What taken place in Bali (or Something occurred in Bali) is around a struggling take trip agent (Ha Ji Won) in Bali who gets recorded up in a facility love square through a well-off heir (Jo In Sung), his fiancé (Park Ye Jin), and also the fiancé’s previous lover (So Ji Sub).

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Ha Ji won is Lee Soo Jung who is a travel agent in Bali. She has had actually a difficult life do the efforts to obtain by. She meets three orang who she untuk mengambil on a tour and gets affiliated in their hidup which is lebih jauh complicated once she reunites v them in Seoul.

Jo In Sung dram Jung Jae Min. He is wealthy and also works in ~ his family’s business. The is selfish, immature, and melakukan not get bersama with his fiancé. As soon as he untuk mengambil an interest in Soo Jung, the finds himself creating much more problems for everyone.

Park Ye Jin is Choi Young Joo. She is Jae Min’s fiancé yet can’t was standing him. She longs to be with her former lover In Wook, however the course divide has actually separated them due to her wanting to marry a rich man.

So Ji below is Kang In Wook. He originates from a poor background and digunakan to date Young Joo. She left him because that Jae Min, however they proceed to share complicated feelings because that each other that only get more complicated after the meets Soo Jung.

I headed kembali to 2004 because that some standard old-school melo antics, and also I obtained that in spades with what Happened in Bali! friend all recognize that something ns love about older television series is the atmosphere, and this drama nails it. The way it’s shot, the clothes, and itu longing stares set to a handful of amazing lagu that space played continuously each episode. I love it! The soundtrack in this series is yes, really fantastic.

Probably a better konfigurasi description because that this drama would certainly be that it is about four miserable orang who make each other more miserable. Honestly, the drama is very dramatic, however in a cheesy kind of way. It is an extremely serious and these setiap orang go with one crappy point after another, but the soapy way it is presented is just fun. That is exceptionally engaging v swift pacing the moves things best along. The show maintained my attention from awal to finish.

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We tambahan get some an extremely youthful execution of actors choose Jo In Sung, Ha Ji Won, therefore Ji Sub, and Park Ye Jin. Lock look therefore young here! the was really fun to see these at an early stage roles from few of these top actors. Jo In Sung puts soon a specifically impressive and memorable performance.

Now, this type of drama is definitely hanya for pan of old-school melos. That is filled come the brim v tropes and cliches the the time, however it executes lock in sebagai an enticing way. Some may discover it complicated to watch, an especially how Soo Jung is cure by pretty much everyone approximately her. This is a hardcore melo though, and it’s pretty clean that all of the relationships room unhealthy and also destructive.

And the romance, if you want to panggilan it that, is complex and messy. Soo Jung has had actually a pretty negative life. She’s a kind person, but in order to survive and make money, she will certainly do apa she has to, also if it way compromising she morals.

Her connection with Jae Min is a hot mess v both parties kind of using the various other one through a weird mix of feeling involved. No matter how poor he clear is for her, a small part of she feels for him, and also she works tough to repress that. For numerous reasons, she continues to be entangled in the destructive force that is Jae Min.

Jae Min is very immature, has actually a temper, and likes Soo Jung in the possessive and stalkerish sort of way. He melakukan a many to help her, yet he doesn’t treat her really well to her face. You know, one of those extremely jerky kind of drama guys. He’s got a love in there coupled v a disastrous family situation, yet his actions make it tough to root for him. We get a front row seat to clock him go off the deep end and also spiral the end of control.

In Wook at the same time is calm, controlled, and kind that robotic. He is nice come Soo Jung, but his negative communication through her creates a lot of problems for the both that them. He juga definitely wants to rod it to Jae Min, and the two have actually both a firm as well as a twofold romantic rivalry.

Young Joo is torn in between her feelings because that In Wuk and also wanting to marry Jae Min for his status. Then when they both awal paying fist to Soo Jung, she finds herself clinging come both guys. Talk around a mess of a situation!

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The drama melakukan have humor sprinkled transparent which lightens up and otherwise more serious show. Favor I said, I found its soapy, over-dramatic style pretty humorous, for this reason I individu didn’t feeling the to plan heaviness the the drama.

