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Indonesian Child benar Official Statement around Woman Can acquire Pregnant in swim Pool mengacu pada to statement from Komisi maju Anak Indonesia (English: Indonesian Child rights Official) claimed that woman can acquire pregnant in swimming swimming pool if woman swimming bersama with guy in exact same swimming pool.


On February, 24th 2020, Indonesian media outlet Liputan6<1> exit an article about statement by Indonesian Child benar Official Commissioner Sitti Hikmawatti claimed that mrs can obtain pregnant without penetration in swimming pool if woman swimming together with man in same swimming pool (shown below).

She claimed it would happen when man suddenly gift horny as soon as swimming with woman and also accidentally his sperm dispersing in the swimming pool only if the have strong sperm.

"sperma tertentu apa sangat kuat, walaupun noel terjadi penetrasi, tapi ada pria terangsang dan mengeluarkan sperma, dapat terindikasi hamil," (English: some sperms most likely strong, even without penetration, if over there is a male horny and also accidentally his sperm to be came, it probably make woman (on the very same pool) get pregnant) says Sitti.

Even she saying it deserve to be an ext dangerous if that woman in her fertile phase. Sitti declared she gained the statement indigenous some foreign science journal, however she can"t phone call the journal name.


The same case was exist top top February, 8th 2016 native Nigerian media outlet Nigerianinfo<2> released an article about 16 girls between 13-17 years old suddenly get pregnant in swimming pool with a boy named Tommy Coulter the accidentally ejaculate self in the swimming swimming pool (the short article was deleted, archived on internet Archive)<3>.

In lainnya version, a subject in Liputan6<4> forum through same cerita claimed 13 years old girl suddenly acquire pregnant also without penetration, the original write-up says the girl to be on holidays to Egypt and want to walk to some swimming pool. After ~ few days later, she suddenly acquire pregnant. Her mother remembered she read berita that declared a girl indigenous Germany obtain pregnant after she swimming in swimming pool.


On February, 15th 2016 the news about the was debunked by Indonesian fact-checking "Indonesian Hoaxes"<5> on milik mereka Facebook Fan halaman and labeling it together "Hoax" (shown below).

American pregnancy Association<6> defined that mrs can"t acquire pregnant when she swim in the swimming swimming pool on milik mereka website.

It is not likely that tiny sperm could travel through the large area that water that would fill a pool, bathtub, or hot bathtub to reach the vagina and an outcome in pregnancy. If ejaculation emerged in plain warm water, sperm could survive for a couple of minutes. If ejaculation occurs in very hot water, or water filled v pool chemicals, bubbles or various other substances, sperm would not be able to survive for much more than a couple of seconds. Pregnancy emerging from this is an extremely unlikely and in paling cases is not kelayakan at all.


After the statement walk viral, the Leader the Indonesian Child izin Official Susanto<1> provided an clarification around Sitti"s statement.

"Perlu kita sampaikan bahwa pemahaman dan postur KPAI noël sebagaimana narasi berita di media online tersebut. Semoga klarifikasi ini dapat meluruskan kesalahpamahaman news sebagaimana apa beredar," says Susanto.

Meanwhile in berbeda place, Sitti Hikmawatty apologized around her statement<1>.

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"Saya persyaratan maaf kepada publik untuk memberikan statemen yang noël tepat," (English: I"m really sorry to publik for my misleading statement) claims Sitti.