Have TWICE’s Dahyun and ASTRO’s Eunwoo ever Dated?

Many K-pop fans have created anda K-pop fantasy couple, and one that the paling famous couples is TWICE’s Dahyun and ASTRO’s Eunwoo. early to dari mereka great chemistry on the truth shows The Imaginarium and also Replies that Make united state Flutter, countless fans believe that miscellaneous is blooming in between them.

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Despite the date rumors going around, the agency of TWICE’s Dahyun and ASTRO’s Eunwoo never confirmed that the two of them have a relationship. This mungkin be since they tidak pernah dated in real life. But, still, fans uncovered some evidence that kekuasaan us wonder if they have actually something between them.

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TWICE’s Dahyun and ASTRO’s Eunwoo’s Relationship

Many fans speculate the Dahyun and Eunwoo have a relationship or at least secretly like each other. The isu is quiet going strong, and fans prefer to ship them bersama even as soon as JYP Entertainment and Fantagio never confirmed anda status.

Despite comes from different agencies, Dahyun of double is often linked with ASTRO’s Eunwoo because of the programs dubbed The Imaginarium and also Replies the Make united state Flutter i m sorry aired in 2016. The 2 of them have been paired by fans ever since.

When Dahyun and Eunwoo at some point met in the genuine life, the date rumors between them menjadi undeniable. Moreover, Dahyun and also Eunwoo have tambahan united in several projects together, and also they are praised for the great chemistry between them!


TWICE’s Dahyun and ASTRO’s Eunwoo’s Chemistry in variety Shows and also Other Moments


Check out few of Dahyun and also Eunwoo’s adorable moments together here:

Dahyun and also Eunwoo’s legendary moments dulu during anda appearance in MBC’s Replies That makes Us Flutter! castle acted like a school couple performing a romantic comedy kind of drama together. Both Dahyun and Eunwoo looked really shy, yet it hanya made their chemistry look also greater!

Aside native MBC’s Replies That buatlah Us Flutter, Dahyun and also Eunwoo were also paired in the display titled The Imaginarium! with the show, plenty of fans couldn’t get over milik mereka chemistry since Dahyun and Eunwoo looked extremely adorable. That minute when Dahyun sheepishly referred to as him oppa and Eunwoo meledak into a embarrassy smile mungkin have provided the fans a heart attack!


Even though it to be a script scene, Dahyun and also Eunwoo portrayed it really well come the point that viewers mungkin see them as a real couple!

Did Dahyun date Eunwoo?


Even before Dahyun and also Eunwoo met together, many fans currently made lock a K-pop fantasy couple. After ~ the 2 of them got to understand each various other in real life, the dating rumor between them was something that couldn’t it is in denied.

When Eun-woo and also Dahyun common the same picture kapan they were in the very same coffee shop, numerous fans meyakini that it was a sign that lock went the end together. Meanwhile, some people believe that the snapshot wasn’t real.

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Many fans mau that Dahyun and also Eunwoo would day in real life, especially after the 2 of them united in perbedaan projects. However, the an excellent chemistry between them didn’t develop in genuine life dari Dahyun and also Eunwoo dulu only good partners and also co-workers because that each other. But, still, lock look an excellent together, don’t they?

What Fans have actually Said about Dahyun and also Eunwoo’s Relationship

Since plenty of fans support Dahyun and also Eunwoo being together, here are variasi comments regarding the fantasy:

“If TWICE’s Dahyun and ASTRO’s Eunwoo space dating, I hanya support the both that them.”“Dahyun and Eunwoo, no gonna lie they have actually chemistry.”“I’m wait for Dispatch to tell united state that TWICE’s Dahyun and also ASTRO’s Eunwoo are dating.”“I witnessed a video clip of TWICE’s Dahyun and also ASTRO’s Eunwoo together, and also I couldn’t tolong but feel all giddy inside. They are so cute!”

TWICE’s Dahyun and also ASTRO’s Eunwoo’s right Type


Turns out, both Dahyun and also Eun Woo have dari mereka ideal type. Because that Dahyun, she defined that she has numerous qualifications, however she prefers someone that loves she a lot, someone who is dependable hanya like a father, and someone who cares about his parents.

That sounds like a gentleman, right? Meanwhile, Eun Woo’s ideal kind is who intelligent and wise. The once made decision actress Shin Min Ah together his best type, and he really hopes that he have the right to film a historis drama through her!

That is everything about the relationship in between Dahyun and also Eunwoo! Although castle aren’t dating, they have sebagai a good friendship that makes everyone jealous of them. Execute you juga think the TWICE’s Dahyun and also ASTRO’s Eunwoo look great together? Leave your comment below, and also don’t forget to bagikan this short article on your sosial media!