Founded in 2007, quickly came to be a utama player in movie entertainment service in Taiwan by giving a wide choice of movies excelling in both quantity and also quality. Over the years, has lanjutan to distribute an ext than 30 films theatrically every year, an mean of one movie every various other week, and much more than 100 titles for melepaskan on house videos, TV and diganjar platforms. Today, we space the biggest independent penyalur in Taiwan with a library of more than 2,000 titles, most of i beg your pardon owns all kebenaran to exclusively.

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Capitalizing ~ above the digitalization of Taiwan’s salary TV systems, introduced HD Movie Channel in early 2013. Now it has about 1 million subscribers with partnerships with major pay TV operators. Ours diverse and wide range of isi has made HD one of the most popular direct movie networks in Taiwan.

In 2014, in addition to distributing the movies loves, us embarked in earnest co-production and investment projects, venturing into isi creation. In the very same year, we invested in the locally developed film, Paradise in Service and co-produced 20 when Again with CJ Entertainment because that the Chinese market. Both investments generated significant box office power in Taiwan and China respectively.

In early 2015, us closed a partnership transaction to invest in new Regency’s three enthralling titles, specific The Revenant, Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell, noting the first investment that a Taiwanese agency in utama Hollywood productions. and partners tambahan control exclude, distribution izin to these films in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and also Macau, with The Revenant generating outstanding box office outcomes from these regions in 2016. In the exact same year, juga provided financing and local production support to manager Martin Scorsese’s passion project Silence, produksi it the very first international manufacturing filmed entirely in Taiwan.

Today, proceeds to look into investment and co-production avenues internationally and in Asia targeting an especially Chinese-speaking territories and South eastern Asia following our recent expansion footprints. began placing significant emphasis ~ above the perkembangan of digital movie isi years sebelum the others did in Taiwan. Today, we are the largest provider for premium movie isi in Taiwan, aggregating content from Hollywood studios consisting of Disney, Warner Bros., NBC global and besar in enhancement to having actually a wide an option of global independent films and also leading neighborhood productions for circulation on kepala operators’ digital platforms.

In addition to isi aggregation, in 2015, ditemukan AsiaPlay integrated with the ambitious of coming to be the leading premium isi service provider because that movie lovers in Asia.

In march 2016, the business platform make its percontohan launch in Taiwan in partnerships with terutama telecommunication operator and an equipment manufacturers. In June 2016, the company platform released in Indonesia, collaborating with pasar leaders IndiHome, Telkom Indonesia. This was adhered to by increased partnerships v Telkomsel, Indosat and first Media, and also in Singapore, participation with the market’s leading telecommunication operator, StarHub.

Today, Media Holdings group owns two distinct companies – Incorporated, and also AsiaPlay included – with involvement native production, distribution, direct movie channel operation and also both isi aggregation and also platform operation for digital entertainment services.

In 2015, didirikan AsiaPlay incorporated with the ambitious to become Asia’s biggest movie content service provider. Instead of adopting kepala international players’ one ‘offer-fits-all’ strategy, we at with years that experience and passion for content, believes and embraces the pentingnya of individual market’s unique needs and also preference the content. V our enthusiasm for movies and the belief in co-creation, within and together with regional leading operator’s cooperation – us made that a mission to provide the ultimate isi offering tailored for each market’s distinct needs and deliver superior user endure that will certainly be cherished through movie lovers universally.

In in march 2016, the business made its pilot launch in Taiwan. In June 2016, the service launched in Indonesia, partnering with market leader Telkom Indonesia, and also in Singapore, partnering through the market’s leading pay TV and telecommunication company provider, StarHub.

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Today, Media Holdings team owns two distinct companies: Incorporated, and AsiaPlay Incorporated, v involvement from production, theatrical distribution, linear movie channel and both isi aggregation and platform operation for digital entertainment services.