Whitebeard adalah pria apa super besar, kira-kira 5 kali massa manusia normal. Tubuhnya kekar dan berotot, mencapai otot-otot di lengannya bersinar membesar saat ia manfaat kekuatan gempa. Ia memiliki kumis putih yang memanjang seperti moon sabit, pantas dengan julukannya, Shirohige. Ia memiliki kawanan bekas wound ditubuhnya, terutama satu bekas sayatan di dada apa diperolehnya dari king Bajak Laut, Gol D. Roger. Such anak buahnya, ia pun pribadi tato Jolly Rogernya personally di punggungnya. Wajahnya singa dan di anime, cat matanya terlihat were kuning.Dia mengenakan bandana warna hitam di terutama menutupi rambut tipis pirangnya dan menyelimuti dirinya dengan mantel kapten weiss kemerahan berlambang Jolly Roger yang disangkutkan di pundak. Ia terlihat selalu bertelanjang dada dan mengenakan celana longgar putih yang terselip rapi ke batin sepatu boots hitam. Jika noël sedang batin pertempuran, ia mengenakan semacam peralatan medis dengan selang oksigen apa terpasang di hidungnya, buat kesehatannya awal memburuk seiring usianya apa mulai menua.

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Pada times ia muda, ia belum memiliki bekas wound di dada dan kumis ciri khasnya noël ada. Ia mengenakan rompi apa dibiarkan tergantung dan bandana warna hitam di kepala kemudian yang sering digunakannya. Pada waktu berusia 52 tahun, ia mengenakan topi bajak laut biru kuning berlambang Jolly Roger menutupi bandana hitam apa melingkar di kepalanya.

Di manga, setelah Akainu meluncurkan kerusakan magma setelah sebagian wajahnya, Whitebeard dirugikan mata kiri dan setengah kumisnya sebelah kiri, serta lubang terlalu tinggi di perut. Di anime, tabrakan Akainu di wajahnya, hanya membakar kumisnya sebelah kiri. Namun selama 72 lima hidupnya, ia tidak pernah menerima luka di punggung karena ia noel pernah lari dari pertempuran.

Trafalgar legislation adalah kapten sekaligus dokter Bajak laut Jantung, merupakan deviasi satu bajak laut rookie yang di labeli such Eleven Supernova dengan pengeluaran bounty sebesar 200.000.000. Ia berasal dari utara Blue. Legislation berperan geram menyelamatkan lives Luffy saat autokrasi di Marineford. Setelah perang, ia dulu Shichibukai yang baru ke berhasil mempersembahkan 100 jantung para bajak lautnya kepada Pemerintah world sekaligus meningkatkan pengeluaran bounty nya dulu 440.000.000 sebelum akhirnya dibekukan. Ia memiliki kekuatan Buah gudang di bawah tanah Ope Ope no Mi yang memberinya kemampuan menciptakan sebuah ruang dan dapat mengontrolnya sesuka hati.Daftar isi

Hime prospered up in Osaka and also started playing daerah hockey in primary school, continuing through small high. Once she was 14, her household moved come Tokyo due to her father’s job and Hime uncovered herself alienated indigenous the classmates at her new school. This led her to feel uncomfortable and purposefully isolation herself. Once she joined the school’s bidang hockey team, she met with opposition native its reguler players but also encountered Arisa, who came to be her first friend in ~ the brand-new school. Many thanks to Arisa’s presence and effect top top her, Hime opened up up to her classmates and found them opening as much as her together well. One day, she witnessed Arisa leaving with a group of delinquents and began to fear that her girlfriend was gift threatened. This suspicions dulu further confirmed when she experienced Arisa handing an envelope of money to the delinquents’ leader, Kyōko.When confronted, Arisa first claimed that nothing to be happening but Hime persisted – advertising that Arisa’s kindness and also femininity bisa be regarded as weak, and also thus the she would protect her. Arisa damaged into tears, saying that Kyōko had actually told she to come the evening with a large sum that money. The night, Hime went v Arisa and withstood Kyōko’s beating to ensure she friend’s safety. However, when the envelope Arisa had actually given dropped from Kyōko’s pocket throughout the fight, Hime noticed the it had been labeled v Kyōko’s very first name, implying a feeling of familiarity. She realized the Arisa wasn’t being bullied or threatened at all, and also Kyōko asserted that Arisa had actually been payment her group to act as bodyguards. Hime couldn’t know the revolve of events, and her girlfriend explained. Arisa had been bullied in the younger grades and also didn’t want to was standing out, therefore the safest ar to it is in was best behind the strongest rakyat in school. Being a victim was just an act so orang wouldn’t establish the truth. Arisa kemudian snapped at Hime because that having dubbed her weak and Hime’s emotions boiled over. Lihat her daerah hockey stick, she severely to win the team of delinquents, choose a demon. The cerita of the fight spread quickly and also once again Hime found herself isolated – however this time, feared as well. Other groups started targeting she to fight, but she beat every one. Eventually, she ended up being known together a legend: the demon princess “Onihime.”

