Team TokuNet Writer Malunis evaluate the episodes of Kamen driver Zi-O that aired in April 2019. In reviewing this month’s episodes, the tinjauannya will juga talk about spoilers for Blade, Agito and Hibiki.

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It’s as soon as again been a while! Awkward come say that dari I opened up the terakhir review the way. There’s a difference, thankfully – I’ve hanya been away from writing reviews this time. That said, this present is nearing that is end, therefore let’s get kembali into it.


Ep30: “2019: The Trinity has Begun!”

Following the fight in between Blade and Chalice, they reach a berhenti as another Blade is revealed to be Amane, bring about Chalice come flee. At the clock shop v Kenzaki, the severity that the case is revealed: Both Blade and Chalice space Jokers, and are destined come fight, which will bring around the end of the world. Putih Woz bekerja untuk an effort to make certain the two discover each other and also fight once more, and also causes Amane to transform into another Blade, absorbing milik mereka Joker strength so the she can finish this world.

Sogo choose to speak to putih Woz, finding out apa what his engine were. It seems that he’s isi with letting the dunia end if the doesn’t cause HIS future, to which Sogo educates him the time is selalu changing and could go turun any path. He wants white Woz to store trying come aim because that his future, to which putih Woz decides to hanya give that the RideWatch the was created from the power-ups. He tells Sogo the if he can use this, he’ll expropriate the situation.

At this point, hitam Woz and Geiz seem to be comes to kondisi with anda past, or rather, the future. Hitam Woz’s interest is piqued in ~ the brand-new path Sogo is forming, and the two of them seem to accept the idea of letting their past go in favor of a brand-new future.

Sogo arrives through the Zi-OTrinity RideWatch, which causes the 3 Riders to combine, giving them plenty sufficient power come defeat lagi Blade. As soon as her AnotherWatch is broken, the Joker strength are preserved inside of the Blade and Chalice RideWatches – Kenzaki states that it’s probably finest to store them sealed, so that he and Hajime deserve to move ~ above with milik mereka lives.

On a comparable note, it seems as despite they have pivoted in the direction of a brand-new Day of Ohma, and putih Woz is willingly letting self be erased currently that his future is for certain not happening. He seemed to decide that warna hitam Woz to be the one worth maintaining alive because he actually controlled to make friends. Sebelum he disappears, he gives hitam Woz the vague warning that Swartz is much more ambitious than they realize.

Meanwhile, Daiki (Kamen driver Diend) returns to Sogo and Geiz, revealing the he’s taken this world’s greatest treasure: putih Woz’s future notebook. He juga opens a portal right into the Ohma Zi-O future, whereby the tuan informs his younger aku that the still has actually 6 much more RideWatches to collect: Agito, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, and Drive. This is the start of Sogo’s last conquest.

Just sebelum I watched this arc, ns was said by one of the various other TokuNet staffers that this was milik mereka favorite, and also I can see why. That really melakukan serve together an addendum come the finale that Blade, albeit one that fits pretty heavily within the lore the Zi-O. While the finishing to that series is fine as is, it doesn’t pains to get some closure.

On the note, actually, it’s becoming apparent that things room getting… different. I’m speaking through some foreknowledge here, but it seems prefer the show has silently retconned just how the another Riders work, due to the fact that not just do Blade and also Chalice gain to co-exist with lainnya Blade, they tambahan don’t have amnesia of milik mereka Rider status once Sogo has milik mereka RideWatches.

Decade has a finale the was right up edited ~ the movie the wrapped increase its story, so… I have to wonder, was this decision lugged on by pan reaction to just how the show was being tackled so far? It appears unusual to readjust this otherwise.

The disappearance of white Woz was somewhat unexpected come me dari I’ve been an extremely unsure of exactly how he to be going to be tertulis out, and also it kekuasaan enough sense. Ns guess this means that the timeline with all the masa depan Riders no longer exists. And it means I can just go back to introduce to Woz through the one surname – or two, dari the Rider membentuk is tambahan called Woz. Can’t victory em all.

