“A thousand Years” is quite just a love song. Christina Perri depicts herself as someone who has actually been wait her entire life to loss in love. And now that she has uncovered that spesial someone yes, she is a little bit apprehensive. But overall she realizes the the orang standing in former of she is a dream come true. She as such is not going to let fear prevent her from love him and is entreating that to do the same.

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Now logically speaking, she proclaiming that she has actually loved that “for a thousands years” and intends to do so “for a thousands more” is metaphorical. In kondisi of the former statement, what she is basically saying is the she views it together her destiny come be with this individual. And in kapak of the latter, she is stating her intention come love that forever.

But those phrases are juga meant to it is in taken literally, to part extent. For as stated in the trivia section, Christina Perri composed this tune specifically for a sci-fi/romance film. And also said movie is centered ~ above vampires. And vampires, together you more than likely know based on Hollywood lore, space often portrayed as gift immortal. So as soon as speaking native the view of among these fictional characters, the “thousand years” the singer is placing forth have the right to be taken much more literally.

Facts around “A thousands Years”

This tune was exit on 18 October 2011 together the 2nd single indigenous “The Twilight Saga: Breaking fajar – component 1 (Original Motion snapshot Soundtrack)”. And the dilabel behind the audio is Atlantic Records.

The official music video to this track to be directed by Jay Martin. As of early-July 2020 the clip has garnered in overabundance of 1,600,000,000 see on YouTube, produksi it the platform’s 78th most-viewed video ever at the time.

The song karakter itu has juga proven to it is in quite-successful chart-wise. For instance, it showed up on 6 Billboard charts and peaked at mageri 11 in brother (the UK Singles Chart). And overall, “A thousand Years” gone into the charts of virtually 20 countries, being certified Platinum or much better in eight nations. And most impressively of all it has been certified an astounding octuple-Platinum in the joined States.

There is juga another variation of “A thousand Years” found on “The Twilight Saga: Breaking fajar – part 2 (Original Motion snapshot Soundtrack)” (2012). That rendition is acoustic, and also she carry out it alongside actor/singer Steve Kazee.

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Christina Perri wrote “A thousands Years” in conjunction v David Hodges, among the track’s producers. And she walk so at the behest that Atlantic Records, who let her display “The Twilight Saga: Breaking fajar – component 1” early on for that particular purpose.