Without a zero of a doubt, WhatsApp is the most popular immediate messaging platform. Among the most feature-enriched and secured apps to call your near and dear ones. However, there was one feature that was, for long, escaping this Facebook-owned app. The is the much anticipated WhatsApp Dark setting feature.

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Although there was still some tersembunyi tricks and tips and root tweaks to gain it enabled. Yet let’s get this straight, Not plenty of Android users room willing come modify milik mereka device software hanya for the benefits of this feature. However, this particular day I lug you the latest WhatsApp official version through the Dark setting functionality. Read on lebih jauh to download the document and recognize the actions to allow the same.

WhatsApp Dark mode is Live Now

I have controlled to gain my milik on the official build the WhatsApp through this feature. After installation the APK, you’ll hanya have come toggle top top the Dark mode switch. V that said, here are the measures to download the document and allow the feature. Also, have actually a look in ~ the actions to permit Dark mode on Instagram.

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Download WhatsApp APK with Dark Mode:

Now that you have actually downloaded the APK file, di sini are the steps to follow.

Steps come Follow


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