But yeah, by this point, the show’s crossover episodes room getting way better.


Ep31: “2001: Awaken, the Agito!”

The police department menangani in unknown lifeforms is working on mass-production the the Kamen rider G3 system from 2001, once an lainnya Rider breaks right into the practice room. Sogo and the others encounter the monster to discover that it’s based on Kamen driver Agito, and has the capacity to rotate others into another Riders, exclusively targeting the G3 crew.

Sogo do the efforts to discover Kamen rider Agito at a restaurant also called Agito, yet he, Soichi Tsugami, is studying abroad. However, unbeknownst come them, Soichi has already been informed of the strange circumstances and is top top his way bagian belakang to Japan. Zi-OTrinity ambil on the another Agitos, just to realize they’ve fled the area – meanwhile, Tsukuyomi fends turn off several lainnya Agitos, only to be saved by the real Kamen rider Agito. Swartz appears sebelum Agito, proclaiming he lured him kembali here to ambil his power.

Man, this was sebagai a funny one because that me. Agito to be a show I had low expectation for as result of the writer, however I loved it for this reason much. It to be nice seeing the gibbs again, along with yet lagi child character called Mana, and Omuro quiet on the G3 team. The present spoils us through all the return actors. Ns was pretty happy to check out them automatically call back to the finale that Agito by mendemonstrasikan us that Soichi is working at a restaurant, pameran that he’s tho the same guy from before.

It’s juga a very fun idea because that an lagi Rider. Sejak we learned that the monsters dulu called points like lagi Ex-Aid, people have joked around – and genuinely wonder – maafkan saya the show would perform with the name lagi Agito dari it belongs come a rider in the show. Together it transforms out, they aku mengambilnya the setelan of lainnya Agito, included teeth and also eyes, then added the name and tahun on the chest. Makes sense!

There’s juga the bit around how lainnya Agito infects others in a zombie-like way, i beg your pardon is strangely appropriate to the resource material? the plays with the particle of Agito bit, i beg your pardon is what causes Agito and lainnya Agito come transform and have the power to struggle the monster of anda show.

On the Zi-O side, it’s also some lagi development for the masa depan characters, as Tsukuyomi is finally given some backstory. She shed her memories once she became a resistance member, through her surname being a codename – weird pretty fitting they attend to this now, due to the fact that like Agito, she too seems to have actually amnesia through a shady past. She discovers she can stop time favor the Time Jackers, and Swartz alludes to the idea that ignorance is bliss once it comes to her amnesia…

I knew something would most likely be going on, based upon the shot of her and also the Time Jackers in the show’s opening. Really curious around this one.


Ep32: “2001: Unknown Memories”

Agito ambil on the swarm of lagi Agitos, only for the moment Jackers to jump in and steal his powers, producing the Agito RideWatch. Giving this come the host lainnya Agito causes him come transform into the Rider, providing them an edge.

Meanwhile, Woz looks into the mysterious scenarios of Tsukuyomi’s time powers. Swartz implying that he, who can menyetujui that power to others, walk not grant her this powers, for this reason she may be just like that – however, the exact definition behind every this is other Woz will be keeping to himself. Being acquainted with the idea of having amnesia, Soichi help Sogo and Geiz the end by having a chat through Tsukuyomi come lift she spirits and also keep her bergerak forward.

Zi-O, Geiz and also Woz bawa pulang on a vast swarm of another Agitos, v a clear score in mind: make it to the host and also take kembali Agito’s powers. Aiding castle in dari mereka goal is a G3 Rider, who turns out to it is in Soichi finding lagi way to membantu them fight. As soon as they control to gain the RideWatch back, Soichi transforms right into Agito’s Trinity membentuk and join Zi-OTrinity in one last showdown.

They bid farewell to Soichi, and also we finish on the keep in mind that there are 5 RideWatches remaining.

I really enjoyed this one. Lot like the tongue arc, this one plays well with the concepts of Agito. Kapan I could’ve digunakan more that Omuro and Mana, because they mostly hanya had one or 2 scenes, i LOVE apa they did v Soichi. They made an excellent use of him.

