buycia2.buycia2.comm --The fasting of ramadan which was lugged out by the Prophet Muhammad witnessed is an example for Muslims. That is not simple to follow what Rasulullah observed gave and buycia2.comnveyed due to the fact that Rasulullah experienced was the ideal example for all mankind.

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In the Koran, Allah praises Rasulullah witnessed as a an excellent role model for the people: "Indeed, the Prophet (s) is a great role version for you, (that is) for those who mengharapkan for (mercy) Allah and (the buycia2.commes of) the work of Judgment and He chants that Allah. " (Surah al-Ahzab <33>: 21).

This reflects that his character and kepribadian are very great and noble. In fact, in one of the hadiths report from Aisyah RA it is declared that the morals of the Prophet Muhammad selalu refer to the Koran. Therefore, it is suitable for Muslims buycia2.comme imitate and emulate the personality of the Prophet Muhammad in every things, including fasting.

The adhering to are some of the ways that Rasulullah SAW used to carry out fasting and live Ramadan:

Intend to fast sejak night

report from Hafsah, the said, Rasulullah witnessed said: "Whoever does not intended to quick for Ramadan dari the night, then there is no fast for him." (Narrated by Abu Dawud).

Starting with sahur

Every time that fasted, Rasul SAW selalu ate sahur by finishing it, that is, before the time because that the Imsak came.

Immediately rest iftar and also prayer

and when break the fast, Rasulullah SAW only ate 3 dates and a glass that water, then immediately carry out ablution to perform maghrib prayers in buycia2.comngregation. Indigenous Abu "Athiyah RA, he said, "I with Masruq pertained to Aisyah RA. Then Masruq claimed to him," There dulu two buycia2.commpanions that the Prophet Muhammad SAW that each wanted to pursue goodness, and one the them immediately performed the maghrib prayer and kemudian breaking the fast. Vice versa, the other one division the fast very first and then melakukan the maghrib prayer. "Aisyah asked," that is the one who automatically performs the maghrib prayer and breaks the fast? "Masruq replied," Abdullah bin Mas"ud. "Then Ayesha said," that is apa Rasulullah witnessed did. . "(Narrated by Muslim No 1242).

Increase worship

throughout the month of Ramadan, the Prophet always reproduces his practices, such as night prayers, recitation that the Koran, zikir, prayer beads, and also alms.

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entering the last 10 days of Ramadan, Rasulullah SAW enhanced his prayer activities, particularly with itikaf.