It’s needless to mention that South korean dramas have diperoleh immense popularity internationally within a brief period. “Legend of the Blue Sea,” certification Jun Ji-Hyun and Lee Min-ho is a oriental drama that regulated to make a room in ours heart, v its impressive performances and also creativity.

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The narrative of Park Ji- Eun is well offered on a plate by Park Seon-ho and also Jin-hyuk indeed. The story highlights a con artist and a mermaid whose fate is tied together from their past lives. Usually, us don’t have actually a sequel come South korean dramas, but after the overwhelming responses from its audience, demanding lagi season suara fair.

Release date of Legend that the Blue Sea Season 2:

The fantasy drama premiered on November 16, 2016, on SBS and wound up on january 25, 2017, with a berbisa of 20 episodes. The bigger pertanyaan is whether fans of Legend the the Blue Sea will acquire the satisfied of watching anda favorite characters again ~ above screen.

As the today, creators haven’t announced anything concerning the 2nd season. Legend of the Blue Sea has ended with a tight storyline yet left no inquiries unanswered. Therefore, expecting a season two is unlikely. However, they might bring another season. We guarantee you to carry you the recent updates as shortly as us get much more information.


The cast of Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2:

A sequel can not be lengkap without its previous lead characters. This collection will continue to be incomplete if big shots Jun Ji Hyun as Se-Hwa/Shim Cheong and also Lee Min-ho together Kim Dam-rung/ Heo Joon-jae execute not get featured because that one much more time.

Additionally, we expect to clock Shin Hye-sun together Cha Shi-ah, Shin Won-ho as Tae-oh, Na Young-hee together Mo Yoo-ran, Lee Ji-hoon as Heo Chi-Hyun, Choi Jung-woo together Heo Il-Joong, and Sung Dong-il together Mr. Yang / Ma Dae-young again.


Ending of vault Season Explained:

Even though us had currently bid goodbye come this present a ketika ago, the still reminds us of a sweetly funny ride with its final hour. It involved an finish in sebagai a means that it suited its theme.

The last episode brings united state the protagonists Shim Cheong and also Joon-Jae reunite after ~ a span of three years of milik mereka separation. Also though Cheong erases Joon-Jae’s memories, that manages to malu out a means to recall she through perkataan he had tertulis before. Joon-Jae tries to uncover her the end again through the tolong of those notes.

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We hear Joon-Jae narrating, “At last our dream come true. In one insignificant village with no particular berita and nothing much to it, we’re living fairly insignificantly. This cepat that the cerita ends top top a happy note. In the climax, we Joon-Jae and Shim Cheong walk kembali home through grocery bags. Highlighting Shim Cheong’s arm interlocked at the finish leaves us a little bit emotional. The finishing gives united state insights into the depth of dari mereka love. When they sit outside quietly, gazing in ~ the sea, it appears that they look depan to having a future to be filled with love, happiness, and warmth.