According to a tret by Adam Mosseri, the Head the Instagram, “Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app.” correctly so, creators and businesses on Instagram now require to bawa pulang a step lebih-lebih lagi and administer a richer content experience, especially in the membentuk of quality video clip posts. One method of leveling up her Instagram video game is to include music come your write-ups - even if it is it’s Instagram Stories, Reels, Feed video clip posts or IGTV videos. In this article you’ll learn:

1. How do you add music to her Instagram Stories? 2. How do you include music to her Instagram Reels? 3. Exactly how to include music to Instagram Feed and IGTV Videos?

Not hanya that, however if you stick around till the end, us have tambahan shared a bonus list of top 5 sites whereby you deserve to find complimentary music to include to her Instagram posts.

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Let’s dive ideal in.

1. Exactly how do you add music to her Instagram Stories?

Instagram offers a selection of music indigenous its very own audio library. Girlfriend can access this library from in ~ the application itself. If you desire to add custom music to your Instagram story, you can do so lihat an Online video clip Editor. Here"s whatever you should know about music and also Instagram.

There space 2 cara you can include music to your Instagram stories.

(a) exactly how to include music to Instagram stories penampilan the Instagram App?

Follow these an easy steps:

Step 1: You can shoot the video on Instagram diri sendiri or hanya upload one from your camera roll. In any kind of case, first, launch the Instagram app and click ~ above the “Your Story” icon on the height left corner of her app.


Step 2: You can either select a video from your camera roll by clicking on the “browse” symbol on the bottom left edge of your display screen or a simpler method to access this is come swipe up and you deserve to now choose the file from her camera roll.

If you want to shoot her Instagram story from the app, simply press the shutter switch continuously to document it.


Step 3: currently that you have the video you desire to upload, that time to add music to it. You deserve to turn off the original video clip sound if necessary by clicking on the “sound” symbol on the optimal menu. Lanjut click ~ above the “media” (square smiley face) icon you usage to include GIFs and emojis to your Instagram Stories.


Step 4: here you’ll find an alternative labeled ‘Music’ - tap top top it.


Step 5: girlfriend can temukan for a details music monitor (based top top name, mood, genre) or you’ll uncover the peak trending music tracks provided and you can pick from there. Choose the music track you want. You can tambahan click ~ above the play button for a preview before you do the final choice.


Step 6: darimana only 15-second videos are allowed on Instagram stories, music tracks room auto-adjusted to fit her video.

Note: as soon as you have selected your music track, it will be shown on your story as a sticker. You have the right to customise how your sticker will certainly look ~ above your story by tapping on it to check out the display options. You can change its size by dragging and pinching it, favor you would perform for any type of other media element.


Step 7: If you want a specific component of the music track, you have the right to simply tap on the sticker and also scroll up and down to the pertinent lyric girlfriend need. Friend can juga drag the timeline batangan to adjust the music come a berbeda stanza. The 2 pink lines on the timeline note the auto-adjusted component set through Instagram.


Step 8: girlfriend can juga display the lyrics on her Instagram Stories and also select indigenous different saya options melihat the ‘A’ icon. When done through your editing, simply tap “done” and also upload your cerita to Instagram.


Note the no matter maafkan saya option friend will use to edit your music, girlfriend will see a sticker or matching lyrics on your Instagram story.

(b) just how to add your very own music to an Instagram story?

While the Instagram app is the easiest method to include music once you are bagikan Stories ~ above the go, it is not the ideal method for a organization or brand. You desire to instead bagikan a well-planned an imaginative that is professionally cut to the music for ideal user experience.

For example, this is an awesome Instagram Stories design template for a fashion brand or a blogger to showcase dari mereka outfits and also style. The visuals to the right well v the peppy and also fun elevator music.

Use an online video editorial like to create professional-quality stories as soon as you desire to use practice music or inventaris music for branded content. Friend can include music and penyuntingan your Instagram stories virtual for free melihat by following these steps:

Step 1: Sign-up for a free account if friend haven"t already! We have actually thousands the Instagram story templates girlfriend can penyuntingan and customise.

If you want to include text and music to an present video, simply awal with a empty canvas. To carry out this, simply pick the “Blank Canvas” option and also make sure you select the 9:16 aspect ratio because that Instagram Stories. Now click on the “Make a Video” button.


Step 2: You’ll currently be taken to the editor. Click on the “Upload Media” switch to upload your video clip to the editor.


Step 3: as soon as your video is uploaded, click on it and drag it come the workspace in the facility of the screen to awal editing. You will now see a pop-up asking you come trim her video. You have the right to trim your video or usage the sepenuhnya version. Click on the ‘Done switch once you are finished.