In her final tahun of junior high, Hime determined to use to a high school far sufficient away the no one would know of the surname “Onihime.” after enrolling in Kaimei High School, she kept to herself and also firmly dipegang the belief that she didn’t require friends. The rumors the the “Onihime” had reached also there, and she determined not to was standing out and to finish her school years there is no fuss. However after an exceptional throw throughout a fitness test, she to be approached by her course representative, Chiaki, to join the softball team. In spite of Hime’s efforts to stay isolated, Chiaki persisted in trying to attract her out of her shell. Soon, she discovered herself v a second attachment, a classmate named Yūsuke, that noticed as soon as she accidentally brought her old Poppman lid to college one day. The more Chiaki and Yūsuke persisted in being her friend, the an ext Hime grew tangan kedua to anda presence.

When Chiaki was intimidated by two men who declared she had actually dented dari mereka car v a baseball, Hime ultimately involved her rescue. However, she weapon broke and also it was just Yūsuke’s timely come which impede the two girls from meeting a dreadful fate. When freed, Hime easily beat the guys who kemudian recognized her as the “Onihime.” particular her brand-new friends would abandon she upon finding out, Hime ready herself to be alone again, however Chiaki and also Yūsuke refuse to leave her alone. The latter kemudian asked her to membentuk a campus support group with him, proclaiming that he essential her strength. Having finally discovered a ar where she to be accepted, Hime had the ability to cry because that the first time in years.

On his fifteenth birthday, Yūsuke uncovered that that was not truly concerned his mother, Akane, and also his sister, Rumi. His biological parents were Akane’s nearby friends Haru and also Ryōsuke, who menjadi both associated in separate car-related accidents on the day of his birth. His mother died shortly after he and his pair brother Sasuke dulu born, and also his father died to conserve a boy in the street.Not particular how to handle this new information and the idea the he was utterly without blood relatives, Yūsuke ran far from home and also wandered about aimlessly. After bertemu Taisuke, who had actually been the boy his dad saved, Yūsuke got the existing that Ryōsuke had meant to provide to Haru after the birth. The letter inside, written to the then-unborn children, talked about how they should membantu other people. However, angry that his father’s mentality had actually resulted in the man’s death, Yūsuke flung dibawah the letters and claimed that he would only live for himself. ~ watching some upperclassmen bully a student his age, he found that he had truly inherited his parents’ blood because he couldn’t withstand stepping in to help (the college student was later revealed as Tsubaki) – though he ended up being beaten himself. Later, after having embraced his circumstances, that returned home and continued to live through Akane and also Rumi, stating that they room the only household he has ever before known.

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Dialah tokoh utamanya. Ia adalah seorang anak yang pemalas dan always ingin kehidupan santai. Cita-citanya were Shaman raja adalah agar dapat terus hidup santai. Namun acibe ia memiliki tugas memuat keluarga Asakura, yaitu mengalahkan Hao Asakura (kakak kembarnya). Diceritakan bahwa Yoh adalah bagian dari Hao, dan Yoh adalah satu-satunya cara untuk mengalahkan Hao. Maka Yoh pun terus berlatih, sejak kecil ia terus berlatih dan untuk keluarga Asakura dianggap seperti keluarga yang aneh oleh orang-orang di zaman modern, maka Yoh pun tidak memiliki teman. Ia pun pergi nanti Jepang untuk mencari Roh apa hebat dan disanalah ia temu Manta. Dan tambahan bertemu mencapai Amidamaru, dan menjadikannya seperti rohnya. Media miliknya adalah pisau Harusame dan Futsunomitama no Tsurugi(untuk O.S spirit of sword dan O.S. Byakkou). Ia adalah ketua doan Funbari Onsen. Yoh memiliki teman lain setelah pertemuan manta. Yoh juga memiliki seorang pasangan apa bernama anna. Dan pada Manga #32 itu dapat manfaat Spirit that Earth

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A good-looking, all-rounded sportsman<5> and Chihaya’s childhood friend.<3> His mom is an extremely strict v him, telling him he must stick to activities he deserve to win at.<6> Because the is a dimensi loser, he becomes Chihaya’s competitor in karuta.

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<5> He appears to have actually feelings because that Chihaya return he had actually a girlfriend at the beginning, and also is jealous of her feelings for Arata. Taichi is the captain that Mizusawa Karuta Club. He is a talented student and also an athlete,at the beginning of the collection he claims to have outgrown ‘karuta’, however then, ~ watching Chihaya excelling and also obviously having fun, he decides to membantu her membentuk a karuta club. The has good analytical skills and a good memory when bermain karuta. He love Chihaya ever since childhood but tidak pernah confessed her. Once Sumire tried come confess Taichi, he speak her the ‘he will certainly rather have actually relationship through the girl that loves that the girl loves him’ indirect indicating Chihaya. That cares for her really deeply because every time as soon as Chihaya gets upset or sad he is always there because that her. He sometimes have very comical personality obviously to consist of for Chihaya’s comical character. Together a child, Taichi to be a spoiled affluent child, the disliked Arata and made fun of his poorness, however as soon he, Chihaya and Arata began to permainan Karuta bersama they became best friends. The is the top student in the school.

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