Daripada ABU HURAIRAH r.a, RasuluLLah witnessed bersabda: "Barangsiapa apa menyeru (manusia) kepada hidayah, maka baginya pahala sebanyak pahala apa diperolehi melalui orang-orang apa mengikutnya tidak punya dikurangi sedikitpun pahala mereka."Diriwayatkan oleh Muslim dalam kitab al-"Ilm (2674), Imam Malik batin Muattha"(2674), Ahmad (9171), Abu Dawud (4609), Turmudzi (2674), ad-Darimi (513), ibnu Majah (206), ibnu Hibban (112), al-Bagahwi (109)

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My surname is Noora Alsamman. I became a muslimah when I to be 15 year old. (Ten year ago) My mommy who is Syrian (family from Haleb) born in detroit and my dad is an american with parents indigenous polish/slovak background. I was juga born in Detroit, Michigan. Mine grandma is maronite and also mom catholic and dad catholic. Once I was fifteen I want to be a nun. I remained in my world History class in highschool and we were studying all the utama religions. When we obtained to Islam i was an extremely much interested and there to be an egyptian brothers in my class who was correcting the teacher when he made mistakes and also I thought wow that (the egyptian brother) have to have solid faith to it is in able correcting the teacher prefer that.So sooner or later I inquiry him what is the difference between catholicism and islam. He claimed not that much. Well ns was not satisfied with his price so ns asked his mommy if I bisa have a copy of the Qur’an in english. She offered me one and also when I began to review it i couldn’t placed it down. I hanya keep analysis it and I knew it to be from GOD. You hanya know over there is NO means a man bisa write this. And me gift a person who apprieciates poetry, so ns loved it an extremely much. I found it to it is in amazing. SoI became muslimah in mine heart. And then all the hardships started.I started praying and fasting, etc. My parents particularly my mommy started giving me a very hard time. Me being so young i imagined they would love Islam the same method I did, but for them that was completely different. They would bawa pulang my hijab and sajadi (prayer rug) and also my Qur’an and materials around Islam. My dad would temukan my room everyday. And I would certainly hide mine hijab in the closet. My mother started trying come forbid me from being friends with muslims and she would call my friend’s parents and also tell them prevent telling my daughter about islam, since “you are confusing her” she said.My parental made me walk to church and also I would hanya sit there reasoning these setiap orang are so lost and this priest just how he lies to the orang and reads native the scriptures only maafkan saya he desires them to hear. And then manipulates the meaning. And one day mine mom collection up a conference with me and one of the priests. I would say i love Islam and also why would you think something so beautiful is for this reason bad? and he would tell me this and also that and also say some estimates from the bible. He also told me (I had a dream i was going come a muslim negara and come the desert aus dan sobek hijab) he said this was from satan. Asturghfullah. This manlooked prefer he had satan in him once he said this! ns will tidak pernah forget the look on his face. Ns asked Allah subhana wa t’ala to overview me.My mother would cook pork because that me top top purpose and also say it was beef, however I checked the wrapper and also it stated pork. And also my dad, who’s parents room polish/slovak ancestors would certainly tell me in this home you are either catholic or friend leave. I even had come hide mine Qur’an in the air air conditioning vent for this reason they wouldn’t acquire it because they would certainly throw that in the garbage. And they ambil the lock turn off my door therefore praying was very hard. They would make funny of me praying. I learned the prayers in arabi my aku with a kecil prayer book.I can’t even describe to you how much it would hurt me that my parents dulu this way towards me and islam. So i started offering my sister 11 year younger 보다 me dawah (explained come her about Islam). My parental told me if ns don’t avoid it, I had to leave. So i did yet I told mine sister plenty of things and also now she inquiries why catholics can’t hanya pray come God and also why confession and many various other things. Subhana Allah. For this reason I said a prayer that when I to be older i would practice islam totally. And also I