Award for dunia footballer of the year voted because that by national coaches, captains and world media

Germany global manager Joachim short wins dunia Coach the the tahun

Anda sedang menonton: Berapa ballon d'or ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has actually beaten Lionel Messi come the Ballon d’Or because that the 2nd successive year.

The 29-year-old was voted best player in the dunia ahead the the argentina and Barcelona forward and jerman international and also Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer in ~ a FIFA ceremony held in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ronaldo got the paling votes indigenous a panel made up of captains and also coaches of national teams and also a choice of the world media.

“I would favor to give thanks to all of those who voted because that me,” Ronaldo said after receiving the award.

“It has been an incredible year. I would like to continue the work that I have actually done therefore far. I desire to shot to improve, to akan better together each day goes by.

“I never thought that i would lug this trophy bagian belakang home on three occasions. I want to menjadi one that the biggest players of all time.”

Ronaldo, that picked increase his first dunia player of the year award in 2008 and also repeated the feat in 2013, to be hotly tipped to scoop the judul for the 3rd time after ~ completing another spectacular season at actual Madrid.


The Portuguese scored 56 goals in 51 appearances for Los Blancos in every competitions in 2014 and also netted a kasar of 61 sasaran from 60 appearances throughout the calendar year.

he was instrumental in helping carlo Ancelotti’s next lift a 10th uefa Champions League judul as well as winning the Copa del Rey and the uefa Super Cup.

Ronaldo tambahan broke the document for paling La koalisi hat-tricks in December last year. His three goals against Celta Vigo took him to a total of 23 hat-tricks, one much more than La persatuan legend Telmo Zarra and also Real madrid icon Alfredo di Stefano. In the same match he juga notched up his 200th La persatuan goal.

The Portuguese has took pleasure in a exceptional La liga season so far, scoring 26 waktu in 17 matches for table-topping Real madrid this term.

Messi, who menang the FIFA compensation for four consecutive years from 2009 to 2012, admitted in one interview at the weekend that it would be “difficult” to success this year when Ronaldo and Neuer had actually enjoyed sebagai success in 2014 – the german was a an essential member of country’s world Cup winning side in Brazil and conceded hanya 40 sasaran in 62 matches all year.

If naught else, the trip to Zurich to be a welcome distraction from speculation about his masa depan at Barcelona.

Rumors have actually circulated newly that the Argentine is dissatisfied at the Nou Camp – Messi was recently left out of the beginning line up in a La liga match versus Real Sociedad and also missed a mendidik session the complying with day with “a stomach bug.”

Reports have argued that he is unhappy with manager luis Enrique’s coaching methods and also is seek suitors in the bahasa inggris Premier League. Yet he was fast to dismiss any idea that a move.

speaking to Barcelona TV ~ the Catalan club’s 3-1 win against Atletico Madrid, Messi said suggestions the he wanted to leaving the Spanish giants dulu “lies.”

“I i can not use asked because that anything come stay di sini because ns have tidak pernah wanted come go all over else. Ns have also heard that ns have spoken to Chelsea and City…but it’s all lies,” Messi told the Spanish club’s TV channel.

story circulating that he had negative relationships with previous coach Pep Guardiola, previous star players including Samuel Eto’o and also Zlatan Ibrahimovic and asked because that them to be relocated on menjadi “in no method true,” the said.

“I am worn down of hear things about me. Lock say that I operation the club once I am hanya another player. I don’t make those decisions, nor have I request to make them.”

However, at the awards ceremony, Messi sent out the isu mill transforming when that admitted: “I don’t know where okay be lanjut year.”

the added: “I selalu said that i would end up my job at Barcelona and kemudian at (his home kota club in Argentina) Newell’s.

“As Cristiano (Ronaldo) claimed recently, football has many twists and also anything deserve to happen.”

Low ~ above a high

A sourse of other awards were given out during the star-studded ceremony consisting of the World Coach the the Year which saw the guy who masterminded Germany’s dunia Cup win last July, Joachim Low.

“It is the icing top top the cake, the cake being the dunia Cup,” short said.

“I know this compensation is not hanya for me, ns am taking it here on behalf of all those who have actually assisted. Us have had excellent conditions to produce apa we have been able to produce.

“It’s a repercussion of countless years of tough work. I’d like to say give thanks to you to every one of the jerman coaches who carry out so much with the young players every day.”

The award because that the Women’s dunia Player of the year went to jerman midfielder Nadine Kessler who beat Brazil striker Marta and also Abby Wambach, the U.S. Team’s all-time leading goalscorer to the title.

Kessler succeeds she compatriot Nadine Angerer, who came to be the first goalkeeper to win the compensation 12 month ago.

James Rodriguez’s sensational volley at the 2014 dunia Cup won the FIFA Puskas Award for the ideal goal the 2014.

The 23-year-old netted his goal throughout Colombia’s 2-0 win versus South American rivals uruguay in the terakhir 16.

it was among six goals Rodriguez scored during the competition – a bruto that earned the the coveted golden Boot award, offered to the player that scores paling goals at a world Cup Finals.

“I’d favor to thank everybody who has actually voted because that me. This to be a very khususnya moment because that me and also everyone in Colombia. I feel exceptionally happy.”

Rodriguez’s score – scored in front countless spectators at the Maracana stadium in Rio and watched by millions on televisi – pipped Stephanie Roche’s volley.

Roche’s spectacular goal was observed by an altogether smaller sized audience – hanya 95 people menjadi at Peamount’s National organization game versus Wexford Youths.

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even so Roche’s initiative beat Robin van Persie’s paris header – scored for belanda against spanyol in the dunia Cup – into third.