It was revealed that this is the terakhir present Reino Barrack provided to the previous Luna Maya sebelum her birthday: i left but …

Report from GridHot.ID Journalist, Septia Gendis Pangestu

GridHot.ID – The romantic of the artist Luna Maya is jenuh of twists and turns.

Anda sedang menonton: Berita luna maya dan reino barack

Every time she was in a connection with a man it selalu ended in separation.

Even most recently, he was also left married by his ex-lover.

Who rather if not Reino Barack.

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Yes, Reino Barack prefers singer Syahrini to be his wife.

Even the scandal of anda breakup to be excited due to the fact that suddenly Reino Barack married Syahrini.

Because previously the publik did not recognize the berita of the breakup of the two.

Had a scene due to the fact that Syahrini was accused of being the actor.

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Netizens accused Syahrini of stealing Reino Barack indigenous Luna Maya.

It’s a shame indeed, also though Luna Maya and also Reino Barrack have remained in a connection for 5 years.

But their love story was tidak pernah ending happy.

Reino Barrack was angered through the accusation versus his wife.

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Reino did no accept the his wife was accused of being a girlfriend to eat with.

Reino told Hotman Paris that he ended the relationship.

He admitted that he damaged off the relationship on respectable 16, kapan on respectable 26, Luna Maya’s birthday.

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According to her narrative, Luna Maya request Reino to attend her birthday, she wanted it to it is in Reino’s terakhir gift for Luna Maya.

Finally Reino was di sini because the was juga uncomfortable v Luna Maya’s friends.

Although at first he didn’t desire to come, he lastly complied v Luna Maya’s terakhir request.

“Yes, I ended August 16th. His 26th date of birth is him,

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“I currently canceled, i don’t desire to go for apa it’s useless,” stated Reino Barack.

“Then he yes, really asked for membantu as a terakhir gift, after all, I’m not comfortable v my friend,” he continued.

Hotman Paris then asked Reino to make it clearer.

“The artist said terakhir prize?” request Hotman Paris.

“Yes, ns am leaving but in one uncomfortable situation,” stated Syahrini’s husband.

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Reino also said that he walk his closeness come Syahrini after he broke up with Luna Maya.

Because Reino Barack pertained to Luna Maya’s date of birth after breaking up, netizens finally pikiran that Reino had actually doubled Luna Maya and also Syahrini.

“Coming bagian belakang from bangkok your partnership still continues?” request Hotman again.

“It’s not finished going home, that’s exactly how it is,” he explained.

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“Did you have a to like on Syahrini that August?”

“Not however ..” Reino replied with a laugh.

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According come Reino, that admitted to being close come Syahrini ~ 3 month of break up through Luna Maya.