shikai without any secret. Bersama with her present husband Kurosawa Ryohei, Lin Chiling has actually experienced a berbisa of 4 romances.

01 Lin Chiling and first Love

In 1974, in a wealthy merchant family in Taiwan, Lin Chiling fell to the ground.

The favorable family atmosphere not only carried Lin Chiling a far better growth environment, but juga put Lin Chiling under more pressure.

Since childhood, Lin Chiling has been demanded by she mother"s high standards, no to speak loudly, no to fall out the the peak three in class, and so on.


Lin Zhiling, that dared not to defy her mother, was a “child of who else"s family” sejak she was a child, and her baby suara was also formed di bawah the strictly guidance of her mother.

While Lin Chiling was surrounding by various cultural and art classes, Jerry Yan and also Ryohei Kurosawa, that had crucial buycia2.comluence ~ above her, were hanya born.

The wealthy company families are always committed come sending milik mereka children abroad, and the tiny Lin Chiling has not escaped such a fate.


After Lin Chiling finished junior high school, she was sent out to Stroen di antara School, a personal girls" missionary school in Toronto, Canada to finish her high school.

After graduating indigenous high school, she entered the university of Toronto through honors, majoring in west Aesthetics background and business economics with a dobel degree.

And this time of examining abroad was juga the day once Lin Chiling fell in love v her very first love boyfriend.

Her an initial love boyfriend is tambahan a Taiwanese, and the 2 met in ~ a young age. At the time, Lin Chiling was studying in Toronto alone.


And every visit by her boyfriend is Lin Chiling"s happiest moment, and also Lin Chiling will, like other girls in love, make a hearty meal for she boyfriend.

Lin Chiling, who is immersed in the sweet environment of love, even pikiran about marrying her boyfriend after graduating indigenous university.

The feel of youth are always so green and also hot, yet they are juga as short as the bloomed of summer flowers.

After ten year of fallout’s in love, they tho let go of every other"s hands. At the crossroads of college graduation, they walk in different directions.


When Lin Chiling recalled this relationship, she quiet remembered her very first love:

My very first love has remained in conversation because that ten years, and also the voice, taste, and method of speak of the other party will always be in my mind.

02 Lin Chiling and also Jerry Yan

If her paling unforgettable partnership is her an initial relationship, kemudian the one the impresses her paling is the relationship with Jerry Yan.

Jerry Yan once talked around his connection with Lin Chiling in a variety show:

I once had actually a relationship. Perhaps I claimed that the other party wanted to break up. In fact, i was sad. I really wanted to have the extended staircase that Ding Dong, punch on the window, and kemudian say i m really sorry to her.


She and Jerry Yan have actually separated and reunited in 17 years. Kapan they are entangled in their hearts, dari mereka feelings also affect the the atmosphere of itu who care about them.

In a catwalk occasion in 2000, Lin Chiling and also Yan Chengxu, handsome men and also women, sparked the spark the love.

The two people in love are always glued together, wanting to stick bersama in everything, and dating v the company buatlah it simpler for them come date.


There is no impermeable wall in the world, and also soon they were photographed through the entertain media.

They deny it categorically and also only panggilan the other an excellent friends. The course, the factor is obvious.

At this time, they dulu still in the upswing of dari mereka careers and menjadi unable come bear the aftermath of the notice of their relationship, therefore they began a long bawah tanah relationship.


If you can"t provide your girlfriend a fair and honest feeling, Jerry Yan strives to do far better in various other areas.

With a breakfast, a flower, and a confession, Jerry Yan provided his girlfriend every little thing he bisa give.

While falling in love, they did not forget milik mereka career and also worked difficult on the path they chose.

Gold will certainly not be buried by yellow sand. Lin Chiling has menjadi a hot model in Hong Kong because of a beauty advertising she shot.


But unequal his girlfriend"s eco-friendly light career, Jerry Yan"s career has not improved at all.

Because of the scandal v Lin Chiling, many fans that Lin Chiling ridiculed her together a stumbling block in Lin Chiling"s career.

Unlike Lin Chiling"s superior development environment sejak childhood, Jerry Yan flourished up in a single-parent family members that is not really wealthy.

Because of this, although this growth setting made that independent and strong, it juga developed Jerry Yan"s buycia2.comeriority and sensitive personality.


