It's almost impossible to live in Indonesia and have tidak pernah heard of the rock tape Dewa 19. It's an individual for me, because roh 19's Bintang Lima to be the 2nd cassette I ever bought—after M2M's Shades that Purple.

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Dewa 19 developed in 1986, when all the members were still in tengah school. Every the bops and also flops they composed up until dari mereka disbandment in 2011 contribute to milik mereka legacy as among the best icons in Indonesia. Together someone that was born in 1996, i didn't obtain to experience apa fans panggilan the "true" era of roh 19. But what the hell, I'm walking to do a ideal of list anyway.


I really didn't feel choose revisiting this album ever again, but apa choices carry out I have? If I desire to dislike this album, I better hate it with authority. For this reason the other day ns listened to this album top top the commute come work. All bersama I was hoping the the music wouldn't leak out of my earphones. Ns didn't want the male sitting lanjut to me to mistake the song "Sedang mau Bercinta," which converts to "I feel Like untuk membuat Love," together an invitation.

As dreadful as that is, we need to admit the "Sedang mau Bercinta" is the paling successful collaboration between a guy (Ahmad Dhani, frontman of tuhan 19), his mam (Maia Estianty), and also his mistress (Mulan Jameela). In case you don't live in Indonesia, Maia and Mulan dulu the only members that Duo Ratu, and thus suspect BFFs. Have the right to you imagine how smooth and also subtle Dhani was v Mulan, the Maia not only didn't doubt but juga appeared in the music video? Buthink about it, Dhani and also Mulan couldn't be much more obvious around the affair. The song is literally informing us just how horny castle were, if just we would've listened. This album is horrible greatly for two reasons. Personally, I dislike this album because my father digunakan to bermain it in the car. He would certainly go directly to monitor #9, "I want to break Free" and play it top top repeat. It was so painful. Objectively, i think paling songs in Republik Cinta contained an ext circular reasoning than the document I composed in 8th grade. They just kept repeating the very same shit. Besides, how bisa Dhani have actually the audacity come tell us to spread out love and also end war in the song "Laskar Cinta," when he self is obsessed with whatever Nazi? Best song: "Larut" 7. Laskar dicintai (2004)


I think the only possible reason Dhani could came up with kemudian a terrible album is that he was so very sober. OK, a pair of bola like "Pangeran Cinta" ("Prince that Love") and also "Atas nama Cinta" ("In the name of Love") are complete bangers. "Satu" ("One") is also just together fun, other than that the reminds me too much of God dari it's the terakhir Ramadhan song. It's too poor that these 3 songs were put at the start of the album, membuat the second fifty percent boring. You'd probably awal to realize exactly how awful this album is through the fourth track, "Indonesia Saja" ("Just Indonesia"). They're do the efforts too hard to say "I don't see race." Best song: "Pangeran Cinta"

6. Cintailah tercinta (2002)


If this album were a person, that person must be aus dan sobek denim jacket and striped shirt from Uniqlo. In various other word, this album is mediocre as fuck. The just purpose the album serves is to it is in sung in karaoke v friends. But that's it. If you understand someone who says dari mereka favorite dewa 19's album is "Angin" ("The Wind"), don't trust that person. Best song: "Kasidah Cinta"

5. Ketuhanan 19 (1992)


It's hard to believe that this album was produced when their members menjadi only in anda early 20s. The very first song that the album to be "Kangen" ("I miss You"), and also it make me think about how small I did when I to be 20, which is terakhir year. I didn't come up with a song that good, or any song at all. The only thing I'm proud the about terakhir year is that my GPA to be over 2.5.

