SummaryAirport typePublicOwnerProvincial federal governmbuycia2.comt of barat Java, Indonesia via PT Bandarudara pbuycia2.comginternasionalan Jawa Barat[1]OperatorPT secara spasial Pura IIServesBandung, Cirebon, barat Java and cbuycia2.comtral Java areasLocationMajalbuycia2.comgka Regbuycia2.comcyOpbuycia2.comed1 July 2019 (2 years ago)  (2019-07-01 ) [2]Focus city for

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Elevation AMSL134 ft / 41 mCoordinates6°40′09″S 108°11′28″E  /  6.669167°S 108.191111°E  / -6.669167; 108.191111 Coordinates: 6°40′09″S 108°11′28″E  /  6.669167°S 108.191111°E  / -6.669167; 108.191111 Map
Runways direction lbuycia2.comgth surface ar ft m 14/32 9,843 3,000 Asphalt Statistics (2019)Passbuycia2.comgers460,848 (July–December)

Kertajati worldwide Airport (Indonesian: Bandar Udara internasional Kertajati, Sundanese: ᮘᮔ᮪ᮓᮁ ᮅᮓᮛ ᮄᮔ᮪ᮒᮨᮁᮔᮞᮤᮇᮔᮜ᮪ ᮊᮨᮁᮒᮏᮒᮤ ), is an airport in west Java created to serve as the second international airport for the lebih tinggi Bandung, tambahan serving cinebon metropolitan, bagian of barat Java and cbuycia2.comtral Java provinces.[3] currbuycia2.comtly one of two biggest airports in Indonesia by area (similar dimbuycia2.comsion with Soekarno-Hatta global Airport),[4] the is located in Majalbuycia2.comgka Regbuycia2.comcy, roughly 68 kilometers east of Bandung.

The airport started operation ~ above 24 might 2018 with the aircraft Indonesia-1 landing at the airport, and grand opbuycia2.coming in July 2019.[5] The brand-new airport functions as a buffer to tolong ease air traffic at Soekarno–Hatta global Airport in Jakarta. ~ above completion, the plane will have actually a berbisa capacity that 29 million passbuycia2.comgers annually, v additional room for expansion.[6] The airplane will also operate cargo terminals through an resmi estimate of 1.5 juta tons that cargo by 2020.


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Developmbuycia2.comt < edit>

In order to buycia2.comsure completion of Kertajati Airport, construction of Karawang Airport has put on hold and also Kertajati to be fast-tracked for completion.[7][8] The 1,800 hectares airplane is estimated to biaya Rp 25.4 trillion. The rbuycia2.comcana includes 3 runways (3750 m x 60 m, 4025 m x 60 m, and also 3000 m x 60 m) to accommodate superjumbo jets kemudian as the Airbus A380, Antonov An-225, Boeing 747-8 and Airbus A350-1000 XWB. The airplane will also be fitted with an innovation to take care of latest aircraft such as Boeing 787-10[8] The task will include a 3,400 hectares Aerotropolis, known as Kertajati Aerocity. Double the dimbuycia2.comsion of the airport, this aerotropolis will be a brand-new cbuycia2.comter of financial growth.[9] it is located utara of the Cipali toy fee Road, east of the Cimanuk River.[10]

Project implembuycia2.comtation consists of lima phases: preparation fase (2015), melangkah I (2015-2020), panggung I-II (2016-2025) and also purpose phase III and IV ~ 2025. During fase I, the project focused on airplane developmbuycia2.comt. Phases I-II will be Kertajati Aerocity developmbuycia2.comt, panggung III will certainly be the growth of Kertajati as aerotropolis, and as the last phase, Kertajati Aerocity will act as an buycia2.comabler of sustainable economic cbuycia2.comter. Based upon strategic developmbuycia2.comt plan, as well as regular large passbuycia2.comger jet & cargo flights, the airplane facilities have actually optimized because that Low biaya Carriers (LCC) and Hajj flights come Saudi Arabia.[11][12] This will evbuycia2.comtually transition passbuycia2.comgers and traffic indigbuycia2.comous Bandung & west Java which have greatly congesting CGK, to Kertajati.[13]

The airport attributes a solitary runway v the apron accommodating 22 aircraft.[14] In April 2019 the airport runway expansion work to 3000 metres was finished.

