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As a service of US Cable,(www.uscablegroup.com) Warp Drive Networks provides high-speed data and Internet services to the business community. In addition to high end Web-site Hosting and Co-locations services, Web-site development, Email, and Dialup access, Warp Drive is marketing and deploying its new wireless, high-speed data services to become the Last - Mile link to your facility. By eliminating the local loop, Warp Drive maintains full network control over your Internet link and provides a much more reliable service at significantly lower cost.


Warp Drive's wireless, high-speed Internet solutions combine leading-edge RF technologies with a reliable, redundant network to provide your business with completely untethered, secure, data connections without dependency on costly hard wired T-1 services from the local loop. 

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Our peered and fully redundant network and multi platform capabilities, Warp Drive is the complete solution to all of your hosting needs. Our hosting philosophy stresses security, stability, and around the clock maintenance. 

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Cable Modem
Warp Drive Online cable services brings you the power of the Internet without phone lines. So you can now surf the Web, watch TV and use the phone... at the same time. With high speed Warp Drive cable service you'll see and use the Internet faster than ever before.


Whether you plan to provide content, e-commerce, distribution or whatever functionality you choose, our goal is to help present your company professionally and efficiently via the web. 

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Warp Drive Networks
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