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Zero percent emotion regrading quality product door paint peel-off break fail zero percent client service. An ext time take away for automobile reaping HR-26 CN 4244 ReadMore»
i purchased Datsun Go+ ~ above 30 July 2015, I take trip by car across Maharashtra & Gujrat around 4 to 4 days a week,Unbelievingly the fuel performance is between 17-22 kilometres Pl, in ~ time i have juga achieved 30+, additionally on my recent tour back from Ratnagiri to Pune in ~ Satara I optimal up mine car and the mileage... ReadMore»
i bought this automobile in sep-15 and till currently it has ran 6000km.It is great value for money car which doesn't hurt your pocket. ReadMore»
Very happy with the purchase. Its to be 6 months since I am driving this car. Use it for going office & kembali home. Decent mean I am acquiring for fuel considering its a 7 seater & control in traffic conditions in Mumbai. Really satisfied through the driving lull & room in the car. Looks great as com... ReadMore»
should everybody atleast try for a check ride......Bought this auto seeking a drive pleasure because that a household with parents.... Various other cars space a lot isu when travel with entirety family.... It gives atleast the satisfied of control a totality unit ReadMore»
i would completely agree with Ravindra ~ above the mileage part. This auto is also integrated through an advanced drive computer featuring a few functions like digital tachometer, street to north indicator, instantaneous fuel economy display, trip meter, short fuel warning light, gearshift indicator and also an e... ReadMore»
i was in search of a MPV with an excellent space and also performance. Datsun Go+ was one seperti vehicle. This compact MPV have the right to accelerate in the direction of 100 Kmph speed note from a standstill in approximately 15 to 16 seconds. In ~ the very same time, it can go approximately a maximum rate in the range of 140 come 150 Kmph, i m sorry is quite... ReadMore»
Yes, Manoj is right about the interiors, and I feel it is very comfortable, specifically for the price i pay. The front seats can be adjusted, i m sorry is good, when you are travelling because that long. Just thing is that the brand awareness is much less in India. If you room a brand-new driver, or the very first time automobile buyer... ReadMore»
Hey, ns bought the Datsun walk plus MPV recently. My household is large so I required a spacious auto to accommodate seven orang easily and di sini it is. This car has got whatever that I wanted from a car. That is stylish, spacious, feature-rich and good performer. It gives you together pleasant managing experience a... ReadMore»
Truly, ns agree v Manuj about the interiors the the car. Adding to that, Datsun GO+ MPV T has actually seats covering in jacquard fabric. The former doors tambahan have party holders and door map pockets. The car tambahan has combined seat headrests and room lamps. There is a warehouse tray because that driver and at the pas... ReadMore»
Hello friends, terakhir week only, ns bought the Datsun go plus peak variant. Regardless of its straightforward looks, ns opted for it because I want it for my business purpose. Aarush, like you, I also have the top variant and also it lacks some of the vital features emphasize by you. I wish at the very least the top variant... ReadMore»
Hey friends, terakhir month only, ns bought the recently introduced Nissan's MPV, the Datsun go plus. I have a besar family and also we commonly make highway trips. This to be the key reason the me buying this MPV. Snehsagar claimed it really true the it is very basic in design. However, that was easily accessible in my bud... ReadMore»
This is my second Multi-purpose vehicle before this I had Maruti Eeco i m sorry is tambahan quite an excellent but Datsun Go+ far far better than Eeco but pickup is no as great as Eeco. The handling and ride top quality is quite much better than mine previous vehicles and the milleage is juga good. ReadMore»
soil clearence is ok, taking care of is no difficult, penangguhan is no comfortable and also need to be improved.Mileage is fair, a/c is juga ok. I neither disappointed nor surprised, i am comfortable v this automobile its a worth for money car.I love Datsun go plus ReadMore»
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