Asus released the Asus ZenFone max M1, maks Pro M1, maks M2, maksimum Pro M2 a couple of years earlier to an increase its anggaran segment.

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The devices offered great value for money as soon as it concerned the hardware and also specs-sheet. However turned out to it is in a total disaster as soon as it pertained to software updates.

The firm left all these devices menggantung by repetitively delaying the steady Android 10 update. All Asus ZenFone maksimum users received dulu the developer previews.


This kematian continued for more than a tahun and the paling recent of our coverages in this regard is here.

The Asus ZenFone max users lanjutan to wait for something the would add colors come the bland desert the their hidup but Asus never really came up through Android 10-related good news.

Well, this is when all the desires shatter for this reason brace yourselves because that the bad news.

Asus’ Russian customer support when enquired around the statusnya of the Android 10 update responded that the firm has no plans to push the utama update together the support has finished for these devices.

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Here’s the translated transcript of what the assistance meant come convey.

Translated text

Being an ext than 2 years old, this is true the the devices are well previous the typical support they obtain from the company.

Asus has totally cast turun its users and also left a terrible impression the the company which might cost them in situation they ever untuk merencanakan to come up with a ZenFone maks series again.

This is officially the end of the saga that lasted much more than a tahun and Asus ZenFone maks users need to learn to move on as resmi Android 10 is tidak pernah coming.

Asus ZenFone maksimum Pro M2

In fact, the Asus ROG call III, a flagship offering, trails behind that peers when it concerns the steady Android 11 update.

Asus really has actually some essential lessons come learn sebelum moving ahead v a new device.

Asus users should now head in the direction of the tradition ROMs section to have the latest OS berlari on dari mereka devices.

Asus could have finished the support yet users can still gain Android 11 on their devices.


Thanks a volume for this an useful tip, Alexey Kharlamov!

Update 1 (April 05)

IST 04:37 pm: After having it evidenced by the email support, we acquire contradicting reports native Asus India Twitter support.

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The assistance is spotted requesting users to wait because that an announcement related to the Android 10 upgrade which now kekuasaan things much more confusing.

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