I’ve been living in a tropical negara for my totality life and also I don’t think I’ll move out to a negara with a cold climate. Due to the fact that you recognize what? What’s so an excellent about life in a tropical island is the you don’t have to wait it rotates summer to walk to the beach! This is what I carry out to mulai a brand-new year.

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Fred and also I decided to bawa pulang a 3-days road trip to the beaches in the barat side that Java island. Sejak we didn’t have actually any rencana for ours holiday, we just packed ours stuffs and headed to the city of Anyer, Banten in barat Java.

And here’s our roadway map just so you can imagine it clearly.

A is our mulailah point and our first stop was Anyer beach (represented together ‘B’ in the map above), about three hours of driving from Jakarta. There room so countless water sports equipments easily accessible for rent at the beach but dari it’s Monday and also no one’s there, (I mean, really…, literally, no tourists) and because the the unfriendly waves, UNFORTUNATELY, us can’t do any water sports. But the great berita is… It’s just the two of us walking down the seashore..

Hey, apa could be an ext romantic than that? 

We just walked.. And also talked… and also walked.. And talked… till the sunlight set. Yet don’t expect too lot from the beach. It’s quite kecil and as well much laut wave in January.

And sejak it’s dark already, we remained for a night in Marbella Hotel in an ocean-view room. It’s a huge old hotel actually, and I’m sure it really needs a maintain or also a renovation. Seriously.. The wall itself is extended by mildew in plenty of places, the wait con in our room was leaking, and also the warm water to be not working properly. We booked ours hotel reservation online since it says that we bisa get a 30% discount off. Us did. However the price is no yet consisted of with the 21% tax. And then we need to wait for an hour before we could finally confirm in. A kasar disappointment because that a 4-star hotel. (Well at least that’s apa they claimed. A 4-star hotel). I should have read the reviews in tripadvisor.com sebelum staying here.

For every travelers who are planning to have a holiday in Anyer, do not continue to be in Anyer unless you have to. I’m pretty certain all hotels di sini are the same. I mean, it’s expensive yet looks cheap. There are numerous other much better places for the very same amount the spending, i suppose.

The good thing is, we had our quite dinner in Kembang Sari Juara Ikan Bakar restaurant. We ordered a grilled gurame fish, stir-fry kangkung, and karedok. I love ’em all. It would be even much better if the fish is a little bit dry.

The next day….

The sun finally rose, we had our breakfast in El Patio restaurant in the hotel and kemudian we visited Carita coast (C) and also Sawarna beach (D).

It has been raining practically constantly once we arrived, so maafkan saya we did was taking part pics and then we go discover something come eat. We’ve to be starving all day until we finally found a hut which market chicken satay. It costs IDR 15.000 / plate included (cold) steamed rice.

As it’s quiet raining even after we finish our super-late-lunch, us went back to the auto & determined to proceed our road trip to Pelabuhan Ratu (E). We remained for a night in Bunga Ayu Resort. It’s a motel actually with a kecil nice clean bedroom and also a large balcony. It’s located right on the beach. Here, girlfriend don’t have much selection for breakfast. Only fried rice / toast with tea / coffee. And there is no swimming pool either. But it was a pretty stay, anyway. The air-con in the bedroom made our stay very comfortable. And also the room is rather clean!

We walked dibawah the coast in the morning and also found the end that there’s sooo much pollution both ~ above the sea shore and also the water. Trashes are anywhere so I digunakan my upper and lower reversal flop while walking turun the beach. However still I enjoyed it. I love the see in Pelabuhan ratu because it’s wherein sea meets the mountain.

There is not much in the kota in the means of to buy or dining, so we made decision to top to Sukabumi because that our lanjut stop. Us made a avoid in a port in kota first.

Surprisingly, we uncovered Loji Beach, hanya by following the road sign. We have no rencana at all that we would certainly visit this beach. Ns mean, we don’t even know the this coast exists. However there us were, staring at exactly how virgin & beautiful the coast was.

Loji Beach is located in Simpenan Village, southern Pelabuhan Ratu. It’s around 15 km from the harbor of Pelabuhan Ratu. Unlike any kind of other beach, Loji beach is surrounded by rocks. Yeah, big rocks.

Just right beside the beach, there stood a Buddhist holy place named Vihara Nam Hai Kwan Se ns Pu Sa. The was situated on peak of the hill, facing directly the sea. So to acquire to the top of the hill, you’ve got to pass through numerous stair blocks. Rakyat said, no one bisa count exactly how countless the stair block are. Some claimed 419 some other 520. No one knows.

But what makes this temple different from any type of others is the this temple is not hanya for itu who embrace Buddhism, or Confucianism. It’s juga a location for other religion which worships king Siliwangi and also Nyai Roro Kidul, the queen of southern sea.

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There are juga many rooms easily accessible for rent di sini at the temple, approximately IDR 350.000 / nights.

Here’s some sepuluh if you’re planning to visit Anyer / Sawarna / Pelabuhan pemeliharaan :1. Lug your own snacks. Lots of snack. We brought a jar of jelly and also it assisted us a lot!2. Be careful if you’re planning to swim in the ocean. The waves is therefore unfriendly.3. Don’t expect too much from the 4-star or 5-star hotels. Castle sucks.4. Don’t forget come order part freshly grilled seafood!

Marbella Hotel Anyer (not consisted of 21% tax)Ocean-view room USD 78 (online reservation)Ocean-view room USD 189 (offline reservation)

Kembang Sari Juara Ikan Bakar Restaurant Jln Raya Karang bolong KM. 131, 5 Cibaru AnyerGrilled Gurame Fish IDR 110.000Stir-Fry Kangkung IDR 15.000Karedok IDR 15.000Fresh coconut IDR 10.000Steamed rice IDR 5.000

Bunga Ayu Resort, Pelabuhan Ratu Ocean-view remarkable room IDR 453.750

Vihara Nam Hai Kwan Se im Pu SaCar Parking fee IDR 10.000Room Rent IDR 350.000 / night (for 10 people)