Agito to be a present that ns loved, and also looking kembali on the actor’s terakhir appearance… he made a really quick cameo in the last scene of Decade‘s All Riders VS Dai-Shocker, whereby he right looked recognizable and didn’t seem an especially in character, a wasted cameo overall. Here I felt like I was watching the exact same charming goofball native the 2001 show.

If there’s any nitpicks, it’s the sebenarnya that we in reality didn’t get anyone bermain the lainnya Rider, and it was an ext of an implied an ideas rather than any kind of clarification. I expect chalk that up to being another way the present is shaking points up, doing points differently.

The terakhir fight was tambahan nostalgic darimana they decided to bermain the fight song from Agito, of every things! This was a huge deal once the episode aired, leading some – along with me – to pertanyaan why they made decision now to carry out this. It adds more weight, and much more personality, when you obtain to hear music girlfriend remember from the series.


Ep33: “2005: Rejoice! Echo! Roar!”

While looking in ~ his elementary school yearbook, Sogo points out a Tsutomu Tsuzumiya, who when dreamed of being an Oni and even trained dibawah the indict of his master Hibiki – the group recognizes that together Kamen rider Hibiki, and also decides that this could be a great opportunity because that them to fulfill a Rider and obtain milik mereka power sebelum trouble starts. Another Hibiki s produced from Tsutomu, which it s okay the fist of not hanya our heroes, however Todoroki as well – he’s one Oni who’s come to punish the rampaging monster for acquisition the Oni name in vain.

Todoroki chases after the lainnya Rider, only for a man named Kyosuke Kiriya to arrive and greet Sogo and the others, calling self Hibiki. ~ the case is defined to him, Kyosuke believes the they should prove us worthy the his power if he ever before comes upon a Hibiki RideWatch, so the Riders interact in part Oni training. Woz is particularly fired up, as he do the efforts to figure out how to properly celebrate Sogo’s upcoming birthday.

In the end, Zi-O and also Geiz take down Another Hibiki, finding out that Sogo’s old institution friend Tsutomu. However, sebelum Sogo deserve to chat, Heure reactivates his AnotherWatch. The Riders start to fight as soon as more, then Kyosuke appears and also transforms right into an Oni – however, Sogo notices that Kyosuke doesn’t rather look prefer Hibiki. Todoroki arrives, confirming that Kyosuke tidak pernah managed to achieve the name of Hibiki.

This is walk to it is in an… exciting arc because that me. Hibiki is one of my earlier Rider shows, and also I certain love it. Unfortunately, this arc is greatly pulling indigenous the second fifty percent of that show, which I especially dislike – specifically Kyosuke. It’s a long story, yet suffice come say, Kyosuke was a rival presented for the main character Asumu, i beg your pardon kick began this idea that both that them contending to akan Hibiki’s pupil. Despite the entire show being around following your dreams, the finale at some point has Kyosuke coming to be Hibiki’s pupil, v Asumu hanya randomly deciding to akan a doctor instead.

So how did ns feel about the episode? Well, it’s acquired some amazing setup with a previous pupil of Hibiki becoming another Hibiki, and kudos to them for offering him a name that fits the naming system of the Riders in that show.

Todoroki was a good character to check out coming back, who who began off a young and inexperienced Oni, now looking and acting choose a guy who’s been roughly the block – also if that isn’t in that much. Kyosuke to be one ns was interested to learn more about, because… considering exactly how I feel around the finale of that show, I discover it surprising the they go the route of that LYING around succeeding Hibiki.

While it’s just a boy touch, I appreciate that they basically chose to finish the Heisei era v Sogo’s upcoming birthday – we tambahan get KuugaArmor in the present finally. Neat.

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On the note, it’s cool the the final month the the Heisei era has some that the finest episodes the Zi-O. A an excellent conclusion come a blade arc, a hard Agito arc, and a fair setup come a Hibiki arc. Hanya really knocking it out of the park for this reason far.