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capo: first fretI reFmember the dayeven wrote turun the date, that ns Cfell because that youAnd currently it"s cDmrossed out in redBut i still can"t forget if ns Bbwanted toAnd it dFrives me insanethink I"m hearing her name, everywAmhere ns goBut it"s all in my DmheadIt"s just all in mine Bbhead
But you Fwon"t view me break, call you increase in three daysOr send Amyou a bouquet, saying, It"s a mistakeDrink mine tDmroubles away, one much more gClass the champagneAnd girlfriend kBbnowI"m the fi read more
Oh, I"m obseCssedWith the way your head is laying on Ammy chestHow you love the points I hate around myFselfAnd nobody knows, yet with Emyou, i see hope again-E--Oh, I"m a CmessWhen ns overthink the tiny things in Ammy headYou it seems ~ to always seem to tolong me catch my bFreathBut kemudian I lose it agaiEmn when I look at you, that"s the endE--
And why perform AmI get so neFrvous as soon as I Clook right into your Geyes?ButterAmflies can"t stop me Ffalling Gfor youAnd darling, check out more
capo: first fretD C D CD Eighteen, we dulu undergradsCStayed the end late, never made it to class, uhD external Richmond in a taxi cabCYou dulu sweatin" bullets ~ above the way to my Dad"sAnd Goh--Em-- girlfriend said, Ababy, think we"re movin" also Dfast!C
G and also I make an oath the magEmnolias fGlashed a sDmile (Flashed a sD7mile)And tGhat"s when I Bmcaught me Ghopin" you"d sEmtay a wAhile (Stay a while)FBaby, I"d offer up anything come tCravel inside your mindFBaby, I review more
capo: 4th fretF ayoko nang CmagtiisDm di ko na BbkayaF sa tuwing kaiClangan naDm nawawaBbla kaC lainnya nalang illustration sa papel Bbah ahC mukha mo ay nakakahassle Bbnaasa naFman, asa naCmanasa naBbman ka kaFrun?kadugay Fba, kadugay Cbakadugay Bbba sa puFhonF C F FF at saking Cpag tandaDm ikaw ang nakiBbkitaF nasan ka na Cba sintaDm nakakapagod puBbmormaC pag ibig ba’y tumama sakin Bbah, ahC ngiti mo ay sapakin kaBbpoy!!!no capo!Creally can"t remember wGhere ns left mine spineFcarrying my tubuh manusia in a Cbag for dimesChidden in the pages of the Gnew york waktu at FhomeCmaybe i"ll be better Gif i bawa pulang my medsFain"t a dobel header if Cyou shed your headCtried a medicine that i Gbought insteadit"s Fworking because that a tiny but there"s not lot leftAmdarling Cdon"t friend FweepAmthere"s a pGlace for DmmeAmsomewhere Cwe have the right to sFleepAmsee you Gin her dDmreamsCever since a li check out more
capo: fourth fretFYou, friend Amare mine Guniverse andFI hanya Amwant come Gput you CfirstAnd Fyou, you Amare mine Guniverseand FI---Am-----G-F----Am--In the Gnight ns lie and also look up in ~ youF----Am--When the Gmorning comes i watch friend riseF----Am--There’s a Gparadise they can not captureF the bAmright inGfinity inside your eyesmaeil Fbam nege naraAmga (ga)kkuGmiran geotto ijeun chaena uFseumyeo neoreul manAmna (na)GNever finishing forever babyFYou, friend Amare mine Gu check out more
no capo!Dm F Bb DmDm F C BbI’m tDmryna punch bubbles but iFnsideBb can’t seem to solve my moodF this particular day it’s as dark together my roots if DmIIf I ever let tFhem prosper ouCt---Bb---Now Dmall of mine oceans have actually FriptidesBb can’t seem to uncover what’s wrongF The whole dunia is letting me downDmDon’t girlfriend think the early on F2000s it seems ~ so far aCway-Bb--
DmLadies, begin your sunlight salutationsFTranscendental in your meditationsC Love and BblightDmYou deserve to burn sage, and Read more
capo: fifth fretF F A7 A7 Dm C Bb CF i know i gotta let girlfriend A7goA7 6:15, recognize you gotta fight the roadbut before you Froll hanya give me one moreC hmm-hmm-hmm come remember Bbyou-- CbyF and also i, by the way, acquired a tattoo ~ above my love of her A7nameA7i understand you gotta capture a planebut sebelum you Dmgo, i want you come knowC you"re for this reason BbirreplaceaCbleso don"t you go cFhangingA7don"t lug me kembali no one newonly Dmyou prove to mewhat good Cloving could be when we Bbm check out more
capo: fourth fretC G FCI still acquired your halo gantung on the corner of my bedBut wAmhen ns looked closer, the shit was GcrackeCd, yeahCYou still acquired your fingerprints left aGll end my heartThe same method Fyou would leave your lipstick on my gClass
Showed you what Gheaven bisa taste likePut it on Fmy tabGave you mine Gmoney and my timeYou deserve to keep autumn that, every thatCBaby, i jusFt want my gloves backI"d Flove come love Csomeone newBut I provided it bitterly to review more

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no capo!G Em G Emsometimes an excellent Gguys obtain no creditand negative guys get Emall the breaksand you obtain tAmhat residence you wantedbut it"s hanya Cmore empty spacethe senang couple Gyou look up tois gaining a diEmvorceyour ex is Amdating your best friendand you have the right to tell Che loves she moreand i"m no tEmrying be every doom and also gloomsometimes sGhit just happensworse tEmhan you can imagineCstop make the efforts to make it make Gsensesometimes sEmhit hanya happens th check out more