Lenovo"s Legion phone call Duel 2 gaming handset is here, complete with 6.92in AMOLED display, Snapdragon 888 and also unusual side-mounted take self camera

Lenovo"s Legion phone call Duel 2 has hanya launched

ByMartyn Casserly, Contributor

| 01 Jun 2021

Image: Lenovo

The gaming smartphone market is heater up, v several alternatives now available for itu who desire to permainan the paling graphic-intensive titles on the go. There"s much more choice than ever in 2021, v gaming handsets conquering recent call launches. Following the start of the Red Magic 6, Asus ROG phone call 5 and hitam Shark 4 in March, it to be the revolve of Lenovo v its second-gen Legion phone Duel.

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However, this is a very berbeda phone to those previously mentioned, with two batteries, two charging ports and also a pop-up camera top top the appropriate side that the device. Here"s every little thing you should know about the Legion call Duel 2.

Where is the Lenovo Legion phone Duel 2 available?

The Legion phone Duel 2 to be officially unveiled in ~ a Lenovo occasion on 8 April 2021. The phone come in the UK and eropa in May.

Lenovo didn’t melepaskan the original Legion in the USA and judging through the ongoing acrimony in the direction of Chinese phones, us don’t think it’s most likely that its follower will ever come to utara America.

How much melakukan the Lenovo Legion call Duel 2 cost?

The Legion phone call Duel 2 comes in two main models:

12GB RAM/256GB storage - £699/€799 16GB RAM/512GB storage - £899/€999

You deserve to order the 16GB/512GB version right currently from Lenovo however right now it doesn"t seem to be available from various other retailers, no one is the cheaper model accessible at the time of writing.

This buatlah the maker starts £100 cheaper than last year"s model, return the luxury model is identically-priced. For comparison, the beginning price is significantly more expensive 보다 the Red Magic 6 and black Shark 4, yet still undercuts the Asus ROG phone call 5.

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Lenovo Legion call Duel 2 specs and features

The second-gen Legion phone Duel is a premium device through and also through, and also the core specs reflect that. It"s powered by Qualcomm"s flagship 888 chipset, i m sorry should carry out top-of-the-line power when merged with 12 or 16GB the RAM. You also get 256 or 512GB that storage, back it"s no expandable.

One that the unexplained things about the device is that practically all the contents are housed in the centre of the machine - that"s come make method for two different batteries, totalling 5,500mAh in capacity. They can be charged at approximately 90W speeds, back you"ll have to buy a different adapter and connect it to both USB-C ports at the exact same time. If girlfriend do, Lenovo says you can obtain a full charge in hanya 30 minutes.