It is pretty heavy though, so rather may discover it sort of depressing. The tears circulation like a constant river and the sounds of anguished sobs ring the end all through the night. The themes are dark and more mature, the characters are ethically grey, and also there space plenty of rumit issues to wrap her mind around.

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Now, something maafkan saya Happened is Bali is renowned for is its shocking ending. Luckily, I controlled to continue to be unspoiled despite its fame. Ns was yes, really hoping for something that would certainly live approximately the hype, and also I need to say, i was an extremely satisfied v it. A lot of of people might not be though.

MAJOR finishing SPOILERS listed below (Beware Pics)*If you untuk merencanakan to clock this drama, it is highly recommend to skip this section

Whew! that was fairly the ride! ~ watching this four setiap orang descend right into misery and chaos for 20 episodes, we reach the large ending. Jae Min had been slowly losing it together his obsession v Soo Jung grew and also consumed his life. Things gained pretty poor for her.

Luckily, In Wook’s big rencana to untuk mengambil a substantial sum that money from Jae Min’s agency worked. After all of the horrible things she went v in Seoul and kemudian growing close v In Wook, Soo Jung agreed to disappear with him come Bali to mulailah a brand-new life bersama and get away from the chaos.

In Wook it s okay one end on Jae Min in a big way. Kemudian Jae Min is falsely disutradarai to believe that Soo Jung remained in on In Wook’s rencana the whole time and also only approached him as part of that plan. That eventually seals all of milik mereka fates.

Jae Min goes completely off the deep end. He heads to Bali wherein he tracks turun Soo Jung and also In Wook. The two seem to have actually a senang life, and also that is what he sees. However lying in bed, In Wook and also Soo Jung have actually a love to heart.

He untuk mengetahui she is quiet not senang even with dari mereka seemingly perfect life. She admits that she is not, and also that also though she had tried her hardest, she had provided her heart to Jae Min. The two were sad end this, yet In Wook gave her his blessing for her to return to Korea.

" data-image-caption="" data-medium-file="https://buycia2.com.files.wordpress.com/2021/03/what-happened-in-bali-jo-in-sung-9.jpg?w=300" data-large-file="https://buycia2.com.files.wordpress.com/2021/03/what-happened-in-bali-jo-in-sung-9.jpg?w=400" class="size-medium wp-image-46491 alignnone" src="https://buycia2.com.files.wordpress.com/2021/03/what-happened-in-bali-jo-in-sung-9.jpg?w=300&h=169" alt="" width="300" height="169" srcset="https://buycia2.com.files.wordpress.com/2021/03/what-happened-in-bali-jo-in-sung-9.jpg?w=300&h=169 300w, https://buycia2.com.files.wordpress.com/2021/03/what-happened-in-bali-jo-in-sung-9.jpg?w=150&h=84 150w, https://buycia2.com.files.wordpress.com/2021/03/what-happened-in-bali-jo-in-sung-9.jpg 400w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Enter Jae Min. That enters dari mereka bedroom equipped with a total and very first shoots In Wook and kemudian proceeds come shoot Soo Jung. In Wook immediately dies as Soo Jung lays in milik mereka bed extended in blood, panting in pain.

Jae Min comes bagian belakang to his senses in ~ the sight and also runs come her fully distraught over maafkan saya he had actually done. And the last words Soo Jung utters come him are, “I love you.” kemudian she dies. Currently even an ext distraught, Jae Min goes to a beautiful beach at sunset where he sobs and then proceeds to death himself with the gun.

Ah, the irony. After whatever Jae Min had put Soo Jung through, she love him. She tried come love In Wook and also do maafkan saya was ideal for her, yet she wasn’t happy. And just as she had made decision to return to Jae Min, he mirrors up and also kills her, In Wook, and eventually himself.

So, together I said, I liked the ending. The whole drama concentrated on the tragedy of this characters, and it really was hanya one tragedy ~ another. After every one of the pain and chaos, the was very fitting for it to end as a dobel murder and also suicide. No pleasure to be found for these people. And also the large ending absolutely lived as much as the hype for me.

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What taken place in Bali was a crazy and also chaotic ride the was filled v greed, tears, and also misery. Emotions operation high as these four people bring pain and also heartache to each other. I loved the old college melo feel, and it completely delivered whatever I love around this genre. It’s not a drama because that everyone, yet for those who like this style, what Happened in Bali pond it.