Pos Indonesia is the nationwide postal organization provider in Indonesia, established in 1995. Headquartered in Bandung, Pos network covers much more than 17,000 pulau and transports with train, bus, flight as well as ship because that swift delivery.

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For some more figures, Pos Indonesia has more than 58,000 sales points and also 4,800 article offices. Dibawah postal services, you have actually products kemudian as Pos Express, simple Post, parcel Post, Overnight Delivery and Express Mail company (EMS).

Besides domestic and international parcel and also post delivery series, the state-owned company also offers the Pospay for those who would choose to conveniently pay dari mereka bills. There are tambahan special products for basic money transfer, banking and also insurance.

History records the existence of Pos Indonesia because that so long, the an initial post office was didirikan in Batavia (now Jakarta) by the Governor-General baron van Imhoff GW on respectable 26, 1746 v the target to further ensure the safety of occupants of the letters, specifically for itu who space trading from workplaces in outside Java, and for itu who come from and go come the Netherlands. Dari then, the postal service has been born to i think the duty and role of publik services. Together time walk on, Pos Indonesia has now been able to show milik mereka creativity in the bidang of postal Indonesian perkembangan by using its network infrastructure which reaches around 24 thousand suggest services reached 100 percent that city / county, virtually 100 percent that districts and 42 percent of the urban / rural, and 940 remote locations in the Indonesian transmigration. Along with the perkembangan of information, communication and also technology, networking Pos Indonesia already has 3,700 write-up office line, mobile and also equipped elektronic short article in a few major cities. Every points space chain associated to each various other in a solid and also integrated. ZIP code system was produced to facilitate the handling of postal items whereby every customs of the area in Indonesia deserve to be figured out accurately.

Indonesia short article Tracking

You can juga track her package/parcel v the reference number. For more information or queries top top shipping, transit time, tracking, money transfer or others, with the Pos Indonesia client service.

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With the help of the Parcels app, friend can find out the precise location of her parcel or shipments delivered by "POS Indonesia" in a couple of seconds.



POS Indonesia tracking statuses

Arrival at outward OE
Departure from exterior OE jakarta MPC IDJKTC
Arrival at inward OE champa MPC IDJKTC
Accepted by Customs, karena detail tangani itu di Bea & Cukai mengklik link dibawah ini www.beacukai.go.id/barangkiriman, BALIKPAPAN
Processing file by customs ( EME )
Release / santai by personalizeds ( EDC )
Departure native inward OE Adpis : 000120
Penerimaan Dokumen / welcomed by custom-mades ( EDB )
Arrival at delivery/Transit Office
Item out for physical Delivery