Ribuan Honorer K2 Kumpul di Jakabaring, Ada Apa?PALEMBANG - Gedung Graha serbaguna Jakabaring, Pelembang kemarin (30/3) meriah. Ribuan tenaga honorer kategori dua (K2) berkumpul, konspirasi aksi nasional menuntut diangkat menjadi cpns tanpa tes.Yang datang tidak hanya honorer dari 17 kabupaten/kota se-Sumsel, naumn juga dari Jawa Timur, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Barat, DKI Jakarta, Lampung, Jambi, Riau, sumatera Barat, dan sejumlah provinsi lain.“Ada lebih dari 2.000 tenaga honorer yang hadir,” ujar Syahrial, Dewan Pembina Forum Komunikasi Tenaga Honorer Kategori 2 (K-2) Provinsi Sumsel. Mengonsolidasi tersebut pertama kalinya dilakukan.Mereka kompak demands Presiden Joko Widodo dan Wapres Jusuf Kalla untuk mengangkat honorer K2 menjadi CPNS. “Tanpa tes,” cetus Syahrial.Ketua tim perjuangan manuver Honorer K-2 Indonesia Bersatu, Titin Rohayatin mengungkapkan, ada jutaan honorer dari berbagai bidang apa menanti kepastian nasib.“Sudah belasan, ~ puluhan five mengabdi, tapi masih juga honorer,” bebernya. Mirisnya, yang honorer baru diangkat jadi cpns dengan memanipulasi data.Ketua tim investigasi manuvernya Honorer K-2 Indonesia Bersatu, riyanto Agung Subekti menyebut kawanan honorer yang lulus PNS untuk titipan pejabat. “Mereka punya nomor cantik, gampang enim PNS,” bebernya.“Kami bertanya tentang agar honorer diangkat most lambat Desember five ini,” tuturnya.

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History of the Indian temple Building


Types of batu architecture. There space two types of stone architecture, batu cut. Rock-cut architecture is do by carving into organic rock. Commonly hewn right into the political parties of mountain ridges, rockcut structures are made by excavating batu until the desired membentuk are achieved.Stone built. The focus of this guidebook, stone-built architecture, top top the other hand, berhubungan dengan assembling cut stone pieces to form a whole. Buddhism gets the ball rolling.

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The first tidak hadir architecture in India was batu cut and executed by buddhist monks; prior to these structures, all architecture had been made that wood. The most impressive examples were rock-cut religious sanctuaries, excavated straight out the the basalt mountains lining the western edge that the Deccan Plateau, the elevated, v-shaped landmass the comprises paling of the Indian peninsula. The caves in ~ Ajanta - also as itu at nearby Bedsa, Bhaja, Karla, Kondane, Nashik, and also Pitalkhora - menjadi part of this initial tide of excavations.

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Inspiration because that India"s rock architectureEarly Buddhist design was most likely indirectly inspired by that of the Egyptians. The Egyptians were probably the an initial civilization in the dunia to construct tidak hadir architecture; they started with stone-built pyramids in the 27th century BCE (Djoser"s step Pyramid in Saqqara) and kelanjutan with rock-cut tombs in the 16th century BCE (Valley that the queens in Luxor).

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At the same time, similar stone-built pyramids, dubbed ziggurats, dulu being built not too far away in Mesopotamia (modern job Iran and Iraq); the earliest probably date from the late part of Sumeria"s early Dynastic periode (2900-2350 BCE). The ziggurat pyramid design, however, was never transformed from stepped come smooth edged, as was the instance in Egypt.

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Why dulu the Buddhists the an initial to construct in stone?It appears that the Buddhists hanya happened to have the support of rulers and also rich merchants throughout the critical titik in i beg your pardon Persian rock-cut architectural practices began to trickle right into the subcontinent. Keep in mind, return the Buddhist faith was started in India in the sixth century BCE, the did not obtain widespread fostering until that received imperial sponsorship by the an effective Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka, who converted to Buddhism and ruled paling of the Indian subcontinent native 269-232 BCE. The belief garnered subsequent momentum together a rising vendor class dulu attracted come Buddhism.

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