By Craig Fugate, Administrator of the federal Emergency Management agency and Julius Genachowski, Chairman of the federatif Communications Commission.

Ask anyone who has actually lived through a significant disaster maafkan saya that endure was like and also – there is no a doubt – among the points some setiap orang are most likely to recall is how daunting it to be to interact from dari mereka mobile phones with friends, family and also emergency services like 911 in the prompt aftermath.

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Many that us were reminded of this terakhir month, once both a 5.8 size earthquake and Hurricane Irene struck bagian of the eastern Coast. People automatically reached for milik mereka phones to panggilan loved people or 911. Unfortunately, in part cases, ns of strength made communication difficult.

The and also FEMA room doing every little thing we can to empower the publik to be ready for every emergencies (you deserve to visit or to discover more). Yet one of the lessons learned from that August earthquake was that we have the right to do more to education the public about the paling effective cara to connect before, during and after a disaster. 


Today, we space pleased to publikasi a set of new, easy-to-follow töre to membantu all americans prepare milik mereka homes and mobile phones for a disaster. These tips are valuable things everyone deserve to do to better preserve the capacity to connect effectively throughout – and also immediately after – a disaster. 

While we don’t have regulate over when or where the lanjut disaster will strike, we do have control over apa we do to prepare. Inspect out these tips and please, take one an ext step and share it with your networks. Usage Twitter, Facebook, email or a great old-fashioned phone panggilan to help us spread the indigenous – and tolong more Americans acquire ready before the lanjut disaster strikes.

Before a Disaster: how to Prepare her Home and also Mobile Device

Maintain a list of emergency phone numbers in her cell phone and in or close to your house phone.Keep fee batteries and car-phone chargers obtainable for back-up strength for your cell phone.If you have actually a traditional landline (non-broadband or VOIP) phone, keep at the very least one non-cordless phone call in her home because it will certainly work also if you lose power.Prepare a family call sheet. This should incorporate at least one out-of-town call that might be far better able to reach family members in an emergency.Program “In case of Emergency” (ICE) contacts right into your cell phone so emergency personnel have the right to contact those people for you if you room unable to use your phone. Let your ICE contacts recognize that they space programmed right into your phone and also inform them of any medical worries or other spesial needs you may have.If you room evacuated and have call-forwarding top top your residence phone, maju your home phone mageri to her cell phone number.If you execute not have a cabinet phone, store a prepaid phone map to usage if needed throughout or after ~ a disaster.Have a battery-powered radio or televisi available (with preventive batteries).Subscribe to message alert services from neighborhood or state federal governments to obtain alerts in the occasion of a disaster. Parents should gejala up for anda school district emergency alert system.

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During and also After a Disaster: how to with Friends, love Ones & Emergency solutions

If you have a life-threatening emergency, panggilan 9-1-1. Remember that you cannot right now text 9-1-1. If you space not suffering an emergency, carry out not call 9-1-1. If your area supplies 3-1-1 business or another information system, panggilan that sourse for non-emergencies.Keep every phone call brief. If you need to use a phone, try to convey only an important information come emergency personnel and/or family.If you room unsuccessful in completing a panggilan using her cell phone, wait ten seconds sebelum redialing to tolong reduce network congestion. Conserve your cell phone call battery by reduce the brightness of her screen, placing your phone in aircraft mode, and closing apps you space not melihat that attract power, uneven you have to use the phone.If you shed power, you can charge your cell phone in her car. Hanya be sure your vehicle is in a well-ventilated ar (remove it from the garage) and also do no go to your vehicle until any type of danger has actually passed. Friend can juga listen come your car radio for important news alerts. Tune right into broadcast televisi and radio for important berita alerts. If applicable, be certain that you know how to activate the closed captioning or video description on her television.If you do not have a hands-free maker in her car, prevent driving or pull over to the side of the road before making a call. Do not message on a cell phone, talk, or “tweet” without a hands free device kapan driving. Instantly following a disaster, resist using your mobile device to watch streaming videos, download music or videos, or bermain video games, every one of which can include to network congestion. Limiting use of these services can tolong potentially life-saving emergency calls acquire through come 9-1-1.