Hearing this evaluation, even though Jerry Yan did not show any emotion in the direction of his girlfriend, the still acquired a needle in his heart.

But this case did not terakhir long. A few months later, "Meteor Garden" starring Jerry Yan was broadcast.

Once it was released, this drama menang the peak ratings in Taiwan and quickly broke the TV drama document with an median ratings that 6.99.

As the leading actor, Jerry Yan has akan the "Dao ming Temple" in the hearts of thousands of girls with his exceptional acting skills and appearance.


With this masterpiece, Jerry Yan has lanjutan to make appointments and endorsements, and has become a famous top-tier.

He has become a orang who have the right to stand shoulder come shoulder through his girlfriend and dared to recognize his love affair in front of the media.

The boys have actually superb acting skills, handsome appearances, and also the girl have good looks and slender figures. They room really a pair of setiap orang in the entertainment industry.

However, because of unforeseen circumstances, the falling horse incident juga became the fuse for their breakup.


In 2005, once Lin Chiling was filming ~ above the set, the horse was the end of control, and Lin Chiling had no endure in talk a horse.

As a result, the tragedy happened. Lin Chiling damaged six ribs due to the fact that of falling from a horse and was cure urgently in the hospital.

Hearing the berita of his girlfriend"s injury, Jerry Yan rushed come Lin Chiling"s side regardless the the high liquidated damages incurred by his memegang of filming.

At this time, Jerry Yan is prefer a prince falling indigenous the sky, cram away every worries and also guarding his hurt princess.


Lin Chiling sees Jerry Yan"s dedication, and they love each other more deeply.

I memikirkan this was a cerita of a prince and a princess, they would cherish each various other even more after experiencing hardships.

However, what I didn"t intend was the after a year, castle would end up break up later.

03 Lin Chiling and Qiu Shikai

Why carry out two orang who love each various other hurt so much when they desire to it is in close as soon as they room suffering.


Jerry Yan described his partnership with Lin Chiling in a variety show.

Yan Chengxu"s treatment for Lin Chiling in the hospital is checked out by Lin Chiling and also her mommy is also seen by Lin Chiling.

The boy he taught strictly darimana childhood is come marry right into a wealthy family and be a affluent wife just like himself. How have the right to he be entangled through a "poor boy" in the to chat industry.

However, the "blank check" konfigurasi in the rich household did not show up on Jerry Yan. Lin Mu tangan kedua another method to separate the lovers.


Although Jerry Yan bisa disregard his liquidated damages, he mungkin not overlook the initiatives of the whole crew. He still gained on the plane back home.

However, maafkan saya I didn"t expect was that his departure gave Qiu Shikai an opportunity and also made Jerry Yan and Lin Chiling miss out on each other.

Qiu Shikai, who graduated from Wentworth institute of technology in Massachusetts, USA, is the follower of Taiwanese and even around the world renowned sanitary ware brands.


The Lin family and the Qiu household belong to a family. They prospered up v Lin Chiling, and he is juga very fond the Lin Chiling.

Jerry Yan"s exit gave Qiu Shikai one opportunity, and Lin Mu was even more happy to see it happen.

In comparison to Lin"s dissatisfaction through Yan Chengxu"s background, Lin"s mommy is an extremely satisfied with the "son-in-law" that the best family.

After that saddled in front of the bed, the cooked because that Lin Chiling, aided Lin Chiling recover, and also made Lin Chiling smile.


It deserve to be stated that in the aku without Yan Chengxu, Qiu Shikai suspect the duty of Lin Chiling"s "boyfriend".

Lin Chiling"s cedera has to be taken seriously by the media, and also Qiu Shikai"s remaining close to Lin Chiling"s bed has offered the media more material come report.

"Qiu Shikai ambil care of Lin Chiling" and also "Lin Chiling"s brand-new relationship" every made the headlines that newspapers.

Although Jerry Yan has less contact with the outside dunia because the filming, the suspected betrayal of his girlfriend quiet hasn"t escaped his ears.


Lucky setiap orang use dari mereka childhood to heal anda lives, and unfortunate rakyat use their lives to heal dari mereka childhood.

Yan Chengxu, who is careful and also sensitive, walk not have the courage to pertanyaan his girlfriend. He was afraid that he would hear solution that he could not bear.

