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Enter in ~ Naruto"s House(Look because that The cheat Entering).....

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Code:Effect:Lightning-Snake-Rat-DragonUnlocks all Characters

Enter cheat At Narutos House(Just Look because that it)

Code:Effect:Lightning-Snake-Rat-DragonUnlocks Characters

Go come Naruto"s house, go to the memasukkan screen, then put in the following password come unlock all characters.

Password:Effect:Lightning-Snake-Rat-DragonUnlock every characters

Begin a new game lihat a memory map that has actually a Naruto: tertinggi Ninja (1) save record on it. Girlfriend will obtain 340 Ninja details Cards and also 50,000 Ryo together a bonus.Hope ive helped

Go to input Password in Naruto"s house. Kemudian put this in,-----------Lightning-Snake-Rat-Dragon---Unlock all characters(VS MODE)--------------------------------------------------------------------THIS IS an extremely HELPFUL

Go to Naruto"s Room. You will be may be to memasukkan seals by choosing one that 5 aspects and kemudian 3 different hand signs.The ElementsFire Wind planet Water ThunderThe seals1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12

Password:Effect:Wind 12/5/4Unlocks a S-Rank Mission Vs. SasukeThunder 5/10/1Unlocks a S-Rank Mission Vs. Gai

go come narutos house select enter passwords and also enter the following...

Password:Effect:Lightning,Snake,rat,dragonUnlock all characters inVs. ModeFire,dragon,snake,tigerNarutos tantangan in S rank

Vs. Mode and passwords because that Narutos House

Unlockable:How to unlock:All personalities are supported by the 4 sound ninjasVs. Setting Orochimaru vs. Orochimaru 3 timesKakashi supported by Ambu KakashiAmbu Kakashi Vs. Kakashi Vs. ModeNaruto supported by NejiNaruto Vs. Neji 3 waktu Vs. Mode

1.give a small damage2.use lvl2 attack (its tough to to ns know)3.keep throwing him to acquire him down4.while he"s turun recover chakra5.try to execute lvl 3 attack (max damage a lvl3 deserve to do is half health)6.i harapan i helped

go 2 naruto"s room and also unlock

Unlockable:How to unlock:unlock all charecterslightning_Snake-Rat-Dragon

Go to Tanzaku kota with 1,000 Ryo. Bermain the tempat machine game. Ambil 50 Medals. This will pengeluaran 1,000 Ryo. Awal playing. Do not wait, and tekan ke bawah Down, Square, Triangle, and Circle as rapid as possible. The "7"s bonus will come easily. After around three waktu of obtaining the "7"s bonus, the next bonus will be the Naruto bonus. The an ext Medals friend win, the an ext money you will certainly earn. One Medal is precious 20 Ryo. When you start, carry out not take too numerous Medals. You will win much more Ryo with much less of them.In the village tersembunyi in the leaves, go to the tersembunyi leaf forest. As soon as there, you will discover Sakura. Talk to her together many times as desired, and also she will certainly ask friend to do a mini-game wherein you should climb a tree. Each time you perform the mini-game, she will provide you 15,000 Ryo

Play together Byakugan Hinata After the third Arc of tertinggi Road, go to the Chunnin Exam membangun and challenge batu Lee to a push Up battle in order to learn his Jutsu. After ~ that, go external the membangun and talk to Hiashi Hyuuga. He will certainly ask you to tell Hinata that he desires to view her battle Neji. Go to "Trail" and you will view Hinata kedudukan on the bridge. Tell her around the challenge and she will certainly agree to it. Go bagian belakang into the Chunnin Exam bangunan and girlfriend will see Hinata and also Neji standing together. Speak to either one and also a dialogue will mulai between Hinata and Neji. As soon as they room done talking, you have to fight Neji together Hinata and win with a level 3 Chakra once Neji has zero Chakra. Once the battle is finished, go external the building and talk to Hiashi again. He will be surprised and also you will unlock Byakugan Hinata.

Unlockable:HowPlay as HakuDefeat Haku with Uchiha Sasuke in cerita 4 come unlock Haku.Play together Hatake Kakashi (Anbu)Successfully complete cerita 4 come unlock Hatake Kakashi (Anbu).Play as Hoshigake KisameSuccessfully complete cerita 4 to unlock Hoshigake Kisame.Play together Hyuuga Hinata (Successor)Successfully complete story mode (4 Arcs). Then, speak to Hyuuga Hiashi exterior the arena, kemudian at the rooftop. Next, speak through Hinata at the pelatihan grounds. Go to the arena and also defeat Neji to unlock Hyuuga Hinata (Successor).Play as JiraiyaDefeat Jiraiya with Uzumaki Naruto in story 1 come unlock him.Play together Momochi ZabuzaDefeat Momochi Zabuza v Jiraiya in cerita 4 to unlock him.Play as OrochimaruSuccessfully complete story 4 come unlock Orochimaru.Play as Orochimaru (Sealed)Successfully complete story 2 to unlock Orochimaru (Sealed).Play as Sandaime HokageDefeat Orochimaru with Sandaime Hokage in cerita 1 come unlock Sandaime Hokage.Play as ShizuneDefeat Shizune v Tsunade in cerita 2 to unlock him.Play together TsunadeSuccessfully complete cerita 2 come unlock Tsunade.Play as Uchiha ItachiSuccessfully complete cerita 4 come unlock Uchiha Itachi.Play together Uzumaki Naruto (Kyuubi) ripe Tail FoxSuccessfully complete story 4 to unlock Uzumaki Naruto (Kyuubi).Play together Uzumaki Naruto (Maito suit) Mighty guy SuitSuccessfully complete cerita mode (4 Arcs). Then, speak come MIghty guy at the marketplace. Walk to the lanjut city and also buy a Maito setelan (100.000 Mon). Walk to the lanjut screen and also defeat Gai to unlock Uzumaki Naruto (Maito suit).

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Play together Yakushi KabutoSuccessfully complete cerita 3 come unlock Yakushi Kabuto.Alternate costumesAt the character selection screen, press L1 or R1.... continue →