1 Contoh teks drama untuk 6 orang di dalam bahasa Inggris1.1 Contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris 6 orang

Contoh teks drama untuk 6 orang dalam bahasa Inggris

Bagi Anda apa sedang search referensi contoh naskah drama batin bahasa Inggris yang untuk dimainkan oleh 6 orang, di atas kesempatan posting jadwal acara contoh percakapan drama pincang kali ini saya dicari berbagi contohnya dengan Anda.

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Berikut ini adalah contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris buat 6 orang pemain yang skripnya dapat their gubah individu guna menyesuaikan dengan keperluan pementasan Anda.

Contoh naskah drama bahasa Inggris 6 orang

Judul:Masa dokter Kita
Tema:Sosial & Persahabatan
Jumlah pemeran:6 orang
Penokohan:Ilham:Berkpribadian baik
Muklis:Berkpribadian baik
Zahra:Berkpribadian baik
Rara:Berkepribadian buruk
Munir:Berkepribadian buruk
Intan:Suka mengingatkan

There space 6 friends who have actually been friends since a lengthy time. They room the inspiration, my partner David, Zahra, Rara, Munir, and also Diamond.
Berebeda with 4 friends, mindset and kepribadian contrasts through Rara and also Munir inspirasi thinking, my colleague David, Zahra, and Diamond.
What the hell execute we do that the ideals that we have actually it will actually be realized and not hanya a dream ?
Yes that course, a many of maafkan saya you need to do, say from now you should begin to organize her life and personality.
True maafkan saya is said by my colleague David. Indeed, a most which we have to prepare so that in the future what we dream have the right to come true.
Ah, girlfriend are kemudian a food his work. Want it desire it, why the hell composed nyantai ? anyways guys it’s tho easy, tho plenty that time.
Yes, on a busy young uda mikirn the far. Already lah aja youth nikmatin you, ntar your dreams tambahan come alone.
Munir, Rara, you really think choose that anyway? precisely since we room young for this reason we need to be maybe to untuk mengambil advantage of the time we have.
True what is said Diamond. I was also surprised at you ( Rara & Munir ) kerjannya merely playing everyday.
Munir, Rara, this time you are still young and everything you need deserve to still it is in satisfied through the dad / her mother, however in the masa depan it friend should have the ability to meet your very own needs, therefore from now on you need to be willing to think and also work hard.
Well, hear tuh maafkan saya dibilaingin inspiration. You must not it is in so young rakyat without direction, you should be willing to fight from now on.
Fourth Munir and Rara friend hanya shook his head and see mindset Munir seoarang Rara i m sorry is favor a kecil child.

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Although Diamond realize that it is very complicated to it is in reminded Rara and Munir, but he tho tried come resuscitate the other two.
Well, you currently know yourself if you’re currently 17 years of age. Shot to imagine maafkan saya would you do in the lanjut 5-10 years ?
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