Anthony Joshua vs Tyson rage is the fight everyone wants to watch – but sadly, it won’t be happening any type of time soon.

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Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s promoter and the main man behind the propose heavyweight showdown, had previously stated that it to be ‘a done deal’ because that this summer.


Joshua and Fury menjadi all collection to clash this year before anda plans menjadi scuppered

Contracts were signed for the undisputed all-British clash at the mulailah of the tahun and a date and location dulu even confirmed.

However, Deontay Wilder kemudian won his arbitration situation for a third fight through Fury and also is now collection to it is in the Gypsy King’s lanjut opponent.

Meanwhile, AJ is gearing increase to challenge Oleksandr Usyk this weekend.

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Joshua vs Fury: what we know

Fury and Joshua i agreeed a two-fight address the first supposed to occur in the summer of 2021 and also the return expected about mid-December or in early on 2022.

Promoter Hearn had actually said the very first bout would ambil place top top Saturday, respectable 14 in Saudi Arabia.

Just together an official announcement was around to make in the middle of May, berita emerged the Wilder had saya menang his legitimate bid in the us for a trilogy fight versus Fury.

The pair battled in February 2020, with Fury winning the rematch in superior fashion and also taking Wilder’s WBC belt after their first fight had ended in a controversial draw.


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Fury quit Wilder in dari mereka rematch in 2020 to ini adalah a two-time world champion

Fury moved on to go after Joshua after growing tired that delays end a planned third fight v Wilder and the Brit’s camp meyakini the contractual duty they had to give the American lagi shot had expired.

That showed not to it is in the situation as Wilder’s team caused the conflict resolution provision in ~ the contract and also a us judge ruled in his favour.

That ruling meant the Fury vs Joshua mungkin only walk ahead because that August 14 if Wilder agreed to a step-aside deal.

Wilder refuse to execute that – everything the money offline – and also the all-British super fight is now off because that now.

Joshua vs Fury: apa is next?

Fury will confront Wilder for a third time ~ above Saturday, October 9 in ~ the T-Mobile Arena in pengelasan Vegas.

An original day of Saturday, July 24 had actually to it is in scrapped after rage tested hopeful for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, AJ – the WBA, WBC, IBF and also WBO champion – is set to take on Usyk.

‘The Cat’ is a attention opponent, having moved approximately the heavyweight division after becoming undisputed cruiserweight champion.

Their clash will bawa pulang place on Saturday, September 25 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Should both Fury and Joshua win anda blockbuster fights this autumn, talks will begin again over an eagerly-anticipated undisputed showdown in 2022.


Joshua ruined Kubrat Pulev in December in his terakhir fight and also will now challenge Usyk nextJoshua vs Fury: maafkan saya has been said?

Joshua newly said hanya before his Usyk fight the he would kembali the ‘Bronze Bomber’ come knockout rage in their third bout versus each other.

“I’m not also bothered,” Joshua said reporters top top Wednesday.

“Look, since you’ve inquiry the question, stop go with Wilder because he seems obsessed, like he really desires it.”The Brit jelas focused much more on his upcoming fight and has placed the trash speak to the side of the ring for the moment.

Not long earlier though, Joshua branded fury a ‘fraud’ on masyarakat media and also accused him of letting boxing down over the collapse of anda fight.

“Tyson fury the dunia now sees you for the fraud girlfriend are,” Joshua posted. “You’ve allow boxing down! you lied to the pan and pengarahan them on. Tangan kedua my name for clout no a fight.

“Bring me any kind of championship fighter who can handle milik mereka business correctly.”

That triggered a an answer from Fury, that fired back: “Anthony Joshua your more sepenuhnya of s*** than Eddie, spouting absolute s****!

“Your jenuh team knew there to be an arbitration going on, the was out of mine hands!

“But i tell you what if i’m a fraud stop fight this weekend ceiling knuckles it rotates 1 guy quits? Let’s put up 20 mill each!!!”

Joshua responded by calling rage a ‘waste man’ and vowed ‘I’ll slap her bald head’.

He wrote: “If there to be an arbitration walk on, why announce to the dunia we space fighting! The fight was signed! UNDISPUTED.

“Bare knuckle? she a great kid, don’t bermain with me Luke! i’ll slap your bald head & you’ll do nothing! rubbish man.”

Fury fight back, insisting that would resolve Wilder again sebelum dishing out some hurt come his brothers rival.

He wrote: “Not walking in come the details ~ above line! you will do it slap me about will friend dosser please come and shot Bum, ns waiting… Femi AKA Bottlejob! 24/7 365.

“Ready. I’ll smoke wilder first then you will gain yours as well.”

Joshua kemudian had the last word, pemisah a video of Fury’s reaction to an incident ringside in ~ Billy Joe Saunders’ current fight.

Saunders’ dad was manhandled by security, sparking a furious row, as Fury watched on and chose not to acquire involved.

Joshua wrote: “You’re not about that bare knuckle life. A barrier telah terorganisir you back, not also a bouncer.”


‘The trust has gone indigenous both parties’ meaning Joshua vs fury may tidak pernah happen

Meanwhile, Jonny Nelson has actually hinted that the fight might never untuk mengambil place, saying that ‘the trust has actually gone native both parties’.

“Hindsight is a great thing,” Nelson said. “And girlfriend look, as soon as that fight was talked about and almost done, the only orang that didn’t talk – and also this is the great that i learnt – to be Anthony Joshua.

“At one point, you didn’t see Anthony Joshua come out and say ‘yes this fight is done’. No one word.

“So once you have both battle aircraft talking around it, both promoters talking about it, the hit is a excellent deal. I think the opportunity of the fight ever before happening again is done, that is dead.

“The reason being is the Joshua’s team will not trust Fury’s team and also that’s it. They’re never going to make that commitment and that fulfilment of saying ‘Yeah alright, ns committing this day to you.’

“So that trust has gone and it is practically for both parties to think castle are never doing company with one another.

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“It is showbusiness and, unfortunately, that is the organization of our sports that stopped that struggle from happening, i don’t think it will certainly happen.