Jerry Yan"s attitude of Lin Mu is also very clear. The dobel blow that his girlfriend"s family and also Qiu Shikai"s household background made Jerry Yan lebih buruk to the dust.

But he tidak pernah considered his girlfriend"s ideas, nor did he untuk mengambil into factor to consider his girlfriend"s development environment.


Jerry Yan"s low self-esteem made him fear to pertanyaan his girlfriend.

Faced v her boyfriend"s cold treatment, Lin Chiling, who thrived up in the greenhouse, would never think that it. All she memikirkan was the her boyfriend no longer loves herself.

Jerry Yan"s non-questioning and non-processing, and Lin Chiling"s non-understanding and non-explaining make them concerned an end.

Lin Chiling, who had actually left Yan Chengxu, to be discouraged and also followed her mother"s arrangement and came bersama with Qiu Shikai.


Although Lin Chiling and also Qiu Shikai menjadi together out of impulse, under Qiu Shikai"s tenderness care, the balance in Lin Chiling"s heart progressively tilted towards Qiu Shikai.

Lin Chiling completely regards Qiu Shikai together her boyfriend, and will comment on with Qiu Shikai apa she theatre and what endorsements she takes.

In stimulate to untuk mengambil care the his girlfriend"s career, Qiu Shikai juga chose to it is in the man behind his girlfriend, dating secretly, and perlakuan with the partnership in a low-key manner.


Even so, the love affair in between Lin Chiling and also Qiu Shikai was still questioned by the public, and also it was Lin Chiling who dropped in love with the rich.

And Qiu Shikai, who loves Lin Chiling, naturally cannot hear his girlfriend being slandered.

Even ~ they dropped in love for 4 years, Qiu Shikai claimed in a high-profile display that he would marry Lin Chiling and plan to have a buycia2.comant in a year.


If things are really arising towards apa he said, childhood sweethearts and great friends, they are juga talented and beautiful.

Perhaps Qiu Shikai loved also deeply, and Lin Chiling mungkin not return that the very same love.

Qiu Shikai and the TV station personnel later on denied the they had actually talked around marriage. They tho did not enter the marriage hall in 2009.


And Qiu Shikai also seemed to realize the the heart of the noble goddess is difficult to capture, so dari mereka love affair pertained to an end.

04 Lin Chiling and also Kurosawa Ryohei

After separating native Qiu Shikai, she melanjutkan to have scandals with Taiwan"s richest male Guo Taiming, model Su Dianzhongjun, and also the raja of heaven, Jay Chou.

But it appears that the enthusiasm because that feelings has actually diminished, and no love affair has actually spread again until a photo showed up in 2017.


In 2017, twelve year after breaking up v Jerry Yan, image of Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan in the gym menjadi captured by the media.

At the awards awareness in the exact same year, Lin Chiling play the role of Lin Zhenxin, a student in "My Girls" Generation", and also interacted with Wang Dalu, who played Xu Taiyu"s youth.

The lift is switched to the adult Xu Taiyu Jerry Yan.

And after the awards ceremony, Lin Chiling posted a numberi of images of the awards ceremony, one of which was a "same frame" photograph of Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan.


Two points made netizens look forward to the reunion that Lin Chiling and also Jerry Yan, expecting lock to host each other"s tangan after anda thousands of sails.

However, anyone did not wait for their reunion, the berita that dari mereka goddess and the Japanese Kurosawa Ryohei got married.

On June 6, 2019, Lin Chiling announced her marriage to Japanese artist AKIRA, and she juga posted a handwritten letter expressing her love because that boys.


However, the resmi announcement ~ above this sosial platform has not been blessed by the bulk of netizens or fans.

The following comments room either regrets for Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan, or dissatisfaction v Lin Chiling for marrying a Japanese.

However, in comparison to Lin Chiling and also Kurosawa"s love affair, Lin Chiling for sure did not treat her marriage perfunctorily.

Kurosawa Ryohei, born in Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, is a Japanese dancer and also actor, and has a high negara in the performing arts world in Japan.


And his ex-girlfriend Nagasawa Masami is tambahan a model, and also his temperament and appearance room not buycia2.comerior to Lin Chiling.

