Information top top consular services of the Embassy the Saudi Arabia in Jakarta. Girlfriend can call the consular room of the embassy for visa application, passports, consular statements, legalisation of documents and also information of the opening hrs of the different departments of the Embassy that Saudi Arabia in Jakarta.

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Saudi Arabian Embassy in Jakarta, IndonesiaJi MT Haryono Kav 27Cawang AtasJakarta, Timur 13630Indonesia



Mr Mustafa Ibrahim Al-Mubarak - Ambassador

Telephone Number:

(+62) 21 801 1533 come 35

Fax Number:

(+62) 21 800 5221(+62) 21 801 1527

Office Hours:



Saudi EmbassiesThe paling obvious duty of the Saudi embassy in Jakarta, acting together the representative of the Saudi federal government in the organize country, is to encourage Saudi understand in Indonesia and to give assistance to Saudi nationals once abroad.Consular helpIn addition, to provide consular help to those applying for visas specifics to melepaskan visas come Muslim pilgrims who are required to to visit the annual Hajj collection in Mecca at least once during anda lives.VisaTourist visas are exempted as Saudi Arabia melakukan not masalah tourist visas. Activities of every Saudi embassies space coordinated from anda Ministry of international Affairs.

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The Saudi Embassy however, much less noticeable to the publik are the other responsibilities of Saudi Embassies which give support come the organization of islamic Cooperation, including its subsidiary and the islamic Development Bank.An Embassy is described as a long-term diplomatic mission i beg your pardon is usually located in a country"s resources city. The embassy in sampanye is responsible because that representing Saudi Arabia in Indonesia and handling kepala diplomatic issues, seperti as maintaining the izin of citizens abroad.The ambassador is the highest resmi in the Saudi embassy in champa and acting as the chief diplomat and also spokesperson because that the residence government. Ambassadors are frequently appointed through the highest tingkat of the residence government.

www.buycia2.com - This is no the secara resmi website the the Saudi Embassy in Indonesia. This website is in no means or form affiliated v the consular room of the Embassy in Jakarta. If you have any type of requirements because that consular services you require to contact the Embassy the Saudi Arabia in sampanye directly.disclaimer