After all, YouTube is quite popular. The the second largest temukan engine in the world. We watch around one billion hrs of YouTube a day. Hanya think around that number for a second. One. Billion. Hours. That’s roughly 1,600 human lifetimes.

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It’s a great bet, then, that some of that video isi will it is in perfect for your Instagram audience, either as articles or Instagram stories. However, there’s no direct way to posting ulang YouTube videos to Instagram in ~ the moment. That’s why we’ll present you this little-known workaround to upload videos to YouTube. Acquired your Instagram account ready? Let’s perform this.

But before we acquire technical, there’s something rather we must talk about.

Why would certainly I share YouTube videos to Instagram in the first place?

Why would certainly you desire to jump with the hoops to share YouTube videos ~ above Instagram? di sini are a couple of reasons girlfriend might take into consideration it.

1. To create a teaser trailer

You can create a teaser trailer because that a longer YouTube video clip and post it come Instagram, kemudian use that to drive web traffic back.

Or you deserve to make a trailer for a video you’d choose to promote — just make certain you’re giving credit wherein it’s due. If you run affiliate marketing promotions, this bisa be other to check and add to your toolkit.

2. To make a mash-up of larger videos you very own to create a brand-new video

If you’ve been produksi YouTube content for a kapan but didn’t keep the original files from years ago, you have the right to download some old favourite and membuat a mash-up. A trip turun memory lane mungkin be something your Instagram followers would love.

3. To use video footage in a transformative way

Under the Fair usage Act you have the right to use videos as long as they’re tangan kedua for transformative and educational purposes. You can use YouTube clip to highlight a suggest or bagikan an edukatif tidbit. Hanya make certain you double-check v the legislations of the state or negara you’re in.

Creating a video especially for Instagram

While producing videos hanya for Instagram can feel prefer a bit of a hassle, that doesn’t need to be. Through, you have the right to quickly and also easily make gorgeous videos that match your brand colors and look great in your feed.

Just select one of our Instagram video clip templates and also get started for free.

Alright. Currently it’s time to present you the sneaky tech workaround you can use to write-up a YouTube video to Instagram (and save your masyarakat media feed fresh).


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How to article YouTube videos to Instagram: her step-by-step guide

Instagram have actually made bagikan videos native YouTube nice difficult. Almost impossible, even. Yet there is a way, if you’re willing to jump with a few hoops. We’ll display you how to perform this on your mobile device, however a similar technique should be just as straightforward on her computer.

1. Download the video clip from YouTube

To carry out this on her iPhone, walk to the app Store and download an app like video clip Get. We discovered it by looking for “YouTube video clip downloader”, but practically any application that claims it deserve to download videos from YouTube will certainly do. Friend can uncover a similar YouTube downloader app if you’re on an Android phone, too.

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Depending on which app you end up v to download YouTube videos, they should berjalan you through the exact procedure of downloading and install a video clip from YouTube. Here’s exactly how it works for video Get.