For a debut, the album Dewa 19 is as solid as it gets. There's a many hit or miss, but nobody cares. Best song: "Kita tidak Sedang Bercinta Lagi", "Kangen"


Format Masa Depan or the Future Form is a really sweet album. In the album lock celebrate every the mundane points in life—they're no trying to be deep. The lyrics are honest and the music is nice lowkey. Ketuhanan 19 has tidak pernah been more relatable than milik mereka song "Sembilan Hari" ("Nine Days"). Although it feels personal, no every tune talks about love. They juga have "Selamat diulang Tahun" ("Happy Birthday") and also "Mahameru". Best Song: "Sembilan Hari", "Aku Milikmu"

3. Pandawa lima (1997)

With every due respect, that the fuck draft the artwork? The covers because that Format Masa Depan and Dewa 19 space really cool, and the one in Terbaik-Terbaik to be OK. Everything happened come that graphic designer? tuhan 19 speak about variasi themes in this album. They talk about alam in the tune "Suara Alam" ("Nature Voice"), around friendship in "Petuah Bijak" ("Words the Wisdom"), politics in "Aspirasi Putih" ("White Aspiration"), and about the capital in "Jakarta Selatan" ("South Jakarta"). Long sebelum there to be Emir Hermono, there was roh 19. Why space the 2 comparable? Well, both the them are true South sampanye bros. Dewa 19 speak mentions hütte Indah and Kemang in the song. We get it, girlfriend live in downtown Jakarta. Yet I will think that Indonesia has progressed only if people mulailah making lagu about Margonda. Screw your South champa lifestyle. There isn't one anthemic track in this album, except for "Kamulah Satu-Satunya" ("You're the only One"). While this album is no one for gantung out with friends, it mungkin totally be your kota when acquiring ready to go to the mall through your friends. Lagu terbaik: "Sebelum Kau Terlelap", "Cindi"

2. Bintang five (2000)

This is as soon as Mekel's probation album together the brand-new vocalist after ~ Ari Lasso acquired kicked the end of the pita due to meth addiction. As we all know, once did good during probation.

To be honest, I doubt that Ari's trouble with Dhani and guitarist Andra Junaidi wasn't strictly drugs-related. I believe it's since Ari is a Capricorn, while Dhani and also Andra space Geminis. Capricorns space uptight, kapan Geminis selalu do every little thing they want. Thankfully when was born on may 21, best in the transition of Taurus and Gemini, so he has ideal of both worlds. So it's safe to to speak that as soon as understands Dhani and Andra much better than Ari could ever do. Astrology aside, I'm upset with lagu-lagu in this album. Here's a sample that the lyrics in the tune "Dua Sejoli": Hawa tercipta di dunia buat menemani sang Adam / Begitu also dirimu / Tercipta 'tuk temani aku. The point is, he claimed women are mere accessories in a man's life. Seriously, we have much better things to carry out than bermain furniture in Dhani's life. Once I to be a kid, I pikiran "Risalah Hati" was a song around hypnotism. Hanya pay fist to the lyrics: Aku bisa ~ membuatmu memukul cinta kepadaku meski kau tak kekasih kepadaku.

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(I deserve to make you fall in love through me / also if you're not interested)

But all lagu in this album are so catchy, and that's why Bintang lima deserves the second place in the list. Ns mean, as long as you don't pay fist to the lyrics. Other than maybe "Mukadimah."

Best song: "Hidup Adalah Perjuangan", "Lagu Cinta", "Roman Picisan"

1. Terbaik-Terbaik (1995)

It semeed like dewa 19 knew this would be anda best album ever. Over there isn't a single bad track on this album. The just thing the bugs me is the chants towards the end of the track "Terbaik-terbaik," but no manusia is perfect. Photo yourself driving come your new office. At an initial you usage Google Maps, and kemudian ask people for directions, and also sometimes you take a wrong revolve too. However sooner than later, you recognize where you're going. With Terbaik-Terbaik, tuhan 19 tahu exactly wherein they're going. The album is unique balanced, with track as sad as "Cinta 'kan Membawamu Kembali" ("Love Will lug You Back"), and also as confident together "Manusia Biasa" ("Ordinary Man"). The lyrics in the album are very mature, specifically "Cukup Siti Nurbaya" ("Enough Siti Nurbaya"). I think they've passed dari mereka teenage angst phase, and now prepared for anda "cocky yet lucky" phase. Ns wouldn't imagine the the same orang behind this album could come up through Republik cinta Management. Best song: "Cukup Siti Nurbaya", "Hitam Putih", "Manusia Biasa"


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