Step 4: You can now mengedit your video and include music come it. To carry out this, simply click on the “music” symbol on the food selection on the left-hand next of the screen. You can pick the music you desire from our in-built library of thousands of royalty-free audio tracks, or upload a monitor from your system as well. You can mencari for music based on genres and moods.


Step 5: usage the timeline to cut your scenes and also elements come the finest of the music. You have to simply drag and reposition her music in the timeline to carry out this.


Step 6: as soon as you’re satisfied through your edits, simply click on the “Download & Share” switch and kemudian click on “Export.”


Your video will now start to render and you have the right to download that after it has exported.


2. Just how do you add music to her Instagram Reels?

Just prefer Instagram Stories, there space 2 ways you can include music to your Instagram reels. You deserve to either usage the Instagram app or an virtual video tajuk rencana like

(a) how to include music to Instagram reels penampilan the Instagram App?

The easiest way to include music to her Instagram Reels is to add a track from in ~ the app itself. If girlfriend are creating a reel top top a present trend, the is recommended the you usage the Instagram application to add the original source of music to gain a lebih lebar reach. This help your isi get found on the explore page for that trend.

Here’s a rapid step-by-step on just how to add music to your Instagram reels:

Step 1: You can shoot your video clip on Instagram diri sendiri or just upload a video clip to the app. When you are prepared with your video, the time come upload it to Instagram. Because that this, beginning the Instagram app. Go to the “Your Story” symbol on the peak left edge of the app and kemudian navigate to Reels.


Step 2: Tap ~ above the “browse” symbol at the bottom left the your display or just swipe approximately upload your video. Once uploaded, you have to see your video clip on the screen. If girlfriend don’t see it, just tap the “preview” button to perform so.


Step 3: currently tap on the “music” symbol in the top food selection on her screen.


Step 4: If your video already has sound, you will check out a display with 2 audio sources. You deserve to reduce the camera audio as required. Then tap top top the “Add music” symbol on the ideal side of the display screen to add a track or music to her Instagram Reel.


Step 5: mencari and select the song you desire to include to your reel. Instagram will display the latest lagu that have been trending ~ above reels and also you deserve to tap top top the bermain button because that a preview the the song.


Step 6: Tap on the screen and scroll v the lyrics so friend can mengedit your music to fit your reel. Friend can also toggle the bar at the bottom that the display to penyuntingan your music. You can tambahan go come a different stanza that the track super quickly by dragging and also adjusting the timeline together well.


Step 7: If you desire to readjust your music: simply click on the ‘delete’ icon and then add a new song complying with the steps above. Once you room finished adjusting her music, madness “Done.”


Step 8: The audio controls will pop up again - merely drag the controls increase or down to rise or diminish the sound the the video and the music. Adjust the original sound in your video clip as well as the sound of the music or song you have included so that they nothing clash. Girlfriend can tambahan tap ‘edit’ to mengedit the music.


Step 9: when you’re done with the edits, simply tap ‘Next’ and share your video clip to Instagram Reels.

(b) how to add your own music to Instagram Reels?

While adding music come Reels is extremely basic on the app, timing her scenes and video clip to the music deserve to be at sight tricky. It’s very challenging to readjust your video to the win of the music and also there are very few editing options easily accessible on the app. Also, you can’t upload and include your own tracks to your reels using the Instagram app.

A much easier way to carry out this is to usage"s online tajuk rencana and membuat your Reel video clip with music kemudian that every little thing is synced come perfection. You have the right to do so melihat the same process we experienced earlier while creating Instagram stories.

In fact, if you’re in search of some Instagram Reel inspiration, examine out this list of 40+ Instagram Reel ideas with ready-to-use templates that you have the right to use for free.

3. How to include music to Instagram Feed and IGTV Videos?

Instagram music is minimal to Stories and also Reels when using the app. However, over there is so lot opportunity to create interesting videos for your feed and IGTV.

If you are wondering exactly how to include music to her Instagram video clip posts (feed videos) or IGTV videos, the simplest means you deserve to do this is penampilan an online tajuk rencana like

For this, you merely need to sign-up for an account if friend haven"t already! If you just want to add text and music come an currently video, simply mulai with a blank canvas. To carry out this - choose the ‘Blank Canvas’ option. Make sure you choose the right element ratio for your Instagram video - 1:1 and also 16:9 because that Instagram feeding videos and also 9:16 for IGTV videos.


Once you room in the editor, you have the right to simply follow the same precise steps disputed previously for adding your very own music come Instagram stories and reels.

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BONUS: optimal 5 website to discover royalty-free music for your Instagram videos

Let’s look in ~ the peak 5 web page you have the right to use to uncover royalty-free music for her Instagram videos that’s legal to use and won’t land friend in Instagram jail.