stopped praying for a kapan asturghfullah. I had actually no one to support me or provide me guidance except my friend’s parental who said listen to your parents.My muslim girlfriend didn’t understand apa I was going through and also they weren’t mature sufficient or knowledgable enough to teach me and answer the many questions i had. One day(20yrs old) kapan I was in college/university I called up the lady that had provided me the Qur’an because I heard there to be a masjid just built nearby. Due to the fact that before kemudian the closest karyawan was 45min-1hr. Away. She said they menjadi having a dinner. So ns went and also when i heard the adhan (call for prayer) I hanya was so happy and cried. So ns learned that you should make the shahada publicly so ns did throughout Ramadhan and I do a appointment to be steadfast and not care maafkan saya my parental or everyone else stated or did. Ns felt I bisa relate in ~ this point to Yunus a.s. Who was in the ship of the whale. I was/am determined. So ns stopped bad habits and also left bad company. And surrounded myself through muslims.I started aus dan sobek hijab and my parents would certainly say you room not going exterior like that. Yet either ns did quiet or wouldn’t go. And also sometimes i would put on mine hijab in my auto so they wouldn’t check out me since my mom would selalu say the islam ask come obey your parents, for this reason you need to listen to us. And she stated you will not undertake that thing on your head and you would wear shorts and be stylish. One time my mom didn’t desire my sister’s friend to check out me wearing hijab so her and also my sister got it turn off my head. And also in defence I hit mine mom. Asturghfullah. She said me i was selfish for memakai hijab and embaressing mine sister and also the entirety family. She doesn’t prefer to it is in seen v me in public in the city she lives. And also I really got a hardtime from mine grandma (sito). I would be praying sometimes and also she would yell in ~ me and also said Don’t girlfriend hear me as soon as I am talk to you. And also tell me i look like an old woman aus dan sobek abaya and also hijab. And also Subhana Allah she even said one time she couldn’t think Isa a.s. To be born miraculously. They would hear me praying the Qur’an and also literally do fun and also laugh and curse at the words Asturghfullah AlAdheem.My grandpa quit talking to me, my mom told me to walk to hell and also so did mine grandma. Mine mom even tried to untuk mengambil me to a psyciatrist as soon as I was younger who occurred to be yahood (a jew). She defined to him ns had menjadi a muslimah and he do the efforts to provide me psychotic medicine. Ns threw it in the garbage. SHU HAD? HUWA MAJNOON. Anyway, I uncovered it really hard to belajar in college with every this craziness walking on. I wanted to study Islam and menjadi like a sheikha. So I started looking to gain married. And Alhomdulilah I found a great muslim native Damascus Syria. For this reason I obtained married and also moved from atlanta to Houston and also made neeyah because that hijra together well. And also like a year later I had actually a boy called Yousef which I fought for my household to not panggilan him Joseph. Miskeen. Alhomdulilah ana mabsuta kateer and also I hope INSHA ALLAH T’ALA to do hijra come Medinatoon Nabi. ALLAH KAREEM.Recently Masha Allah ns met a sister who is jordanian and she ended up being muslimah. She went through a tough time favor me. And also I hanya hear impressive stories about rakyat embracing islam like this jewish guy from NY who relocated to jerusalem (Quds) and also he became muslim and also his moroccan jewish wife ended up being muslimah and also kids and also he moved to the muslim bagian and learned arabi. MASHA ALLAH WAL HOMDULILEH. I hanya thank Allah swt for giving me hidayah come Islam.Did you ever pertanyaan the kebenaran that if Jesus (may the peace and also blessings the Almighty God be upon him) to be god why would certainly he pray to himself? ever before wonder why the Qur’an is the ONLY book in the world to be memorized by millions of setiap orang in arab (some don’t also speak it).

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The Qur’an difficulties every single manusia being to discover one contridiction in that or cons in it and it challenges umat ​​manusia produce lagi book hanya like it. Are you up for that challenge??src : http://wechooseislam.wordpress.com/