Pergasingan Hill (1670m) is situated at the foot of mount Rinjani, in Sembalun village. Girlfriend will enjoy an significant scenery from the beggining that the trek!

We choose you increase at your accommodation and drive you to Sembalun. Native there, we start the 4 hours walking trek come the peak of the hill

The first part is quite an overwhelming but is basic to attain it. Camping on the optimal we have dinner di bawah the starry sky, we will certainly make a bonfire and bermain some music.

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In the lanjut morning us wake up beforehand to gain the sun rising progressively behind mount Anak Dara and illuminating the peak of Rinjani. The blending of colour in the nature bekerja untuk you feel you’re in paradise.

After that, us descent and also get you back to the hotel.


What is included:Private auto with air ConditionCamping equipmentNasi goreng, fruit and also snacks

What to Bring

Trekking pair of shoes , backpack , long pants, warmth jacket and also headlamp (also available to rent one on the spot), insect repellent , swimwear, sunlight screen, camera and added snacks, if you desire to eat something specific.

30€ per person/ min 2 people


buycia2.comPhone: +62 853 3813 4195WhatsApp: +34 625 72 40 43
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