is an easy-to-use cost-free screen recording software that allows you to catch everything you want on your pc screen.Easily record your computer system screen for video clip tutorials through"s display screen recording functions, sebagai as audio recording, webcam overlay, real-time drawing, scheduled recording, and 24-hour long-term recording.


Create dynamic videos using real-time illustration for screencast

Real-time pen drawings, arrowheads, and posting can be overlaid while recording videos to facilitate purposeful video clip production, from pendidikan and tutorial videos to service presentation videos.

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Record your challenge and suara together on video with a webcam and also microphone

To show both your screen and your face for tutorials, education, or PowerPoint presentations, you can record your computer system screen and webcam feed together in genuine time.

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Use a computer CCTV with irreversible recording!

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Diverse screen recording modes

You can select a recording type, such as a particular area, the whole screen, or the area around the computer mouse cursor.


Insert text/image/logo

You can insert one image, logo, or text to give comments come the video clip producer.


Chroma-key effect

The background of her webcam video clip can be made transparent v the chroma-key function. is among the finest pedagogical tools in addition to being an advanced screen recorder. Ns am finding it come be an extremely helpful in this present lock-down case due come COVID-19. It is one of the ideal apps easily accessible in the market at present. It has actually a lot of adaptability & customization tools. is a great program with straightforward interface and many selections for video clip quality and settings, for both .mp4 and .avi formats. Overall, this is terrific product.

Used for teaching during the covid outbreak. An easy ui and also easy to use. Haven"t do the efforts for video game recording but works well for my to teach videos

It"s simpler to usage than other screen recording programs I"ve used. It’s prepared to go after installation and has easy-to-understand options.

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I sometimes have A challenge TO face MEETINGS, so I collection display screen RECORD 1 HOUR before THE ZOOM MEET and WHEN i COME back HOURS later on ITS RECORDED and ITS wait FOR ME.

The screen recording was very helpful and useful professionally and also personally. I mungkin catch up with forum sessions i missed and also redundant training sessions.