Pink Flamingo menawarkan akomodasi mencapai restoran, parkir luaran gratis, baskom renang luar ruangan, dan batang di Moshi, 21 km dari Gunung Kilimanjaro. Far better service and attention to information than a 5-Star hotel! This is my second time staying at The Pink Flamingo. Hosts Theresa and also Leandro do you feel appropriate at home, and the staff selalu goes the extra mile. A must stay!! ns can’t wait to come back.

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Offering a barbecue and also views that the city, We travel Hostel is situated in Moshi, 100 metres from Main market Moshi (Soko la Kati). Guests have the right to enjoy the on-site restaurant. This hostel is one of the best i ever before stayed. And also i discovered it in Moshi town. Really cheap and also at the same time really great. I remained in a mutual room, really clean and comfortable bed through mosquito net. The rooftop restaurant has actually amazing view and staff is very frendly and also hospitable. The bathrooms room super clean and towels menjadi provided. The breakfast an extremely delicious. Location just walking street from the bus station, in the centre of Moshi town. If friend are searching for cheap however quality service, bertemu new orang and travellers, you desire to endure urban life that Moshi, this is the finest place you have the right to find.

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Set 31 kilometres from mount Kilimanjaro and also 34 kilometres from Kilimanjaro nationwide Park, The Belle view Inn functions accommodation in Moshi. Our continue to be was comfortable and lovely! an extremely kindly staff and also an amazing view that Kilimanjaro from the terrace. The house looks brand-new with creative design in and also out which we liked more. Us could berjalan to Moshi centre hanya in few minutes. The great part of delicious breakfast and dinner on a terrace! us will certainly come bagian belakang when in Moshi again