In a 2018 stage bermain "Red Cliff Love", Lin Chiling and Japanese actor Ryohei Kurosawa met each other.

But at an initial sight, Lin Chiling and Kurosawa Liangping just admired each other, and also did no wipe the end the spark of love.

It to be not until 7 year after they knew each various other that lock realized anda feelings and chose to associate.


But just after six months of dating, Lin Chiling and her boyfriend determined to marry, as easily as lightning.

And why go sister Zhiling choose to acquire married therefore quickly?

In fact, the price is already there. Lin Chiling claimed in an early interview: May select to gain married first and kemudian fall in love.

Moreover, the an initial three romances have wasted her more than two decades of time, and also she has no much more time for she to find them.


So ~ falling in love for fifty percent a year, she chose to gain married quickly, also though this marriage would nilai her a lot.

The Japanese watch of marital relationship is the boys space responsible for produksi money and supporting milik mereka families, kapan girls are responsible because that being beautiful.

After being with Kurosawa Ryohei, Lin Chiling suffered a lot in her residential career.


Despite so countless obstacles, Lin Chiling determined the course in her heart without hesitation. ~ that, they dipegang a cool wedding in the Tainan arts Museum.

The wedding was doubted as too shabby, and also the bride"s jewel was as well cheap. Wouldn"t that be possible to commit to marrying and also to acquire the other"s true heart?

What everyone did not an alert was the the wedding car was used for the 25th anniversary that the Queen the England, and also did not see the heartfelt testimony that the brand-new couple.

My too ~ Liangping, this ar carries the storage of mine childhood and also the love of mine parents. Give thanks to you, you space willing to hold my hand warmly, go kembali to the original point, and awal building a family bersama from here.

Go ~ above steadily and happily, Zhiling, I want to give thanks to you for your love here, give thanks to you because that agreeing v me, give thanks to you for believing in me, and I will make girlfriend the happiest person in the world.


They speak about their feelings because that each other, tears mungkin not prevent streaming down.

Despite the bergerak scene that the wedding, there space still "a lot of scandals" about Kurosawa Ryohei and Lin Chiling"s marriage.

After marriage, Lin Chiling came to be a "fertility machine" and rumors of being domestically abused, and Lin Chiling"s life ended up being a subject of berhubungan dengan to everyone.


Good household background, outstanding appearance, and also super high emotional knowledge make setiap orang feel that Kurosawa Ryohei is no worthy of the goddess in his heart.

But the real instance is the Kurosawa Ryohei completely spoiled Lin Chiling as a princess, and also the ahead scandals were also rumors.

On the job of the wedding, Xiao S clearly drank also much and also was saying at the banquet: let the not acquire drunk, and there will be a boy tonight.

And Kurosawa Ryohei not only was no angry, however said:

I already have a child, it"s Zhiling.


The "birth machine" is even an ext nonsense, Kurosawa Ryohei revealed in one interview: possibly in the future, we will consider having children.

The reason is: Lin Chiling is currently considered an progressed parturient, although both husband and wife want to have a baby.

But considering Lin Chiling"s body, Kurosawa Ryohei tambahan considered that he would certainly really embrace it in the future.

After experiencing thousands of mountains and also rivers, Lin Chiling lastly met setiap orang who she liked and also who chosen herself.

05 Conclusion

After going roughly for much more than 20 years, Lin Chiling tho met Kurosawa Ryohei and also married Love.


From an initial love come Jerry Yan, native Jerry Yan come Qiu Shikai, Lin Chiling tired her whole tubuh manusia for every relationship, but she still died without a problem.

People say: We broke up due to the fact that of disagreement. This sentence is the most insincere factor for the breakup, however it is unexpectedly bugar to apply this kalimat to Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan.


Lin Chiling invested the ideal 17 year of she life ~ above Jerry Yan, and Jerry Yan also gave Lin Chiling all her sincerity.

No one would say the they execute not love every other, yet it is since of dari mereka character the they have actually taken a different path.

The love in between Lin Chiling and also Kurosawa Liangping is so unexpected, but reasonable.

The income and also family gaps between them make dari mereka combination look so strange.

But the tires Kurosawa Liangping and also the gentle but slightly tempered Lin Chiling room so harmonious.

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Now they have actually gone v two year of marriage, and hope they will proceed to go depan in the future.