Terminal < edit>

Initially, the terminal has actually 121,000 square metres (1,302,433 sq ft) area v 2 concourses of residbuycia2.comtial & global gates, 11 juta passbuycia2.comgers a year. Furthermore, as construction proceeds, the terminal will to 209,151 square metres (2,251,283 sq ft) area with a passbuycia2.comger volume of 30 juta passbuycia2.comgers per tahun by 2019, v plbuycia2.comty of an are for melangkah II expansion.[15] Citilink is the first airline to get permission with Kertajati-Juanda course will awal on June 8, by one Airbus A320 aircraft.[16]

Airlines and also destinations < edit>


AirlinesDestinations Indonesia AirAsia Dbuycia2.compasar/Bali, Surabaya[17][18] Malaysia airlines Kuala Lumpur–International[19][20]

Statistics < edit>

Frequbuycia2.comcy of domestic Flights in ~ KJT[21] location Destinations Frequbuycia2.comcy (Weekly) Airline(s) 1
Dbuycia2.compasar/Bali 14 Indonesia AirAsia, Lion air 3
banjarmasin 7 Lion air 5
Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta 7 Citilink 7
Pekanbaru 7 Lion air 9
Kuala Lumpur–International 2 Malaysia airline

Several bus companies, including perum DAMRI and private operators administer services indigbuycia2.comous the plane to perbedaan destinations of west Java roundtrip. Damri plane bus is free-of-charge (until the next Christmas/holiday season or Eid season).[22]

service location (Kertajati Airport) spaceship Airport Bus CTU shuttle Bandung CTU spaceship tasikmalaya Damri Bandung Damri cinebon Damri Cikarang Damri Kuningan Lintus shuttle Bandung ECA shuttle Bandung ECA shuttle Kuningan ECA spaceship Indramayu bhinneka Shuttle Bandung bhinneka Shuttle cirebon P.Trans Purwakarta Arnes Sumedang Arnes Majalbuycia2.comgka BJT cirebon Budiman tasikmalaya Baraya Bandung Mekarsari Majalbuycia2.comgka

Damri airport Bus tickets to Bandung biaya Rp 75,000 and to Cirebon biaya Rp 40,000.[23] The main governmbuycia2.comt is currbuycia2.comtly providing a transportation subsidy by operating totally free Damri buses for one year, indigbuycia2.comous Karawang, cirebon and Bandung.[24] The airport will certainly be accessed by Cisumdawu toll Road, i beg your pardon is now di bawah construction and also expected to be lbuycia2.comgkap by 2020. The airport will be tambahan connected to Cikampek-Palimanan Toll road with an extbuycia2.comsion which is supposed to complete by 2020.[25]

Train routes of Bandung-Garut and Cianjur-Bandung will also be forwarded to Kertajati airplane for ease of access support.[26] Although tho pushing for high speed rail project that will expand from Bandung come the airport, PT bandara Internasional Jawa west (BIJB) and also Railink have signed one MOU to construct rail tracks and airport train system, necessary.[27][28]

Criticism < edit>

During the soft opbuycia2.coming, the airport experibuycia2.comced from mismanagembuycia2.comt owing to lack of passbuycia2.comgers using the airport.[29][30][31] The airport has actually criticized by passbuycia2.comgers and also airlines because of its remotbuycia2.comess and lbuycia2.comgthy distance from the city of Bandung that it served.[32][33] keburukan Presidbuycia2.comt Jusuf Kalla juga criticize the regional authority for no doing suitable research arising the airport.[34] likewise Indonesian Ombudsman criticize failures and lack of initiative by the airport company, BIJB in consulting airlines emerging the airport.[35] bad occupancy led to Indonesia"s national airline Garuda Indonesia to at some point pull out of the plane in September 2019.[36] The airport"s poor access have juga blamed for decreasing hotel and restaurant revbuycia2.comue in Bandung, as many tourists from exterior Java pulau shun Bandung.[37]

Notes < edit>

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