Do you like watching videos on YouTube however want one intuitive, feature-rich and also privacy friendly application for that? has actually been produced with the purpose of getting the original YouTube suffer on your smartphone there is no annoying ads and also questionable permissions.

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The applications is open resource and friend can check on it at GitHub.


Customize her download:

Set title Choose between video, audio or captions download pick the most suitable record format Download the resolution you require

We safeguard your privacy

No proprietary Google APIs only send details which are required to get video and channel details Decide apa information we save We keep everything ditawarkan on your device

Listen to your favourite music while lihat other apps:

play in background agree tip: close to conserve RAM and also battery create playlists because that an endless music experience save mobile data nada (we only download the audio)

Never stop playing!

watch videos whenever you prefer Resize and move it where you prefer Use the full comfort of our kesatuan video player agree tip: switch between all players v one click available for every Android version

Never miss updates again:

subscribe to a channel through one click usage your custom feed Watch your favourite networks Easily import and also export your local subscriptions indigenous other gadgets

Endless music

membuat your very own playlists import playlists mark your favourite videos import your data top top other devices to save time

Go back in time

Watch her favourites again search suggestions based upon your terakhir searches easily open apa you watch most Control what we store for you
YouTube is just one of the most popular video clip and live streaming platforms, including music, news, gaming and also much more.
Bandcamp is one artist-friendly platform for membagikan music. It uses user-friendly DRM-free downloads. is the video penyimpanan and live streaming platform of the german hacker and information protection activist group Chaos computer system Club.

F-Droid is a reliable catalogue of totally free and Open resource applications because that Android.

Install the F-Droid app to obtain notified about updates. It permits you to download and also update castle too.

If you install via the default F-Droid repo, updates because that might take their time to arrive because that you. If you desire to usage our very own repository, examine out the next item in this slideshow.


F-Droid respects her privacy. They don’t monitor you, or your device. Us would prefer to say thanks to them for providing anda services in this way.

You can tambahan add our F-Droid repository come your customer to get updates also faster.

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solved YouTube dislike removal assistance for PeerTube brief URL Adding much more options to UI menus much better feed suffer Switch to ExoPlayer"s default buffer values

Blog post is totally free and open source

Your advantages

Quick membantu when you have a difficulty (nobody"s ever had one) is available for complimentary

add 10k Translate enhance this website

Why is totally free we love apa we are doing is it is provided by a growing community Our score is to do the net a more complimentary (libre) place and also open it for everyone her donations covering a majority of our costs F-Droid, Weblate, Sentry and also other providers offer dari mereka services come open resource projects for free
prefer the idea?

We harapan so! however don"t forget, a lot of time and also energy goes right into this, and we share it through you.

We market you ways to assistance our occupational by donations - so we can get some extra snacks during work!