BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is the best means to attach and bagikan instant messages, images and an ext for free, in genuine time.

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Chat with friends ~ above Android, BlackBerry and iPhone:

BBM is selalu on and selalu connected – no application to openKnow when messages have been yielded (D’s) and read (R’s)Share photos, files, documents, voice catatan and moreSee as soon as contacts are responding to your messageEmoticons because that every mood and also emotion let friend express yourself

BBM allows you safeguard your privacy. You regulate it:

You decided how to posting ulang your information - BBM uses PINs rather of phone numbers or email addresses so the it"s more private, and you always control that can call youYou made decision your contact – 2-way opt-in way you have regulate over that is maybe to message you

Chat and posting ulang with countless at once:

Groups – BBM groups help you posting ulang pictures, lists, and appointments with team members. You can also be in a team with orang who aren"t part of your own BBM call list.Multi-person chats – Invite multiple contacts to have actually a conversation together.Broadcast message – Send a blog post to many BBM contact at one time.

Create your very own BBM profile:

Post a file picture penampilan images, photos or also animated images (GIFs).Update your statusnya to let people know apa you’re as much as or just how you feel

Share and be seen with BBM Video

Switch your BBM chat to a BBM video clip conversation with hanya a tap and catch up face-to-face. The new Screen bagikan feature allows you present photos or her browser, or tinjauannya a company document. You deserve to even bagikan the check out from her camera. Reap this new BBM suffer on BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Say the all. BBM, now with Voice

For the waktu when you desire to hear a friend’s laughter rather of reading their LOLs, BBM now comes through BBM Voice.3

Switch your BBM conversation from text to a panggilan and speak to her BBM contacts, from virtually anywhere they space in the dunia for cost-free over Wi-Fi. You will do it instantly recognize whenever BBM girlfriend are available to call.

To enjoy BBM Voice, you need to have actually a BlackBerry smartphone v BlackBerry device Software v5 or higher. Kemudian simply upgrade to BBM 7 to gain the brand-new feature.

Socialize over apps

With BBM linked apps, you deserve to chat through BBM friend within her apps and also select BBM contacts right from the app to invite lock to sign up with in on the fun or download it.

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Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry travel app and also BlackBerry dunia are BBM linked apps. So friend can share your Facebook status update, Tweet, take trip itinerary or apps straight to contacts through BBM, without ever before leaving the BBM connected apps.

What"s New:

Free video clip calls! BBM customers on iOS and also Android deserve to now make video clip calls for free directly from BBMUpgraded team chat! mulailah a team chat through up come 250 contacts. Photos, lists, and calendar updates screen in chat (calendar and lists only for teams of approximately 50 contacts)Share much longer videosRetract expanded to stickers, files, and moreSet duration for muting notificationsSign up penampilan your phone numberNew uncover Screen – native the brand-new Discover screen, girlfriend can get stickers and subscriptions