On paling days, friend will uncover me sitting in former of mine laptop typing away and also trying to finish my work. Mine iPhone will certainly be right next to me; occasionally I acquire a notice for one Instagram DM (Direct Message), yet I don’t prefer the hassle of getting to for mine phone. If only Mac enabling you come DM ~ above Instagram!

While over there is an Instagram app for windows 10 users, there isn’t one because that Mac yet. But fear not, we have the right to use third-party apps. In this article, I’m walk to present you two approaches for Instagram DM on her Mac.

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Method 1: IG:dm

IG:dm is an application designed mostly for using Instagram DM on her Mac. It is restricted mainly come the DM function. Various other features include being able to view customers who space not adhering to you back.

Note: This is for those of friend who just want to usage the Instagram DM function from her Mac. If you want to upload picture or view other users’ posts, skip this and also proceed to an approach 2.

Step 1: Download IG:dm

To download IG:dm, simply go to its secara resmi website and also download the Mac version.


Step 2: Launch and also Verify IG:dm

After launching IG:dm and logging in, you will certainly be motivated for a password that deserve to be re-cover from her email. Simply log right into the email associated to your Instagram account and enter the code.


You will be command to the IG:dm interface. Simply type out the Instagram handle of anyone you wish to DM and chat away! you can even upload a picture from your Mac or send emojis.


Note that you will not be able to view the Instagram articles of other users or short article your very own photos. This application is just for DM purposes.

Method 2: Flume

Flume works one your Mac favor Instagram does on your phone. You can use the check out page, search for users, and also more. It’s easily accessible in over 25 languages. However, only the pro version permits you to upload a photo directly from her Mac or include multiple accounts. If you want only to use the DM function, just use the complimentary version. You have the right to either gain this application from the Flume website or subscribe to the on Setapp.

Step 1: beginning the Flume app.

It’s not very daunting to navigate Flume, yet let me berjalan through the anyway. After opening the app, you deserve to move her cursor end the height to resize the window or readjust the check out of your short articles from a solitary column to a 3×3 grid.


When you move your cursor come the bottom, friend can access functions like uploading a picture, going to the check out page, and also viewing her starred short articles (only the agree version allows you to upload image and add multiple accounts).


Step 2: click on DM Function.

To use the DM function, click the symbol at the bottom the looks favor a paper airplane.


Step 3: go into the user’s Instagram handle.

You will check out a mencari bar at the top. All you need to do is search for the user that you desire to DM and an essential in their Instagram handle. Because that example, if I desire to DM Instagram to imply an idea because that a brand-new function, ns would form ‘Instagram’ in the temukan bar.


All that’s left is to kind your message and also hit Enter. Girlfriend can even send emojis and also upload image (located ~ above the left the the chatbox) hanya like on her iPhone.

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I harapan you found this Instagram DM tip useful! Feel totally free to post any type of questions or leave her comments down below.