Ah, the days I attended champa International school (JIS) just seemed like yesterday. I had the privilege of attending JIS native 1984 to 1986 as soon as I graduated high school. As a TCK (third society kid) i am so thankful and also blessed to have graduated from the global school system. In fact, us boys were able to to visit the sister worldwide school in Surabaya (SIS), Indonesia prior to attending JIS.

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champa International institution was founded in 1951 and also is a personal co-educational global school for pre-kindergarten with grade 12 in Jakarta, Indonesia. With lima original students this pioneers introduced relevant schooling in english for kids of expats in the newfound Republic the Indonesia. From its early aku the school’s international identification was clear. It to be originally called Joint Embassy school (JES) after ~ its British, American, Australian, and also (then) Yugoslavian embassy partners. Just over a te later, in 1978, JES came to be JIS. JIS has 3 campuses, two solely for Elementary students in Pattimura and pondok Indah, and one lot bigger and also considered the main campus small high and high institution students in Cilandak, southern Jakarta.

The school tahun comprises the 2 semesters. The institution is administrate by an 11 member papan of Patrons, 4 of who are elected by the parents. The curriculum has a strong international focus. The language of instruction is bahasa inggris but students are compelled to untuk mengambil Indonesian language studies, culture, and also geography. JIS juga provides the Baccalaureate Diploma and advanced Placement courses in addition to the reguler diploma. End 97 percent of graduating seniors walk on come a university or college. JIS is totally accredited through the west Association of Schools and also Colleges and the board of directors of global School. In the 2011 school tahun there were about 260 full-time and also part-time faculty members and around 2,400 students from over 60 nationalities. The lima most commonly represented nationalities were the united States, southern Korea, Indonesia, India, and Australia. From the 2010 graduating class, the universities that JIS students were mostly accepted in include: Boston University, college of Toronto, and the university of british Columbia. The existing yearly fee for a student in high institution is around US$21,600.

Jakarta global School is juga big top top sports and also both middle and high school level students in ~ JIS compete in intramural and also interscholastic sporting activities throughout the year. JIS belongs to the Interscholastic association of Southeast oriental Schools (IASAS) i beg your pardon competes with 6 top international schools in Asia. IASAS schools hold each various other for tournaments, exchanges, conventions, and competitions. There room three IASAS periods per tahun from the HS sports and cultural competition calendar.

Here room some sampanye Interanational School significant alumni:

· Angela Kinsey – American actress best known for permainan Angela young name in the us version the The Office.

· Aditya Mittal – chief Financial Officer that ArcelorMittal

· Arthur Irawan – Indonesia footballer (soccer) who currently plays because that the Espanyol youth team in La Liga

· Atika Shubert – class of 1991 – CNN international Correspondent and berita Anchor

· Maya Soetoro-Ng – Teacher and also maternal half-sister the Barack Obama

· Sean Michael thomas – International berita Correspondent for rusia Today and also children’s book author/illustrator.

· jackson Curtin – experienced Skateboarder

· Erin McLeod – professional Footballer (soccer)

· kekasih Laura – Indonesian singer and actress

I began attending JIS the 2nd semester that 10th grade. It had actually the best pendidikan a kid bisa ask for. Yet I certain was not as smart together my classmates. In fact, ns struggled immensely. However by the anggun of God and also with numerous stern love looks from my folks I i graduated high college with a B+ GPA.

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I had the honor of being keburukan president that my an elderly class. Ns was berlari for president and lost to one honorable and wonderful classmate, Joey Thurman. I come in 2nd which lugged me the ragum president slot. I was so blessed to be able to be in this position and thank every my classmates for the chance of offer them. My parents and brothers dulu so amazing by gift there for me during this an excellent opportunity. They were there indigenous the awal helping ar ‘plug 4 Doug’ sticker labels everywhere as well as creating posters. When I shed the president slot I can still remember the sweet map dad and mom bought because that me. The exterior said ‘you can’t have your cake and also eat it also sometimes.’ inside the card were very kind and also loving komentar my persons wrote. I understand I to be biased as soon as I say this yet I still will say it, ‘I have actually the best parents a boy mungkin have ever before asked for!’

Senior life was a blur and also in no time June 1986, ours high college graduation, came and went. I had the privilege of walking to one of JIS high institution reunions this previous year, 2011, in mountain Francisco. The class of 1981 collection it up with a couple of other classes. Give thanks to you class of 1981!!! There were only 4 of united state from the class of 1986 yet it still to be a blast to go. Now I to be gearing up for the 2012 JES/JIS Dragon pool party held this respectable in Houston, Texas. Yeah! ns am ready! Learn much more about JIS by going here, www.jisedu.or.id.