Link your Adsense account to her Youtube Channel. If ours channel is currently approved to join the YouTube Partner Program, we need to associate an agreed-upon AdSense account come the YouTube channel so the we can earn money indigenous YouTube videos and also receive payments.

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If our channel qualifies for the Monitisari as in mine previous article, just how to monetize youtube channel with Adsense

Why should we link an AdSense account come a YouTube channel?, because with the AdSense account linked to the YouTube channel, we will earn revenue native YouTube and juga to get payments.


Before producing an AdSense account It’s great to know first what AdSense is, and sebelum we start to comply v the AdSense terms and conditions, we only have one account through the same payee name, definition no allowed to create multiple accounts with the exact same name.

If girlfriend violate any type of of this terms, kemudian the dobel AdSense accounts created through YouTube will certainly not it is in approved, not only that channel monetization will juga be decommissioned or deactivated.

Linking one Adsense account come a Youtube Channel

There room two cara to connect your AdSense account come YouTube channel,

#1. Linking one already positif Adsense account

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For an active AdSense account owner, who formerly signed up via web/blog or AdMob.

AdSense account owners can directly link to YouTube channels, the way is:

Linking an authorized AdSense account

If we already have an approved AdSense account, we can attach the AdSense account to the YouTube channel.

Next we will be redirected to the Monetization page, click Next to AdSenseWe’ll be taken to choose which Google account to use to access your AdSense account. If girlfriend don’t check out our account in the list, choose Use another Google account to gejala in.Next will certainly be directed to the AdSense signup page. Please click Accept Attribution. If the account displayed is the wrong account, click “Use lagi Account” to change the account you want to attach to.We’ll be redirected back to the YouTube monetization page, and also can relocate on come the lanjut stage to collection channel monetization preferences.

Once the AdSense account the is attached to the YouTube channel is active, we will receive a notice that the account is active. Youtube untuk mengambil approximately 2×24 hrs or 2 days, sometimes faster than that.

#2. Linking a brand-new Adsense account come a Youtube Channel

Warning, Google prohibits once linking a YouTube channel to a brand-new AdSense account, perform not membuat a brand-new AdSense account through,

If doing for this reason is to create an AdSense account indigenous kemudian the submission of YouTube channel monetization will be directly rejected through YouTube.

To create an AdSense account indigenous YouTube Channel please follow the indict below:

Make sure the account we’re going to do for AdSense is ready!. To sign in come the Google account the you want to developed an AdSense account for. Please re-check the email account the the email we are producing is the exactly AdSense account, the email that will be tangan kedua is the channel manager email.The next step is to expropriate the AdSense account attribution.Provide our valid contact information and send the to her AdSense account submission. We’ll it is in redirected kembali to the YouTube channel. We will obtain a blog post that ours YouTube AdSense account is being treated.

Youtube takes 48 hrs to actually get an AdSense account submission. For this reason we hanya wait until we acquire the email from YouTube.

We can tambahan monetize or attach 1 AdSense account to an ext than one YouTube channel.

I rewrote indigenous the YouTube guide at, hope it can membantu the novice YouTubers to much more easily know it.

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In addition, the AdSense account entry through a YouTube channel could be an welcomed AdSense account however the YouTube channel could not it is in monetized since it brought about 1 or much more of our video isi to be problematic with the isi ID.