Sosok.ID – The interreligious love cerita of Putri Delina and also Jeffry Reksa, may be oriented towards marriage.

Anda sedang menonton: Jeffry reksa dan putri delina

The 2 lovebirds did no deny the desire to get married as soon as possible.

However, the fate the the love between the two beliefs is not infrequently questioned.

Sule, as Putri Delina’s father, theatre a really important duty in approving or i did not agree of the relationship between his children.

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To Putri Delina, the comedian that is good thanks to this OVJ show gives a the majority of advice.

Similarly come Jeffry, Sule juga passed on countless messages to his son̵
7;s lover.

Quoted through Grid IDOn a recent occasion, Jeffry and also Putri revealed Sule’s an answer to their plans for their second marriage.

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As because that Jeffry’s seriousness, Sule himself had provided a article so that Putri Delina wouldn’t date Jeffry satu sama lain for too long.

“If it’s the father, he’s currently rushed, don’t take too long,” Putri Delina said.

This proves the Sule supports the love cerita of Putri Delina and also Jeffry Reksa.

On lagi occasion, speaking with his YouTube channel, Sule advised his son not to be also in love v his girlfriend.

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“So bawa pulang it right, don’t love it too much, don’t be also indifferent, hanya be in the middle,” Sule said.

Also, Nathalie Holscher’s husband wanted her child not to emphasis on his partner’s strengths.

Because according to Sule, a good partner is one that accepts the other’s shortcomings.

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“Don’t look at too lot at Teteh’s partner’s strengths, but apa you need to look at space the drawbacks,” that said.

“It’s kelayakan or no to accept, that’s the hardest thing. ~ above the other hand, Teteh’s partner needs to be favor that too, because that example, if Teteh has something bad, he has to accept it,” added Sule.

Sule then uses her story and Nathalie Holscher together an example.

“Just like dad is currently with mom, there room flaws, there space advantages. Yet we need to accept the flaws native there, that’s the hardest thing.”

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Kepda Jeffry Reksa, Sule warned that the 21-year-old guy always bawa pulang care that Putri Delina.

“So as soon as Teteh is with a partner, you have to let someone untuk mengambil care of you.”

He didn’t hesitate to put his tubuh in the front guard come fight the man who reduced the wound in his son’s heart.

“Even mine dad is always picky v Jeffry, ‘be mindful if something goes wrong through my son, it’s the same with me,"” Sule said.

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When she gets married, Sule really hopes her kid won’t forget his family.

“Fathers together parents have the right to only pray, congratulations in the afterlife,” stated the male who has actually 5 kids from the so late Lina Jubaedah.

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“Always stay healthy, his job is getting more and more skyrocketing. Friend still have a partner, don’t be far from your family, specifically your younger siblings, also dad,” she said.